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Michael Hagele: An Inspirational Businessman Everyone Should Know About

Michael Hagele is an inspirational businessman. He is an investor and he is a corporate counsel. Let’s dive a bit more into his background, his career and what his mindset is like when it comes to business. Then you will know exactly why he serves as an inspiration.

His Background

Michael Hagele is a businessman, investor and outside counsel. He focuses on providing counsel to tech companies, which includes companies in industries such ass internet, aerospace, biotechnology and electronic. He also counsels research and development companies that offers services such as technology, consulting and design services.

His background includes negotiating agreements in both international and domestic software, internet, hardware and telecommunications fields to name a few. He has worked on a number of commercial agreements too, as well as a number of other types of corporate financing and merger & acquisition transactions. Follow Michael Hagele on Twitter @Michael_Hagele_


Michael Hagele is an independent attorney who runs his own firm. He has also worked directly with/for a company, but he wanted to serve clients in a better way. This is why he launched his own practice. Besides that, he has either founded or funded numerous of businesses, including companies in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

Mindset When It Comes To Business

When it comes to business, Michael maintains a positive frame of mind. His mindset includes “putting the customer” first as much as possible. He also believes that entrepreneurs should take part in physical activity because it can help sharpen the mind. He mentioned how he likes to cycle in order to stimulate energy, as well as spark creativity.

When it comes to business, Michael Hagele is an expert and his success proves he knows what he is doing. Whether it’s investing in companies or offering counsel to corporations, you can rest assure he works hard to achieve goals.



In the Loop With Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is not a myth. In fact, Chua is a legend who has raised the bar for health as an industry. It is not uncommon for you to meet people suffering from all kinds of ailments. As a matter of fact, many diseases go untreated due to the lack of medicinal compounds that convert.

However, Bernardo has cracked the nut open with his Organo Gold company, improving people’s living standards through advanced medicinal compounds. Indeed, Bernardo Chua, a Philippines national by origin is worth our praise. Bernardo, hailing from a humbling background, has been able to change his life and that of others for the better through Organo Gold.

Recall, Bernardo Chua, before leaving for Canada, used to work for his family’s garment manufacturing business. It is while working at a travel agency that Chua got forced to relocate to Canada to take care of the affairs of the regional affairs set up there. Learn more about Chua at TheStreet.

By making a bold move, Bernardo was able to come up with Organo Gold years later, a corporation that now enjoys a global presence. Organo Gold, a one of a kind direct sales business currently offers employment opportunities to thousands of people across the globe. For sure, Organo Gold is the product of a vision, a dream that has surely gotten realized.

Are you aware Chua’s Organo Gold is the world-leading producer of instant tea, coffee, and tablets, products that harbor medicinal properties? In truth, the multilevel marketing agency would never have seen better days were it not for Bernardo’s excellent leadership skills. The founder and CEO of the agency has since expanded the services of the enterprise to serve consumers in Turkey, making the country part of the thirty-nine countries Organo serves.

Indeed, it has been a long time coming and Chua is currently reaping from his biggest risk ever. Bernardo Chua, an alumnus of the University of the East Manila, when he is not working loves to play with his grandchildren. It is Chua’s love for humanity that has propelled his career in many ways and he does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.





Luiz Carlos Trabuco Saves The Day By Stepping In On Short Notice To Serve As Banco Bradesco’s President

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was formerly the chief executive officer of Banco Bradesco and now serves as its president after its former longtime president stepped down. In the meantime, the company is seeking its new CEO and knows it will be hard to fill the shoes of Luiz Carlos Trabuco who did such a great job in the position. There are several people that the company is looking at, and it is expected that an announcement will be made later on in the year as to who the company chooses. Read more about Luis Carlos Trabuco at

Luiz Carlos Trabuco served as the CEO of Banco Bradesco for a decade and has been with the company since 1969. While he led Bradesco Seguros, which is a segment of the financial institution that focuses on insurance, he helped to improve its market share from 25% to 25%, which represents a fourth of the entire insurance industry in the country of Brazil. His leadership also grew the profits of its insurance segment so it now represents 35% of the total revenue of the company. Read this article at Info Money.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco began as a bank teller with the Marilia branch of Bradesco but moved to another location five hours away after working with the company for two years. He eventually became the director of marketing with the bank and helped it to better connect with its clients. He assisted Banco Bradesco with its segmenting efforts, which helped to focus in on its consumer base. This helped the bank to earn more money while taking care of the most important needs of its customers at the same time.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco studied at the University of Sao Paulo where he earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, and he also attended the School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo and received his postgraduate degree in sociopsychology while there. Today, he is known as one of the highest paid executives in the Brazilian banking sector as well as Brazil, itself, and his dedication to the success of the company he serves will surely see him continuing to earn a large amount of money. While he is happy to be earning so much, it is really the customers of Banco Bradesco that he cares the most about.


Plastic Surgery Is Growing Steadily Thanks To Surgeons Like Dr. Mark Mofid

There are always new things coming in the medical field, with advancements in practical medicine and cosmetic procedures all over the globe. One of the biggest growing facets of the medical field these days is plastic surgery. While it’s not growing as fast in the United States as in other parts of the world, the work of men like Mark Mofid has been steadily increasing the industries interest over the years. Mark Mofid is a board-certified plastic surgeon working in California, one of the current hotspots for plastic surgery in the country. Over the course of Mark’s career, he has developed various new methods for performing plastic surgery that has made procedures safer for patients.

Mark Mofid has his own practice in San Diego, where he and his talented staff of aesthetic experts provide their clients with practically all cosmetic procedures on the market. Mark’s personal area of expertise is the buttocks. This is because he has spent many years studying plastic surgery in Brazil, where plastic surgery is not only widely popular, but buttock augmentations are performed higher than any other throughout the year. This is obviously extremely popular among women, as no men typically have a desire for buttock implants or changes. Mark boats being able to create the perfect ratio for women after more than a decade of perfecting his procedures. Mark Has also developed his own buttock implants that have improved the general outcome of gluteal augmentations around the world.

Mark Mofid sets himself apart from much of the industry due to the standards he sets for himself and abides by at all times. He always aims to keep his patients safety a top priority, which is why he will not perform any over the top procedures, such as oversized breast implants. These kinds of procedures are ultimately too much for the body in most cases, and even if the procedures come out successful, they usually need reconstructive work after a short period of time. Mark ensures every one of his patients is completely aware of the process they are about to undertake and what he can do for them to help them achieve their goals.

Nick Vertucci: From Low to High

Nick Vertucci is a man who knows what it is like to go from a low point in life to a high point. He was a man who had a difficult childhood and thought things couldn’t be much worse. His father had died and his mother worked very long days in order for them to survive. When Nick turned eighteen he was living by himself in his van. Luck was about to intervene for Nick Vertucci.

He had begun to works as his own boss for a computer company. He didn’t make much money at it and kept going deeper into debt. This is when the pivotal moment in Nick’s life occurred. He went to a weekend workshop and listened to a speaker. He didn’t understand all of what was said but knew how to get out of the mess he created. This was the beginning of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

Now he is busy living the dream. He teaches people the three key steps when it comes to real estate. The first thing that he teaches people is to look for properties and buy it at a low price. The second step is that once the person had the property he or she can fix it up in the most simple way possible. The third and final step is to sell the property at a high price and watch the money roll in.

He is a man who loves telling people his story of how success changed his life and he has workshops coming up across the United States in order to spread the word. He has stops in Raleigh, North Carolina and Indianapolis, Indiana. He has had workshops in Houston, Texas and Denver, Colorado. People are the backbone of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy and that is why it has become a success.

Nick Vertucci is a man who knows how sweet the smell of success is. It may not have been the easiest of roads to travel but it has paid off enormously. Patience and perseverance are at the heart of his simple message

José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto: How To Get Real Estate Training

If you are considering a career in real estate it’s extremely important that you get someone to guide you. To be successful in real estate investing, you need to have a good understanding of the strategies that experienced professionals use to get outstanding results. José Auriemo Neto helps clients gain the knowledge they need to run a successful real estate investing business.

Real estate investment can be a great way to create a fortune and become financially independence. Countless men and women have used this lucrative investment vehicle to build great wealth and change their life. If you want to generated huge fortunes in this industry, you will need to get help from a successful professional.

José Auriemo Neto is a highly successful investor and entrepreneur and can guide any ambitious person to success. He has been working with many clients, both beginners and veteran investors and is a highly sought after professional.

A lot of your success in real estate has to do with your market and the strategies you apply in your business. It is tough to succeed if you don’t acquire the right knowledge. It is extremely important to work with a mentor and learn what works and how to approach the business.

If you want to achieve success in this industry you need to target your investing in the right areas. Avoid areas that are experiencing economic decline or stagnation. You’ll have a hard time building a profitable business if you don’t get a coach or mentor.

José Auriemo Neto takes the time to understand his clients’ situation and makes sure he has the right plan to help them achieve the success they desire. He is passionate about meeting the needs of his clients and takes appropriate steps to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Why CIO Sahm Adrangi Is Negative On Eastman Kodak Company

At the beginning of February, Eastman Kodak Company announced they were getting into the cryptocurrency industry. They are in the commercial printing and imaging business and they have a plan to use technology to protect copyrighted images. They are creating KODAKOne which will host these images. They are also creating KODAKCoin which will be the cryptocurrency that will be used to pay people for their photographs. Read more about Sahm Adrangi at Institutional Investor.

Sahm Adrangi, the chief investment officer of an investment company he founded, Kerrisdale Capital Management, has announced that in his view this plan is completely ridiculous. He has a number of objections that he released in a report which was followed up by a conference call other investors could dial into. His argument boiled down to Kodak trying to latch onto the latest craze in a haphazard way. Many people and organizations are launching cryptocurrencies hoping to make it big and that appears to be partially what this move by Kodak is about. Read more at Endpoints News about Sahm Adrangi.

Sahm Adrangi also said that no one wants to get paid with imaginary money like KODAKCoin. It’s illiquid, can decrease and increase in value for little to no reason outside of speculation, and isn’t a professional way to pay people for their images. He thinks this whole move is a smokescreen to cover for this firm’s poor fundamentals. He also said that they have a capital structure in place that is not going to be sustainable over the long term. He as said that Eastman Kodak doesn’t have credible management or a team in place to make any of this technology successful.

When Kodak made this announcement their stock value shot up, going from $3.10 a share to a high of $11.55. After Kodak made this announcement Sahm Adrangi started shorting their stock as he called the climb in their stock value absurd and unjustified. Other investors agreed with him and the value has since declined to $6.45 a share. Adrangi says even that puts too much value in Kodak and he expects to see further declines going forward.


Investment Guru Paul Mampilly says Apple lack “innovative edge”

The stock markets in the United States is likely to experience a unique thing this year. After so many years, the stock value of Apple Company is likely to fall. This is a prediction that has been made by one of the best analysts in the country Paul Mampilly. He has given his opinion in a recent article citing reasons why 2018 will be a bad year for this company. According to Paul, this company has reached its maximum potential and can only go down at the moment. There is no hope that it will move up anymore. Unless it makes unprecedented changes, it is destined to go down. Why is this so?

Apple will decline because it is no longer innovative as it used to be and it no longer releases products that are unique and ones who will bring a revolution as it used to. In the last decade, Apple made innovations that were world’s first. The introduction of the iPod, iPhone and the iPad had not be experienced before. They were unique innovations which drove the company sales up. This would translate to the huge growth of the company. This is no longer the case; the company no longer releases these products. Since the death of its founder Steve Jobs, the company has been struggling to bring in new products. This means that over time, customers of the company’s products will likely get tired of the same products and will look for alternatives.

Apple has been losing touch in almost all areas. Although many people might be optimistic about the company after Warren Buffet pumped $20 billion into the company for marketing purposes, there is no hope that it will save the company from eminent fall it is facing. Paul Mampilly also quotes the company as one that is losing touch with its customers. Take for instance the allegations about the update that is slowing the company’s devices. Such news at this time will only add salt to the wound.

The company is already suffering, and any bad news about it will only make the situation worse. Apple is already being accused of forcing clients to purchase the new devices after the older devices become slow. Such a move will force customers to stay away from the company’s products, a factor that will likely affect its sales and the market value will fall.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has worked with big financial institutions. He has been a hedge fund manager. His reputation in the Wall Street is huge. He won the 2009 Templeton Foundation awards after trading $50 million to $88 million during the global economic depression.

About Paul Mampilly:

Tony Petrello’s acts of philanthropy

Tony Petrello studied at Yale University where he obtained a mathematics degree and also obtained his masters from the same institution. He also went to Harvard law school. He began his career at a law firm called Baker and McKenzie. The firm focused on taxation and corporate law. He established himself as the managing partner at the firm in the year 1986. Later in 1991 he resigned and joined Nabors industries which he is currently situated at.

Tony joined Nabors industries after being elected as a member by the company’s board of directors. In 2003 he moved to the position of the deputy chairman. He became the CEO of the company in the year 2011. He has also severed as the chair of board of directors and the executive committee. Tony runs this company that drills oil on land and it’s the largest in the world. Earlier in his career his used to work six to seven days a week. As of now tony earns over $ 15 million per year.

Tony Petrello is well renowned philanthropist. He recently funded a research initiative with $ 5 million and plans to add an additional of $ 2 million to the research initiative. He also plans to lead a fundraising initiative for the same cause. Due to the condition that Tony daughter’s condition, he was inspired to start a research center at the Texas hospital to carry out research on the brain especially that of children. Tony Petrello’s daughter has a condition called periventricular leukomalacia a disease tony and his wife wants to help other children to fight against.

Apart from the donations at the Texas hospital Tony has ensured the funding of the hospital through Dan Duncan who had a very successful business called enterprise products where he is the director and the chairman. Dan Duncan together with his wife gave $ 50 million towards the establishment of Jan and Dan Duncan neurological research institute. The institute was established at the Texas hospital.

Tony himself donated $ 7 million to the Texas children hospital to enable research to find the cause and cure for this disease that affects children. His main mission to stop neurological diseases that affect children. Tony also donated towards commemoration of serge Lang who was his friend and mentor at the Yale University. He donated $ 150, 000 to the university and promised to match any donations the university got. Many are thankful of Tony’s effort to secure our children future by fighting against periventricular leukomalacia.

To know more click: here.

Brazil – A Time For Business to Rise

In Brazil, there is a financial crisis that is occurring, and it is playing havoc with the society as a whole. The people in power and the major are trying to right the wrongs in order to make the situation better for the people of Brazil.

There are many things that they are considering so that the people will have more options than they have right now. Since there are different plans on the table, they need someone to oversee them.

This is where Felipe Montoro Jens comes into play where he can use his expertise to create a better state of affairs in Brazil. He is in charge of the Infrastructure projects in the area, and he is an expert at what he does. People trust what he knows and does because he is an educated and experienced man.

He looks at all the different aspects that are concerning before he implements his plans. With his foresight, he wants the people to have much more than they do, and to have the country come out of the financial crisis in a safe and secure manner.

With all that he knows how to do, it is a sure bet that he can improve the conditions that are plaguing the area. He wants to see that it can work out all for the best, and he will. It is known that he can work wonders with what he is trained to do. Making the most of the situation is what he wants to create.

One of the things that he is adamant about is that the people in power do not vote because they have contrasting interests. He feels that this is not conducive to solving the problems that exist in Brazil, and sees that this is the way to solve a lot of the problems..