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Dr. Jennifer Walden Has A Great Career

Some people are lucky enough to find out what they want to do in their lives and then lucky enough to have the talent and determination to make their dreams come true. One such person is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Walden is one of the nation’s finest plastic surgeons. As a specialist in this field, Walden has been at forefront of the ability of the field to push advances forward. She has also been someone who has helped many patients get the look they want. With her assistance, many patients have come away awed at her ability to translate her medical knowledge into real world results that have been to their benefit. She truly cares about what she does and her many patients are grateful for her skills.


Her Intense Training


In order to really see her personal ambitions come to fruition, Dr. Walden knew that the best education possible needed to be hers. She also knew that she needed to learn as much as possible about the world of medicine that she wanted to enter. This is why the Austin, Texas native decided that she wanted to totally focus on the world of academics. She choose to major in biology at the University of Texas. After that, she applied to medical school. Despite being wait listed initially after she applied to the school, she eventually graduated second in her class, confident in the direction her medical career would take even then.


Starting A Practice


After she completed her training in this field in New York City, Walden realized that Texas was her true place in life and where wanted to be on a permanent basis. Walden left New York with her twin sons and returned home to the Austin of her childhood. In doing so, she returned to a welcoming circle of friends and family, pleased to be part of a loving family that could help her raise her children and invite her back home. Her practice now serves many patients each year, allowing them to get the look they want under the direction of her highly skilled surgical team.