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Andy Wirth Reaching Out for Help to Raise Funds for Navy SEAL Foundation


President and Chief Executive Officer of the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadow Ski Resorts, Andy Wirth, is looking to raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation. The Navy SEAL Foundation provides support to those who work in the Special Warfare field in the Navy, as well as their families. The support they provide is immediate and ongoing for those who are in need. The Foundation also works to create programs that will help their SEALs, support staff, and families deal with the stress that comes with the job.

This cause is something that Andy Wirth feels very close to, which is why he is working so hard to raise support for it. Several years ago Wirth discovered that he had a passion for skydiving. His passion developed and he spent a lot of his free time doing what he loved. Until one day in 2013 when the winds changed and Wirth missed his drop zone. Instead of dropping into a field as planned, Wirth came barreling into a vineyard. His right arm was snagged on a fence post and nearly severed from his body. Thanks to the hard work of his doctors, Wirth managed to keep his arm. However, it was a hard road getting full usage of it back. During his recovery he decided to push himself to train for an Ironman triathlon. The training, as well as a group of special friends, have inspired him to push his hardest. The special group of friends are a group of Navy SEALs that Wirth met by chance while they were staying at Squaw Valley.

This year, Wirth is again putting together a team, the Special Warfare Warrior, to participate in the Ironman triathlon. In honor of the SEAL friends who helped him through his painful recovery, he is giving back to them. All funds that are raised by the Special Warfare Warrior team will be donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

To help support Wirth and his Special Warfare Warrior team, click this link to visit his crowd rise page where you can donate funds.