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Love EOS lip balm

Though it is easy to find them in almost any store like any other lip balm, EOS lip balm is not like any other lip balms that you’ll find on the market. EOS has been flying off shelves due to its sheek and hip style. EOS is a small, New York City-based company .EOS has been on the market since 2009\ and has a strong social media presence with millions of Facebook Likes for a good reason.

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I love EOS because it is luxurious without the pricey cost. Everyone deserves to pamper their selves without breaking the bank. EOS always leaves my lips highly hydrated, silky, smooth and very kissable.

My boyfriend love to kiss me while im wearing EOS to see if he can guess the flavor that im wearing at that moment. I like that EOS has vitamin E and Shea butter to insure the health of my lips and is petrolatum free to insure that the product is absorbed in the lips rather than just sitting on top of my lips, learn more on this review.

EOS comes in many different flavors like Honeysuckle Honeydew,vanilla bean , Wild berry, Passion Fruit, and Sweet Mint, just to name a few. As of right now, i own 4 different flavors.

Strawberry Sorbet is my absolute favorite. The smell of the Strawberry Sorbet reminds me of of my moms home-made strawberry shortcakes. It smell incredible and makes my lips feel absolutely , incredibly silky soft. I like that it is easy to find in my purse or makeup bag due to its round and playful shape. Available here at

I like the fact that my EOS lip balm is easy to apply to on both your lips at the same time due to its well thought out shape. My friends and i love the way EOS looks, smells and how healthy it is for our lips.

I love that EOS uses all natural products, due to the fact that i have sensitive skin. My EOS lip balm contains SPF to protect my lips from harmful sun exposure and it is great for the chapped lips in the winter. I never leave the house without my EOS lip balm.

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