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Andy Wirth Shares Ski Season Tips

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, was appointed as chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board quite recently. Squaw Valley Ski is the best place to be for ski lovers and with the ski season just around the corner, Andy Wirth would like to offer people some tips about how to get ready for the ski season –

Clean Up Your Gear Wardrobe – If you have your old skiing gear lying around, Andy Wirth would like you to start a spring cleaning session before you get ready for the ski season. Sell items on sites like eBay or Craigslist and get some money to buy the latest ski gear or simply start budgeting for your upcoming time on the powder. This doesn’t just go for your board but also your jackets and other skiing paraphernalia.

Get Your Ski Exercise On – Your body, particularly your legs, need to be well exercised and ready. For this, you can look around the gyms in your local area and find out about ski specific training sessions. In these sessions, trainers use elliptical machines, rollerblading, and running specific exercises. Andy Wirth also mentions that lunges and squats are used for strengthening the quads, and every skier should practice them the most.

Join A Refresher Lesson – Andy Wirth recommends a refresher lesson for everyone, no matter how long you’ve been practicing skiing. This is because everyone picks up bad habits along the way and without these courses, those habits would stick. Refresher courses keep a skier malleable in their learning and these courses can sometimes introduce new moves as well. Sometimes, refresher courses can be a great way of getting free passes and discounts to a ski resort.

Buy Well and Pack Better – Always buy the best ski jackets and warmers you can find, Andy Wirth recommends. Pack as many socks as possible because they are the essentials to a skier’s wardrobe. Also, there are thick and special ski socks available that may be slightly pricey but they are worth every buck spent. For the clothes, it is necessary to pack layers of clothing because the body needs as much protection as possible.

Ultimately, skiing is a sport best enjoyed with people you love. So, Andy Wirth’s final tip is to travel to Squaw Valley Ski with your best friends and family members. It would also help to budget the cost and would ultimately, much more memorable.