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ClassDojo Expanding Their Footprint Within Education

A lot of teachers have already shared their positive experiences with the incorporation of the ClassDojo application within their teaching method. The new education tool offers the translation of over 40 languages which makes the incorporation into the global school system a breeze. There are no limitations to parents, students and teachers as many do not speak English at home as their first language. A lot of the media posted on the ClassDojo communication platform is visual which allows parents to finally see what goes on in the classroom. From video, images and text messages, there are many different opportunities for the exchange of media between students their parents and teachers.

One great example where the ClassDojo application has changed the learning experience is the way it has allowed the creation of a community. Many teachers using ClassDojo have also noticed an increase in the engagement of parents in the learning process of their child. ClassDojo recently shared that the application platform has a phenomenal amount of messages being exchanged every minute through the application. A total of 8000 messages every minute.

The idea of teaching a growth mindset is what ClassDojo hope to incorporate within their application. They have recently joined forces with the Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) center to create a video which features some of the characters that children are used to seeing on the ClassDojo application. The video trial has been sent out to many teachers and has been very well received. Prior to the video idea many teachers wanted to incorporate the growth mindset into their teaching but did not know how to go about it. Thanks to the video concept thought up by the Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) center and ClassDojo this will be very easy in future.

The days of parents only learning about their child’s education through parent teacher meeting is a past memory. Parents can now be informed of their child’s experience within the classroom at the click of a button thanks to technology found in smartphones and the platform created by ClassDojo to connect all parties. Pictures of classroom memorable moments or videos of class engagement can be uploaded by teachers and shared with both students and their parents immediately. ClassDojo has allowed for a completely new approach to the learning experience.


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