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How Jeffrey Schneider Applies Leadership Skills to His Organization

Jeffrey Schneider is a shareholder in Weissman and a lawyer in the United States. Since joining the firm in 1994, Schneider has focused legal practice on real estate litigations. He represents his clients in arbitration, negotiation, and litigation of disputes involving real estate development, contract, land use and title. Schneider is the litigation group head. His group focusses on the national title insurance companies’ needs in coverage and claims matters. Jeff also serves as an expert witness on issues relating to real estate litigation, land title, and ethics in the real estate business. Jeffrey Schneider is very well equipped with leadership skills which have enabled his career to progress.

Some of the leadership skills include:


As a leader of a business or company, you will need to have the ability to succinctly and clearly explain to your staff every aspect that affects your working relationships and the organization as a whole. You should be able to articulate the goals of your organization and delegate specifics tasks to your employees. Leaders should have abilities in all forms of communication. These communication types include one –on –one, full-staff or departmental conversations. Leaders should also master the art of having conversations that are discrete and avoid any form of flattering via emails, phone calls or social media. It is also vital that they maintain a professional tone while conversing with their juniors.


Leaders should be able to inspire their workforce to work extra hard for the sake of the success of the business. It is critical to note that though it is essential, paying your employees, a fair salary can never be enough to motivate them. There are several ways in which you can drive your work force’s self-esteem. They include recognizing and rewarding an extra positive input by an employee to the business or giving certain employees new responsibilities in the organization. All these incentives go a long way in motivating your workforce. As a leader, you must learn what incentives work best for your team members or employees to encourage passion and productivity.


Having a positive attitude goes a long way in determining the heights that a business can soar with regard to productivity and return on investment. When things do not go as planned, you should be able to laugh at yourself, regroup and refocus your efforts on doing it again; the right way. Positivity helps create a healthy and happy working environment which is critical especially during stressful and busy periods. A simple initiative like wanting to know how your employee’s holiday was, promotes a positive working atmosphere. It also raises the morale of your workforce when they realize you care for non- work-related issues in their life. Employees are willing to work towards the realization of the organization’s goals and objectives when there is a favorable working environment.

With more than two decades of experience, Jeffrey Schneider has shown excellent leadership skills in the community of alternative investment. Schneider is the Chief Executive and Founder of a boutique investment firm. The investment is located in Austin Texas and takes a unique approach to working with mature enterprises and private equity.