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Stream Energy

No stranger to philanthropic causes, Stream Energy was recently featured in a article for its new venture, the Stream Cares Foundation. Based in the Dallas area, Stream is currently partnering with Hope Supply Company to combat the problem of homelessness in the community.


One of the first corporations to step in to donate funds for the recovery efforts following Hurricane Harvey, Stream Energy only formalized its charitable program with the creation of Stream Cares.


Stream Energy associates build a solid network of loyal residential and corporate customers. As virtual individual business owners, the associates earn commissions based on their sales of products and service plans, ranging from fixed-rate energy and mobile phones to clean energy discounts.


Successful Stream associates can choose to support whatever causes about which they’re passionate, such as disaster relief, homelessness, poverty and military veterans’ welfare. The American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army have long been partnering with Stream Energy. When multiple tornadoes ripped through North Texas the day after Christmas in 2016, Stream and its associates, working together with the Salvation Army, helped raise thousands of dollars to assist local residents and businesses affected by the storms. The direct-selling company matched the contributions of its associates, thus doubling the amount donated. Stream also recently contributed $15,000 to the Red Cross to provide assistance to East Texas residents affected by several natural disasters.


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Partnering with another charitable organization, Operation Once in a Lifetime, Stream Energy transported military veterans and their families to a popular Texas restaurant for a December lunch. In addition, Stream co-hosted an “American Girl Doll Experience” for military daughters, who had the privilege of choosing their very own dolls and who were also treated to lunch, all compliments of the generous energy company.


Hope Supply, one of Stream’s latest partners, has focused on improving the lives of homeless children in North Texas by providing them with clothing, toys and school supplies for nearly 30 years.


Highly valuing both its customers and the community, Stream Energy has been named as one of Texas’s “Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers.”

A Look At How Dallas-Based Gulf Coast Western Does Business

Gulf Coast Western, LLC is an oil and gas exploration and development firm located in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 1970 and how operates oil wells located in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, and Mississippi. Gulf Coast Western is also exploring setting up expansion opportunities in other states across America. They are a managing venture which forms joint ventures with other firms in their industry. They have several drilling operations in place and plan to aggressively grow over the next several years.

Beyond partnering with other oil and gas firms, Gulf Coast Western has also partnered with companies in other industries. One of these is the insurance industry. Insurance Executive Mike Szot says that partnering with Gulf Coast Western was his first time in the oil and gas industry. The management team at this company provided him with an extensive look into what the oil drilling process entails. He says that he was very comfortable working with this company and is now one of its investors.

Another testimonial about this firm came from the president and chief executive officer of an equipment rental firm. He has worked with Gulf Coast Western for over a year and says that he has experienced nothing but professionalism and strong leadership. He has developed a number of partnerships with them and recommends them to anyone looking to invest in the oil and gas industry.

As a socially responsible company, they have given back many times over the past 40 years. Among the numerous charities they have provided funding to are The Family Place, Shriners Hospital for Children, the American Cancer Society, Smile Train, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the North Texas Food Bank. They provide funding to local nonprofits as well as national ones.

Payment Innovation Expert Deirdre Baggot Looks at the Benefits of Bundled Payment

Deirdre Baggot is a well-known payment innovation expert and healthcare business strategist who focuses on bundled payments. For that, she has received immense national recognition in the healthcare field, mainly due to her contribution to bundled payments. Aside from that, Baggot is a prolific author who has penned articles on payment transformation, healthcare reform, and bundled payments, particularly on her Slideshare account. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram

In one of her articles, Baggot looks at how small innovations in healthcare delivery can generate substantial financial gains. According to her, new payment techniques like bundled payment allow CMS to shift away from conventional fee-for-service thanks to the passing of the Affordable Care Act. Also, by increasingly following CMS’ lead, commercial payers are displaying a keen interest in bundling payments, primarily to providers. This move is due to the need to cut expenses not only in the areas of avoidable readmissions but also post-acute care.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires new bundles that surpass elective surgical procedures to include avoidable readmissions, post-acute services, and medical conditions. It also expands the duration of care three days before inpatient admission to 30, 60 or 90 days after discharge. Baggot also said that the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) applicants seem to view high-end elective methods as a logical beginning point, as with the bundling tests conducted before.

About Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot prides herself on being the most esteemed voices in healthcare payment reform. Aside from her experience as a hospital executive and clinician, she is known for pioneering bundled payments. Deirdre Baggot led Exempla Healthcare’s CMS Acute Care Episode (ACE) bundled demonstration. In the course of her career, she has created and spearheaded consulting practices that are focused on payment innovation and bundled payments that generated over $5 million in yearly revenue, mainly for two healthcare advisory companies. Furthermore, Baggot has formulated and implemented payment models with Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Payors and employers in more than 200 hospitals.



The Day Jim Larkin And Michael Lacey Beat Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Throwing journalists in jail, setting up tortuous Tent City Prison camps and violating the basic human rights of thousands of people sounds like the actions of some dictator in a Third World country. But all of the above was just routine business for a former notorious Arizona sheriff.

That sheriff was Joe Arpaio. For more than 20 years, Arpaio repeatedly won re-election on a platform of brutal treatment of immigrants. Arpaio was able to tap into the significant segment of Arizona society that held vehement anti-immigration views. They liked the “tough medicine” Arpaio doled out to undocumented workers. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

But Arpaio often ran roughshod over the U.S. Constitution in more ways than one — including the time in 2007 when he arrested the owners of Village Voice Media, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Taking a pair of journalists from their homes in the middle of the night and tossing them in a county cell, Arpaio showed blatant disregard for the 1st Amendment.

Thankfully, the American system of checks and balances righted the wrong in short order. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were released from jail (after about three weeks) and all charges were dropped.

Larkin and Lacey sued Maricopa County. They won a judgement of $3.7 million. Thanks to the reckless actions of Sheriff Arpaio, county taxpayers payers paid a steep price.

Fortunately, Lacey and Larkin are men of larger vision. Rather than just banking the windfall they received, the two media men plunged their millions into a nonprofit charity group known as the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. This organization is dedicated to helping the very people Sheriff Arpaio spent years terrorizing — people of Hispanic heritage and undocumented immigrants.

Years after Larkin and Lacey debacle, the luck of Joe Arpaio ran out. He was charged by federal authorities with criminal contempt of court for his ongoing policies of racially profiling Latino and Hispanic people. Arpaio was found guilty. Suddenly, the sheriff was no longer a sheriff and a bona fide convicted criminal.

But then Donald Trump won the presidency. His first pardon went to none other than Joe Arpaio. One minute he was facing possible jail time and the next his legal problems had vanished. Now Arpaio is running for a U.S. Senate seat in Arizona. Read more: Larkin and Lacey Fruntera Fund | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Thankfully, Arpaio is polling dead last among his fellow Republican contenders. It’s unlikely he’ll end up in Washington where he can cause even more trouble with more power than ever before

OSI Group: Elevates Its Customer Experience via Elementum’s Supply Chain Orchestration Platform

According to Elementum, OSI industries which is a premier value-added food supplier is the latest firm to shift into the proactive orchestration of its world supply chain. Elementum will ensure OSI operations speed concept-to-table solutions by bringing together world supply chain data to support customer and partner needs in a better way. Also by using Elementum services, industries will develop its customer-focused leadership by integrating multi-enterprise inventory and demand data streams.

OSI Industries is among the most significant food suppliers in the globe, operating across 17 countries in 65 facilities and with 20,000 workers. The organization shoot from humble beginnings to become a critical corporate business in the 20th-century American economic history. The organization is an enlarging presence in the skill-enhancing sector of the globalized and modern economy.

The past decade has witnessed OSI Industries advance into a pioneer of value-added protein commodities, from sausage links, pizza, and hamburger patties. World expansion, particularly in Europe and China, has proceeded at a great rate, while a broad range of items have the OSI Group label including non-meat products.

Since OSI Group launched its first family meat facility in Chicago in 1909, there is one factor that has remained steadfast: steadfast commitment to clients’ success. That is the reason; the globe’s big brands consider the company as the premier world food supplier. They entrust OSI with the responsibility to persistently give leading-edge food solutions for their processing needs and most exacting product development. OSI Group offer solutions that deliver value, quality and streamline processes while maximizing cost.

The establishment of a new global trading podium in Germany in 2013 was among the key developments ventures in Europe. Poultry, meat, GmbH and other (MPO) Global Text were produced in Günzburg-Denzingen that primarily targeted on OSIs poultry holdings in Brazil and Thailand. The additional vital step was the buying of Baho Food controlling stake in 2016 in Europe.

The following couple of years witnessed a convergence of OSI’s assembling in light of McDonald’s progressive development. In 1977, OSI industries launched its first facility on the West of Jordan, Utah – outside the Chicago territory before the North American IURY

Robert Ivy Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy of AIA Bags Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He has been serving in this managerial position since 2011. Robert graduated from the Tulane University with a Master’s degree in Architecture. Besides, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Sewanee: The University of the South.

Before his time at American Institute of Architects, Robert worked for the Architectural Record. He served as the Editor in Chief while there from 1996. In his early career days, McGraw-Hill Construction Media was his employer.

His contribution to the company was significant. During his time, the company took home several awards in the construction sector. Some of the awards are The Premier Magazine Journalism Award and The American Society of Magazine Award for General Excellence.

Richard Ivy has made numerous contributions as an architect. He has accomplished so much, and his works have received immense recognition in different categories. In 2009, The American Business Media crowned Robert Ivy with the Vrain Award.

In the individuals’ group, that is the highest ranking award. He has also received honors with other awards such as the McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. That award appreciated the exceptional managerial skills that he has continued to display over the years. He is also known as a Master Architect together with a few others.

AIA’s primary focus is the incorporation of people’s wellbeing into their architectural designs. Richard Ivy is a firm believer in moving the force of design into the public health domain. While there, it will undergo rigorous examination and the observations and results debated accordingly.

Robert prompts those who challenge the works of architects; i .e.the designs, to come forward and present their case. He urges them to table proofs that support their arguments.

Health and safety make top off the list considered by architects in their work. That is in line with basic design rules. The designers ensure easy accessibility of sunlight, clean and fresh water to their construction works. Designs do not impound limits on the architectural practice. The practice is also opening up to supplementary services.

Robert Ivy inspires and encourages his fellow architects to embrace sustainable designs in their work. The AIA is taking up sustainability as a code of action to enhance its embracement. The planners believe it is a step in the right direction, towards curbing the population strains facing the planet currently.

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The Australian Branch Of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings has helped many with alternative lending solutions since it was first founded in 2002. Even though their headquarters can be found in Indiana of the United States, they also can be found in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

In fact, the Australian offices now formerly known as Meridian Equity Partners Pty Limited have been bought by the Equities First Holdings company.

With the acquisition of the location in Australia, Equities First Holdings now boasts six offices operating out of four separate continents across the world. And now serving clients in Australia, Equities First Holdings has expanded their customer base to a large global platform.

Equities First Holdings is a private equity firm that provides alternative lending solutions mainly for corporate and business uses. Al Christy operates as the company’s president and founder. To date, the company has assisted in helping their clients with nearly a thousand transactions worldwide.

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Gregory Aziz: A Life Well Lived

1Gregory James Aziz is known for many things. He is the owner of National Steel Car. He started out in London, Ontario where was born on April 30, 1949. He had a childhood that was highly enjoyable with a family who loved him and nurtured his dreams and desires to be successful someday. Greg grew up, attended high school, and from there went on to study at Ridley College.


He enjoyed his time there and took his studies seriously. He then moved on to the University of Western Ontario where he decided his best choice would be to major in economics. His decision proved vital in his career and his educational background took him far. Before finding National Steel Car, he worked with several investment firms and his knowledge was a tremendous asset to them.


He also partnered with his family’s business, Affiliated Foods, for a short time knowing he could help them. He ended up helping them expand globally and because of him, they became able to import fresh foods from several more places than before. Greg Aziz was satisfied with this and eventually moved on to pursue his own dreams and see what else he could accomplish. It was in 1994 that National Steel Car was brought to his attention. The company needed some work put into it or it would likely be shut down. Luckily, Gregory J Aziz saw the potential the small manufacturing company had. He took it and ran with it. Visit This Page for related information.


He increased the employment rates as well as the production rates of the company and eventually, it started winning awards for things like safety and efficiency. Their customers relied on them for an efficient product and that was exactly what Gregory aimed to give them every day. Today, he still oversees the company and ensures that operations continue to run smoothly. Aziz takes great pride in his company and what he and his employees have accomplished in a short time. He is always thinking ahead and finding ways to improve National Steel Car.

His priorities are the happiness and safety of his customers. In his spare time, James Aziz gives back to his community and sponsors many events. He spends time with his wife and his daughters attending equestrian shows and activities together every chance they get. Gregory J Aziz enjoys his life and being a CEO. He is a true example of a leader.

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Gregory Aziz Inspires Others To Do Their Best At National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a name that is easy to recognize in the rail car industry. This company has been involved in rail car production and maintenance for over one hundred years. The one thing that the company and Gregory Aziz talk about often is the fact that no company can rest n what they did in the past. Greg James Aziz is a stand-up guy who does his job as CEO and still maintains that personal approach that so many people seem to love. Gregory J Aziz understands that a company is only as successful as the pride and ownership that a company’s employee takes in that company and what he does. As a result, Greg Aziz takes time to know each person in the company and inspires them to do their best, not just for the company but, for their own pride and self worth.


National Steel Car is a company who has watched the rail road industry evolve and change over the years and the company has also grown and adapted to the ever-changing industry. Today Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car are still making adjustments and keeping up with the times long after so many other railroad car companies have gone out of business. Greg Aziz credits a lot of this survival to the people directly on the front lines of National Steel Car. It is because they all take individual pride in what they do and it shows in their high quality craftmanship and the rail cars they produce.


Gregory Aziz is a man who does his best and inspires everyone he meets to do more and become a better, all around, balanced person. This does not just go as far as the working environment, Greg Aziz encourages people to be great people around their work environment and their home environment and everywhere they go. Gregory James Aziz give to charity and encourage others to be a strong part of their community on as many levels as they can. With Greg Aziz it is all about people helping people on all levels.


National Steel Car has built a reputation out of treating people well and giving them the best rail car available. This was an idea that was started early on and Gregory J. Aziz upheld those company values and continued to make them a strong foundation at National Steel Car. See This Article for additional information.


National Steel Car has been the recipient of several honors over the years. It has the rare distinction of winning the TTX Supplier Evaluation Committee awards and the ISO:90001 2008 certification for a consecutive 18 times. This organization values its workforce and considers them its most crucial element for success.


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All about Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is a successful and prominent entrepreneur who is also a businessman. In earlier years, he attended Purdue University and graduated with a Bachelor of science in organizational leadership. He pursued the course between 1992 – 1995. Having completed his education, he has been able to utilize his skills to help and develop different sectors.

He is the CEO and co-founder of ATS digital services. ATS is currently the leading premium provider of digital support services and they have been supporting the world. Mr. Deignan found the organization in 2011 which is located in Florida at a place called Boca Raton. Their dedication is ensuring that their consumers that are loyal customers are receiving the best and their high levels of products and services. Their aim is to keep the customers at satisfaction level.

He started his career working at iS3 company that was located in Florida at a place known as Boynton beach. The company used to develop products for business and even consumers which ensured internet security, personalized support, and optimizing computers. Their role was protecting their customer’s computers from viruses and malicious software s. In this company, he developed marketing skills having worked from 2002 to 2011. He was holding the position as the executive vice president.

In a lifetime, when one is not busy working in the office they opt to take other curriculum activities.

Robert Deignan takes success everywhere he goes. He and others have a sailing team called the liquid fishing team that participated in silver sailfish derby that takes place annually. This takes place at sailfish marina that is located on shores of palm beach. During the match, he castled a threadfin which was herring to sailfish. He hooked it and decided to fight for it until rod tip touched leader connector and they won the 79th silver sailfish derby having 11 releases.

Robert Deignan is also interested in charity work. He participates in Carolina tournaments that were about boat building in 2017. The aim is to donate money so that they can offer scholarships for graduate and college students. It is an act of giving back to the community.