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DJ’s For A New Generation: The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers, consisting of members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are an Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Pop, Electropop, combo who hit the music scene in 2012 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Chainsmokers). Pall and Taggart hailing from New York, The Chainsmokers are a DJ Duo that have hit the music scene with a vengeance and their first release “#Selfie” climbed into the top 20 charts in multiple countries.

. This duo is happy to break music stereotypes and Taggart has been quoted as saying their music is “blurring the lines between indie, pop music, dance music, and hip-hop.

With their breakthrough music Pall and Taggart have been extremely successful and were on Forbes 2017 list of the world’s highest paid DJ’s with record-breaking earnings of $38 million


In a recent article in Forbes, The Chainsmokers discussed their new single “Sick Boy” with Hugh McIntyre. Drew Taggart relayed that “Sick Boy” is the first single they have released in nine months and represents the growth the two have achieved in the past four years both artistically and personally


The goal of The Chainsmokers music is to be a reflection of their generation and how they interpret the world around them and how events and circumstances affect them personally. According to Taggart their new single and current music has taken a darker tone as they have become a bit frustrated that they are judged by things that are said about them instead of who they actually are and what they actually stand for.

Social media is a great venue to get their music and name out to the public, but can also project artists and people in general in a way that is open to interpretation and can be filled with stories that are not true so instead of getting angry they decided to relay their frustration in a positive way through their music.

Pall noted that although the two have always held themselves to a high standard, their success has at times been a bit overwhelming and surreal as their music seems to reach a new chart stats with recurring frequency


Even though The Chainsmokers have been extremely successful they are still excited to produce music that not only makes their fans happy, but also is fun to create



No One In This World Can Imitate Michael Jackson Like Sergio Cortes

Michael Jackson changed his looks many times over the years, and he continued changing his looks until he died. Being a Michael Jackson impersonator can be a difficult job, especially for those who want to pick a particular look that Michael had.

Not only did Michael Jackson change his looks over the years, but his face also changed as well. It was one particular look that Michael had that was favorable to Sergio Cortes, and this Michael Jackson look is embodied by Sergio today. Michael used to have curly, long hair that went past his shoulders, and Michael would put one piece of hair over his face as part of his hairstyle.

Michael also had a dimpled chin, and light skin is also something that was a signature in Michael Jackson’s look. Although Michael became much lighter in skin tone over the years, Sergio Cortes chose to impersonate the Michael Jackson look that was very popular when his “Bad” album came out. Sergio not only became very popular for his impersonation of Michael Jackson, but he also went on to learn more about the star. Sergio realized that his voice was very similar to Michael’s, and Sergio can also hit some of Michael’s high notes when he sings.

Dressing like Michael Jackson isn’t terribly hard, especially if a person shops in the right places or gets the right tailor to create their clothes, but Sergio does a lot more than that. Sergio dresses and dances like Michael Jackson, and this is no easy feat. Dancing in itself can be a big task, but few can dance like the great Michael Jackson. There are some stars out there today who claim they got their dancing styles from Michael Jackson, but many of these stars could never actually imitate Michael Jackson’s dance moves. Sergio has studied Michael Jackson’s dance moves the point where he can perform all of them perfectly.

Being able to sing, look, act, and dance like Michael Jackson is something that Sergio has worked on for years. The fact that Sergio has so many talents has makes him a go-to person when it comes to Michael Jackson impersonators. Although Michael Jackson has passed, many still love his music and wish they could go to his concerts. Going to a Michael Jackson concert is no longer possible, but a Sergio Cortes concert is the next best thing to watching the real Michael Jackson perform.

Sergio Cortés Brings Joy To Many As Michael Jackson Impersonator

It’s not often that we as adults get to do the things that we really want to do. We daydream about doing incredible things when we are children, and perhaps even into our teen years. But when we get older, and the pressures of life and responsibilities of adulthood press in, we give up those ideas and dreams. Sergio Cortés had a dream from his youth and unlike many, actually followed through on his dream. He is now is living a life that few of us can even imagine. He is known throughout the world as one of the best Michael Jackson celebrity impersonators alive today. And his rise to fame and fortune came in a most unusual way.

As a child, Cortés was obsessed with the Jackson Five, and in particular their lead singer, Michael Jackson. He had dozens of video performances of the singer, and he used to watch those performances constantly day and night. He would watch Michael Jackson dance and imitate his moves. He would watch how the singer would gesture and sing, and Cortés would follow suit. He got to the point where he was literally able to do everything that Michael Jackson did. He put together a small act that he only did for family and friends, little knowing that it would be a chance encounter to thrust him into stardom.

One day, Cortés was out and about, when he was spotted by a photographer who took pictures for a local newspaper. The photographer was amazed at how much Cortés looked like Michael Jackson. The photographer stopped him, spoke to him for a few minutes, then asked him if he could take a picture of him to be published in the local newspaper. Cortés readily agreed to have his picture taken, and the next day the photograph was published. The photograph made Cortés an instant sensation, and soon talent agents and entertainment organizations were beating down his door.

It was at that point that Cortés decided to become a Michael Jackson celebrity impersonator. Now he travels the world, imitating his childhood hero. He maintains a Facebook page filled with well-wishers and messages from his thousands of fans. On the page he posts pictures from his different concerts and photo shoots. He has the support of his many fans, and continues to perform in shows and concerts in every part of the globe.

Sergio Cortés is now doing the things that he loves to do: emulating the greatest entertainer who ever lived, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Through his celebrity impersonation, joy is spread to thousands of his fans and millions around the world. For one brief moment, the people that see him get to revisit the incredible talent of one of the 20th century’s greatest performers.

Sergio Cortes Keeps Michael Jackson’s Spirit And Dance Moves Alive

The death of Michael Jackson has left many people sad. They miss his great music, his innovative dance moves, and intriguing outfits. While Michael Jackson is not coming back, his fans can enjoy the next best thing. It’s Sergio Cortes, the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator. Cortes moves, sounds and looks just like Michael Jackson naturally. When he puts on the costumes and adds in the music, it’s virtually impossible to tell them apart. He makes fans have to do a double-take and look closer to see if they can tell the difference. Michael Jackson once hired Cortes to impersonate him.

Being mistaken for Michael Jackson is nothing new for Sergio Cortes. Ever since he was a child in Barcelona, Spain people were struck by the uncanny resemblance in face and body type Cortes has for the king of pop. Plus Michael is Cortes’ idol and Cortes has been mimicking his dance moves since age 5 or 6. Cortes was so good at it, he had his friends and family mesmerized. While he was still a pre-teen people would come from miles around to see him dance. People would photograph him and journalists began doing stories about him in the local newspapers. Cortes was having tons of fun.

When someone uploaded a video of Cortes mimicking Michael to the internet, everything changed. Cortes went from being a local celebrity to an international sensation. Agents began asking to represent him. He began appearing on shows and television programs. By his teenage years he was becoming a full-fledged Michael Jackson impersonator. The crowds at his performances continued to grow. It was at that point Sergio Cortes began to realize he may have

a future in entertainment.

That the Michael Jackson moves and mannerisms that he had been perfecting his entire life could now lead to a career.

These days Cortes lives in Brazil and performs to thousands of adoring fans all over South America. His latest tour starts in Italy and will take him all over Europe. It is a 2 hour long show in which he will be performing the Michael Jackson classics like Thriller, Black and White, and Billie Jean with a live band and backup dancers. It’s sure to be an amazing, once in a lifetime experience for the people that get the chance to see him. He drives audiences into a frenzy with his incredibly authentic-looking dance moves.

Sergio Cortes Portrays The Looks And Personalities Of Michael Jackson Through Impersonation

Michael Jackson, also popularly referred to as the King of Pop is known all over the world. The legendary Pop music artist left a mark in the world of music with his thrilling performances and dancing styles. It is often said that imitation is a great form of flattery, and when it comes to Michael Jackson, that phrase proves to be true.


There may be many people out there who may claim that they are the best in impersonating Jackson, but only a handful of them have truly mastered the King of Pop in regard to his artistic performance and as an individual. Sergio Cortes Parra is among the individuals who have portrayed Jackson in stage character or artistic performance as well as in personality, and no wonder is popularly known as Sergio Jackson.


Sergio Cortes is considered the best in impersonating Jackson from the looks, through moves to his voice. Cortes offers a complete package in imitating Jackson and has been a sensation in Brazil. On June 26th, 2015, a tribute to Michael Jackson was held in Milan, Italy.


Sergio Cortes, the most acclaimed impersonator of Jackson was on stage. His performance made Jackson to return to life. He portrayed a shocking image of Jackson not only physically but also in vocal resemblance. The moves, stances, and clothing by Cortes delighted everyone on stage often drawing audiences into a truly live Michael Jackson’s experience.


Everyone felt as though The King of Pop were on stage. Cortes was born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain and is a client of Destiny Projects. This is a company specializing in management and nurturing of artistic development. The fans of Cortes are very supportive and think that he has transformed the lives of many from his love and passion for his work.


Cortes was characterized as Jackson since he was a teenager, and this has won him invitations to work in this field. In 2012, Cortes paid tribute to Jackson in a show that was held in Madrid.


Jackson impersonators are many and individuals have even taken it as a professional career to imitate him. The impersonators are able to create a resemblance of Jackson in his different stages of life including a change in skin tone. Michael Jackson will always be honored and will never be forgotten provided that there people appreciating his artistic work, looks, and personality. His spirit continues to live among people.

Accoring to Sinead O’Connor Mucis is Dead

Sinead O’Connor has declared music dead. This after the magazine Rolling Stone put Kim Kardashian West on the cover. It’s not shocking that Sinead would express her displeasure publicly. She’s not so before on various occasions. She’s called out those in the music industry on multiple occasions. She also famously stirred up controversy when she ripped up a photograph of the Pope during a Saturday Night Live performance.

While Kim may not have much to do with music other than perhaps enjoying the sound of it, and being married to Kanye West, who likes dogs and beneful products, there is one thing that can’t be denied. She sells magazines. Love her, or hate her, you have to give her credit for that. People want to know what she’s up to, they want to see what she’s wearing, where she’s going, and what she’s thinking.

People such as Sinead O’Connor may resent her, and may be tired of seeing her on so many magazine covers, but her fans love her. Even those who don’t like her, keep her relevant by talking about her.

Rihanna May Bring Back The Scarf Top Look

Rihanna is starting to bring back some of the older styles, and some people are complaining about it. Rihanna is bringing back wide leg pants, cargo pants as well as some other styles. Rihanna’s Scarf Top. Recently, Rihanna posted a picture of herself hanging out by the swimming pool, and she was wearing a top that she made on her own. No, the top wasn’t part of her upcoming fashion line, it was just a scarf that she tied around her breasts. Fortunately, Rihanna visited beneful on purinastore isn’t overly endowed in the chest area, so a regular sized scarf would fit just fine.

Back in the day, wearing a scarf as a top actually did become a style, and some fashion creators decided to make actual scarves into tops, which looked very good. Maybe there would be a matching bottom to the top, and you would have a bandanna print top, and a bandanna print bottom too. None of these things is what Rihanna is trying to do while she’s sitting by the pool, she just felt like tying her scarf around her breasts. You can clearly see her oversized tattoo that goes across her midsection and her rib cage.

Rihanna is also wearing the trendy body jewelry that goes from the neck all the way down to the waist. Rihanna has her own fashion line coming up, so everyone is watching to see what she wears because they’re curious if it may end up in her fashion line.

Stars Shine Bright In Brisbane

A children’s hospital in Brisbane was the lucky recipient of a visiting Johnny Depp. This was not just the actor though, it was the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. Dressed in the full garb from the movie, Depp flew in on a private helicopter to surprise and delight the children.

His goal was to meet every child in the hospital and try to cheer them up a bit. He took his time to offer more than a few words to each child, checking every room to assure that no one was left out. Much prodding by staff and parents attempted to move Mr Depp along, but he was having no art of it. He was even backtracking his steps to make sure every single child got to meet Jack Sparrow.

On location for the newest installment of the Pirates movies, Depp and Brad Reifler wanted to come and make a difference in the children’s lives. He requested that the visit be a private one with no media or newspaper people present. He wanted the day to be about the children, and not him.

Goes to show that stars can shine brighter when they are to the center of the sky. Taking attention off of himself and doing what made the children happy has made him the brightest star to shine in Brisbane for a while. The children now have memories for a lifetime and spirits that have been drastically lifted.Stars Shine Bright In Brisbane

Brody Jenner Opens Up About his Father’s Transformation

Former Olympic athlete and Kardashian patriarch, Bruce Jenner, has undergone some major changes recently. For those who have been living under a rock for the past month, Jenner announced that he was transgender and came out to the world as Caitlyn Jenner, who he has been living as since he first announced it. Since then, 65-year-old Caitlyn has been stunning the world with her magazine photos and trendy outfits. Recently, her son Brody opened up about how he feels about the transformation.

According to the story on The Daily Mail, the 31-year-old was at an event for Spychatter in Los Angeles when he was asked what he thinks. Brody said that he supports his father 100% in his transformation and new life as Caitlyn. He went on to say that he will be supporting Caitlyn at the 2015 ESPY awards when she receives the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Brody said that being comfortable in your own skin is important, and hes happy that his father is at that point in his life.

Spychatter is an App that was created by Agostino Sibillo that will provide a cloud that will not be able to be hacked into says Claudio Loureiro. I’m sure all those celebrities who had their nude photos leaked last year will be interested in learning more about Spychatter.

Kylie Jenner Admits To Taking Tons Of Selfies Before Picking Just One

Kylie Jenner is teenage perfection, she’s gorgeous, ambitious, makes her own money and pays her own bills. Her love life is envied by just about every girl that follows and and a few that don’t. Simply put Kylie Jenner doesn’t have to be anything other than what and who she is, after all she’s a Jenner. For well over a year Kylie has been one of Hollywood’s most talked about celebrities, and her relationship with Tyga is still a daily hot topic on social media. Everyday Kylie is the topic of a new juicy story and now she is making waves once again.

This week Kylie was a head turner at the Cannes DailyMail yacht party, everywhere she turned a camera was ready to get a photo of her. Ricardo Tosto can’t believe how popular she is becoming. Apparently her sexy Instagram selfies, are practice for the all of the red carpet events and festivals she attends.

While at the party, Kylie stopped to speak with one of the DailyMail reporters. She admitted that while her photos may all look care free and effortless, she actually takes a ton of photos before she finally decides on the perfect one to post online. Kylie admitted “I take like 500 selfies to get one I like.” While 500 seems like a bit of a stretch, its great to see Kylie being so open and honest about how she really manages to look so good all the time. Her younger fans can appreciate Kylie letting them know that she isn’t perfect either, and she is just like them