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Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Takes Insurance Company to Court over Ferry Settlement

Bruce Levenson may no longer be in control of the team, but his company, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, is headed back to court to hash out what may have been a breach in insurance coverage during the Ferry settlement.

Danny Ferry, the team’s former General Manager, parted ways with Levenson’s company (, leading to a settlement between the two parties. It took place in June of 2015, cutting Ferry’s six-year contract in half for an undisclosed sum of money. That settlement, the company claims, ought to have been covered by their insurance company, as workplace termination, separation and all related torts were part of their policy. As they did not pay out Ferry’s settlement, Levenson’s company has filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of Fulton County, seeking damages for insurance bad faith and breach of contract.

No word as to the total amount Bruce Levenson is seeking, but the lawyers representing them feel their case is pretty solid. Citing a clear breach in policy, Levenson’s representation argues that their insurance provider was liable in the case of Ferry’s separation from the Atlanta Hawks. No word yet as to whether the former General Manager may find himself back in court as this case moves forward.

About Bruce Levenson:

Having started his career in publishing, first as a writer for the Washington Star and later with Oliver Publishing, Bruce Levenson eventually started a career in business. Partnering with Ed Peskowitz, Levenson founded the United Communications Group which he’s led as Partner for over 20 years.

According to, Levenson has continued to keep his ventures diversified, like owning the Atlanta Hawks and rising to the position of Director of Tech Target. Outside of business, Levenson has dedicated a significant portion of his life to work in philanthropy with groups like the I Have a Dream Foundation where he served as President. Read more on Levenson’s philanthropic works on the PR Newswire website.


Mozilla Blocks Adobe Flash on Firefox Platform

Users of Firefox woke to quite a surprise today when they were unable to do simple tasks like watch video on YouTube. The reason for the disruption was Mozilla blacked Adobe Flash on Firefox, mainly because researchers have discovered major vulnerabilities that have not yet been patched by Adobe Flash.

This posses a huge problem for users like James Dondero across the globe who rely on Flash to surf the web each day. In a huge effort to help protect all Firefox users, Mozilla added the most recent version of the Flash to their blocklist and will not allow it to be opened without prompting. The new block feature has now been changed so that when a person enters a page that has Flash on it, the user must answer a question about whether they want the plugin activated or not.

The vulnerability in Flash has affected all the versions of Flash on Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. The new warning message alerts users that the plugin is vulnerable, and either blocks permanently or allows the user to activate if they wish. The biggest difference between being asked to activate the program and never activating it is that the Flash is not completely blocked and can still access the browser. By making the extra click to confirm, that ensures the new code can not exploit the vulnerability automatically.

Model Janice Dickinson Sues Comedian Bill Cosby:Seeking Justice

Janice Dickinson has always been a woman with an opinion. The former 70s model has never been shy to walk away from controversy. In the past she has been combative, loud, harsh and so forth, and at the moment, she is ready to fight again.

The New York Times wrote the 60-year-old supermodel is seeking justice and hoping to drag comedian Bill Cosby into court to prove she is not a liar about the rape allegations she has filed against him. Dickinson has hired one of the best legal minds to represent her interests in attorney Lisa Bloom.

Bloom fired off the first missile in a prepared statement, as reported by E! News:

“Janice is not only alleging that Bill Cosby drugged and raped her in 1982, but he re-victimized her in 2014 by sending out his representatives to publically ridicule her. That’s called defamation,” Bloom said in the complaint.

“Bill Cosby refused to retract the comment that his representative made about Janice Dickinson being a liar. If they had done that, this lawsuit would not be necessary. But because they refused, her only option to clear her name in this lawsuit….”

Dickinson joins more than 3 dozen other women who have come forward, publicly claiming that the TV icon had drugged and raped them decades ago. Dickinson told her story last November with these allegations against the 77-year-old comedian.

Dickinson says she has suffered emotional distress.

Top Gear Presenter Rules Out Return

The fallout from Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s attack on a producer of the show continues with fellow presenter James May claiming he would not return to the show without Clarkson, The Guardian reports. Clarkson was suspended in April for attacking producer Oisin Tymon over an argument about food provided for a location shoot for the BBC production. Clarkson has been a source of controversy for the BBC over the years and did not have his contract renewed upon its expiration earlier this month.

Clarkson, May and Richard Hammond have presented the motoring show since 2003 and have seen it move from achieving average ratings success in the UK to become the top factual TV program in the world. It is also Matt Landis’ favorite. The contracts of all three presenters ran out at the same time with both May and the BBC confirming no talks have begun over new contracts for any of the presenters. Lead presenter Clarkson has not been suspended or banned by the BBC for his recent actions, which has seen many feel he could return to the show in the future with May and Hammond. A new presenting lineup for the 2016 season of Top Gear is expected to be announced soon with female and younger presenters stepping into the roles of the three former presenters.

Lil’ Wayne “The Carter V” Album Contraversy Continues

Lil’ Wayne may have been caught off guard, after finding out that Young Thug, who is working Bird man, is supposed to come out with a new album, entitled “Carter 6.” The Carter albums are a creation from Lil’ Wayne, and many feel insulted by the fact that Young Thug was going to take the name that Wayne created, and use it as his own title, for his next album. Young Thug. After much controversy, Young Thug has chosen to change the album’s title.

The problem is, although Young Thug is changing the album’s title, it’s still causing controversy between the two artists, and some have even compared Young Thug to Lil’ Wayne. An article posted online, went on to ask, if Young Thug’s new album, will make Lil’ Wayne’s “Carter V” album, which has yet to be released, irrelevant. Forbes said that this question is out of order, and it’s obvious that Wayne is a legend in his own right, and many need to recognize that.

Lil’ Wayne has been out for many years, and there are very few people in the world that don’t know who he is. Young Thug is a new artist, who is up-and-coming, and he only became known in early 2014. Young Thug and Lil’ Wayne, are now having issues over the new album that Young Thug will be releasing, so a beef is in the works between the two, so this may end badly.