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Jeffry Schneider: An Amazing Man with an Aptitude for Helping People

Ascendant Capital, LLC Founder and CEO, Jeffry Schneider, is an amazing man with an aptitude for helping to lift people up out of their problems. His leadership at Ascendant has helped to create a culture of honesty, openness, and transparency that encourages every member of the team to feel free to contribute their ideas. The family-like environment at the company has been a big part of their success in raising over $1 billion, and Jeffry Schneider’s drive to be the best version of himself has helped inspire the team to also aim to be the best versions of themselves. They plan to raise $50 million a month over the next 12 months, and with Jeffry at the helm there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that this won’t happen and more information click here.

As a philanthropist Jeffry Schneider has donated his time and money to a load of charitable organizations from all over the world, and some of these include Wonders and Worries, the Gazelle Foundation, Gods Love We Deliver, Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program, and Cherokee Home for Children. Many of these programs help poverty-stricken, abused, or neglected children who come from broken homes or are suffering due to drug or alcohol addicted parents. The Gazelle Foundation offers improves the quality of life for people in Burundi, Africa by constructing clean water systems that help the population at large but also greatly benefit schools, hospitals, and churches.

Jeffry Schneider also loves to travel and he especially loves seeing new places that can open his eyes up different learning experiences where he can see how people’s daily lives differ from his. Two of his favorite locations are rural Budapest and Thailand, but he has also loves Eastern Europe and especially Belgrade and Prague. His love for running half ironman marathons has taken him to many different locations and some of these are California, Texas, Florida, Croatia, New Zealand, Chile, and Saint Croix. Jeffry has a load of countries on his bucket list that he hopes to be able to visit one day, and this is a testament to his love people and his desire to understand them in a very deep way.

Venturing Back Into Political Sphere George Soros Supports Dems in Election

This year’s election has been one of the most contentious and well-funded campaigns seen in recent American history. Both candidate’s ability to draw huge support from fundraising contributed to a race which was close to the very end. Though this year the Democrats found George Soros willing to re-enter into the political world after his disappointment in the previous administration’s lack of motivation in pursuing liberal policy changes.

Soros has contributed nearly $25 million dollars, almost as much as his 2004 contributions in efforts to prevent Bush taking from taking office again in 2004.

What could spur the 85-year-old billionaire to become so active in the political fundraising again?

Sources name Soros’ faith in a Clinton administration and fear over what a Trump presidency could bring as the driving factors behind his donations.

In addition to providing contributions directly to Clinton and Super PACs supporting her, the billionaire has donated to organizations involved in the fight against discriminatory voting practices and efforts to mobilize the vote in underrepresented communities.

George Soros Invests in America’s Judicial System Reform
With regards to George Soros’ donation made to democrats to support their push for the presidency it may be easy to overlook his work with local district attorney candidates across the country. An amount of $3 million seems small when compared to the $25 million contributed to the presidential campaign but the contributions made to six state’s campaigns aims to have a larger impact as a whole.

In supporting district candidates that have promised to reshape the judicial system, George Soros is providing much-needed funds to efforts to reduce racial disparity as well as pushes for treatment for instead of jail time for some offenders.

George Soros’ efforts in the smaller political arena may lead to longer lasting change than those made in the presidential election but with George Soros back in the political sphere it will interesting to see how future races play out.