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iFunding An Easy Way To Start Making Real Estate Investments

For those people who are familiar with investments know that they usually require large amounts of capital and the risk on the individual can be very high. Thanks to technology and people like William Skelley it is now possible to still invest in real estate without the need of large amounts of capital. Through his iFunding company it is possible to make direct investments in real estate with the simple click of a button. All those opportunities that seemed incredibly out of reach for an individual to invest in now becomes possible thanks to the crowdfunding approach which was developed by William Skelley and his team of professionals at iFunding. This approach to investments allows investors to pool together their capital in order to make investments on larger opportunities thereby spreading the capital as well as the risk. This phenomenal approach makes investments that often seemed completely impossible to most individuals a reality now that the crowdfunding approach is applied. William Skelley has been an alternative investment professional for many years and has gained a lot of knowledge and experience which he now imparts on to his clients and investors at iFunding. He is apart of advising many clients on investments in excess of $2 billion which is a very big responsibility.

Previously, before William Skelley was involved in iFunding he worked several other jobs including executive intern at Bain Capital, principal at Rose Park Advisors, and working at both General Electric and Olympus. From CrunchBase it’s clear that his specialities however lie in crowdfunding, real estate, social media and technology. William is often heard speaking at industry events on these topics as he is a industry leader.

On the iFunding website it is possible for investors to interact within webinars that provide the platform for discussions, questions and presenting several investment offerings. This is a very important part of the investment process as this allows for complete transparency as well as all the formalities to be addressed. Once the customer has decided upon an investment that he/she would like to pursue then all that is necessary is to sign the legal documents and submit the payment. All these steps can be performed from the comfort of the customers home without the need to fax or send in any documentation. Making this one of the simplest investment opportunities available in today’s economy.  Check out Twitter for more, where William Skelley runs the iFunding social media account.