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The Impact of Sahm Adrangi’s Research

Kerrisdale Capital Management was set up in 2009 by its Chief Investment Officer, Sahm Adrangi. At the same time as building the firm, Adrangi took an involved responsibility during every part of its growth. Despite the fact that more than $150 million dollars is currently under Kerrisdale’s management, the firm supervised under $1 million after Adrangi first started it.

Even when Sahm Adrangi’s short selling profits have proven to be extremely excellent, he is probably well-known as a result of publishing research on companies that he thinks the market still has misconceptions about. Two types of stocks that he most often releases Kerrisdale’s assessments on are under-followed longs combined with shorts he believes to be over-hyped.

The Securities and Exchange Commission also have taken enforcement measures against a few of the businesses which Sahm Adrangi uncovered for being deceitful, including ChinaCast Education Corp as well as China Education Aliiance. He received tons of popularity ever since shorting and widely unveiling some of these particular fraudulent Chinese businesses in 2010 and 2011.

A lot of different companies and business sectors have already been the focus of the investigation, but Sahm Adrangi’s attention has, lately, remained towards a number of industries which he has developed knowledge about. The biotechnology field is undoubtedly amongst those, and Kerrisdale has published knowledge regarding Bavarian Nordic, Zafgen, Pulse Biosciences, Unilife and also numerous others. The firm’s analysis is in many instances centered on the progress times of these kinds of businesses coupled with the longer term prospects.

Deutsche Bank happened to be the place wherein Sahm Adrangi begun a profession in the realm of investment. Here, he managed loan debt financing, both high-yield coupled with leveraged. He eventually worked for quite a few years at Longacre Management, a hedge fund.

Adrangi completed his Bachelor of Arts in Economics upon his graduation out of Yale University. On account of all the notoriety he has obtained, both through his stock trading profits and via his studies, some trading gatherings have provided him the ability to discuss his wisdom through presenting to new traders.

The Global Empire Of Equities First Holdingsand and its subsidaries

In the financial industry Equities First Holdings, LLC is known for its subsidiaries. The global lender continues to see the growing trend with offices currently in nine countries. The private equity firm has subsidiaries located in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia to name a few. The company’s rapid growth continues to provide lending options at highly exceptional competitive terms. The non-recourse lending is merely collateralized strictly by publicly traded stocks along with securities allowing solutions for both business and individuals seeking non-purpose capital. Specializing in efficient alternative lending solutions, has equipped Equity First Holdings subsidiaries an overall global development strategy to provide lending options on a whole new financial level. With EFH subsidiaries, all company information including registered office address, filing history, account, annual returns, etc are all accessible to the public globally.

Anthony Petrello – An Industry Leader With A Heart.

Anthony G. Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd., headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors Industries is a successful global oil, natural gas, and the top geothermal land drilling operation. Mr. Petrello was once of the highest paid corporate leaders in the U.S. earning millions. Mr. Petrello has a reputation of being humbled, honest, and very down to earth.

As the leader of one of the world’s largest industry Anthony Petrello said that he is always reminded of his Italian working-class beginnings in Newark, New Jersey. Growing up in a community where work ethics, honesty, and family cultures are entrenched, Anthony said these characteristics stuck with him today in how he treats his friends, clients, and employees.

Mr. Petrello does not believe in earning money off the backs of his workers which is why he has specified that 80% of his income from Nabors Industries is based on company revenue. Therefore, if Nabor’s revenues fall, then so does his income. Anthony Petrello is respected by his workers because Petrello believes in creating jobs for people who are willing to work.

As a young man, Petrello’s parents encouraged him to study hard while they struggled to keep food on the table. Anthony studied diligently with his goal of working for a company with his educational skills in mathematics and logic. At age 18, his educational skills caught the eye of Yale University who awarded him a full scholarship. More about Anthony Petrello, visit Here.

Anthony studied and worked hard at his academic achievements. His skills in mathematics and his collaboration with Serge Lang on number theorems ranked them both as geniuses in this field. At some point in his educational career, Anthony Petrello gave up his mathematics pursuits and left Yale to attend Harvard Law School studying in the field of human sciences where he received a Juris Doctor. degree. After college, Anthony Petrello worked in different industries before he started working for Nabors Industries and the rest is history. One such managerial position was held at Baker and McKenzie, LLP as its Managing Partner.

Anthony Petrello’s humanity is exemplified in his contributions back to his community. Anthony and his wife funds millions of dollars to various charities every year. One such large contribution is to the Texas Children’s Hospital because his daughter was born with periventricular leukomalacia. Tony and his wife supports the hospital’s neurological research to help not just his daughter, but many other individuals, especially children who suffer from neuro diseases.

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Anthonhy Petrollo, your friendly NABOR

The Deepwater Horizon was not caused by NABORs. No one would recommend a company because they are known for not causing a disaster. No one is known for not causing a disaster. Developing a history of safe drilling operations takes time, patience, and maintaining positive safety record continuously. Nabors has maintained that history for a long time. Anthony Petrello has helped the company maintain its safety record for over twenty-two years. He serves as a director for the company to this day, and he plans to help the company continue its safety record as long as he is allowed to be a part of it.

NABRORs specializes in drilling operations for natural gas and geothermal drills. They have also provided support to offshore oil rigs for many years. Under his term as an executive and a director, Petrello has also took the lead in reforming the executive pay schedule at the company. After hearing complaints from the company’s shareholder, he offered to let the company buy out his remaining contract. The company then reformed its executive payment policy. Executives are not paid based on the performance of the company.

NABORs began its life in the 1980s ad Anglo, according to Wikipedia. It survived a bankruptcy caused by the economic turmoil of the early 1990s. It eventually changed its name to NABORs, and its stock is currently traded on the New York Stock exchange under the symbol NBR. It remains one of the larger firms offer drilling support in the United States and many other countries.

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General Information about Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutic is a biopharmaceutical company. This organization was founded in 2002 and it works to combat orphan and rare diseases. Amicus was founded by different venture capital firms who combined their resources. These firms include Radius Ventures, Canaan Partners and New Enterprise Associates. The company is led by three key people which include CEO John Crowley, COO Bradley Campbell and the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Willian Baird.

Amicus Therapeutics is a leading research and treatment facility in the fight against rare diseases. An orphan disease is a condition that is experienced by 200,000 people or fewer within a large population of people. A rare disease is defined by its ability to affect a small percentage of a population. Most rare diseases are genetic and the same is also true for orphan diseases.

The founders of Amicus realize that rare diseases can still negatively impact various ethnic groups and populations from around the world. Diseases such as cystic fibrosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Hamburger disease and Tourette’s syndrome falls into the rare and orphan diseases categories. Other diseases such as gigantism and job syndrome are also treated by this medical organization.

Various pharmaceutical treatment options consist of the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy or CHART. This is a proven enzyme replacement therapy that the founders use to treat people. CHART is the company’s leading treatment drug. It is used for various patients with unique conditions. This company has been helping the medical community to find viable solutions with their efforts in eliminating specific diseases.

Amicus Therapeutics opened up another facility in San Diego, California in 2008. Their original location is in Cranbury, New Jersey. This organization has also acquired Callidus Biopharma and Scioderm. These acquisitions helped Amicus Therapeutics expand its research and treatment options to combat unusual diseases such as Pompe. Amicus Therapeutics brings in a revenue of $18 million per year and is growing in a positive direction.

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How John Goullet Conqured Information Technology

One of the most prosperous, popular, and challenging fields of the 21st Century is Information Technology. This industry will chew you up and spit you out if you lack the knowledge and know-how. Unlike other (IT)Specialists, there is one individual who seems to thrive in the (IT) Marketplace and his name is John Goullet.

John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur and is the Principal Executive of a company named Diversant LLC. Goullet’s expert advice and savvy business techniques has helped many Fortune 500 Companies reach their goals, maintain their balance, and succeed in this contemporary society. Goullet has a firm understanding of the business and his company Diversant LLC has helped make millions of dollars for some of the most prestige institutions. You may be asking yourself, What sets (Diversant) apart from the competition? Well, this is no run of the mill company or fly-by-night scheme that are only looking for a quick buck. Diversant provides business solutions in (IT) Staffing and since the company is run by a well known, highly successful (IT) Specialist, it’s a recipe for success. Diversant has that “old school” style about them and believes in tackling problems head on. Even Goullet’s motto is “to work on things from scratch to see them grow,” is what sets him apart from his contemporaries.

Goullet’s Understanding Principals

The success of this individual is that he does the best job with what he’s given. He and his company has built long-term relationships with clients throughout the years. Doing such a great job with finding answers for their companies, Diversant owe a lot of their success to the people/companies they’ve help succeed from referrals. That’s right, referrals. This is another form of networking to a degree and referrals can help keep any business out of the red. Goullet’s first venture company “Info Technologies” grew to $30 Million within 5 years and was listed as one of the fastest growing private firms in Inc. Magazine.

John Goullet is the real deal and his track-record proves it. This entrepreneur has transcended the world of Information Technology and his businesses have changed the industry the most, in the shortest period of time.

JustFab Is Serious About Customer Service

There are a lot of companies out there that talk about how important their customers on are and how their number one purpose is to satisfy them and make them happy. However, not a lot of companies actually follow through with that philosophy. It is just company speak and something they say to feel good about themselves and look good in the public eye. There is not an ounce of truth in it. Customers sometimes find that out the hard way and they walk away feeling very sad and disappointed as they were promised something by the company and the company did not deliver.

However, when it comes to walking the walk and talking the talk, as they say, there is a company, a fashion company, no less, that truly lives by that standard. They are all about the customer, 365/24/7, and that company is JustFab, which is run by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. These are two smart businessmen and this is something that truly means a great deal to them. They believe in connecting with the customers, relating to them, and getting inside their heads to find out what they truly want and what truly matters to them when they are making a purchase at

It is great to have a company out there that stands by its word and lives up to its reputation on For only $39.95 a month, which is a steal, JustFab offers a variety of shoes, handbags, and accessories for the customer. These are products that are all sure to make the customer happy and feel as though they got exactly what they wanted and nothing less than that. After all, when someone is plopping down their hard-earned money, they should get what they need and what they want. They should never, under any circumstances, have to settle for anything less than that.

As long as they are doing business with JustFab on, they know they are in the hands of two men with integrity, honesty, and loyalty. This is not just a hobby for them or a way to pass the time. This is a business and they treat it as such. They know it is wonderful to have great products, but at the end of the day, it is the people that matter. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are happy knowing they are making a difference in people’s lives and putting a smile on their face.

Brian Torchin Invests in Team Efforts Rather Than Personal Gains

The failure to invest in a team can have devastating consequences for the workplace. Brian Torchin of HCRC Staffing believes in working with his team to better one of the most important industries in the entire world: The health care industry. By never taking the credit for his own success, Brian Torchin continues to be recognized for his soul rather than simply his skills.

Described as being detail oriented and easy to understand, Brian Torchin has serviced thousands of medical facilities in the United States, Asia, Canada, Australia, and Europe. By executing lengthy background checks and getting to know every single one of his clients deeply, he ensures that medical facilities will be properly staffed throughout the world.

Too often, those who went to school to specialize in the medical field are being forced to work within a very small scope. Disagreeing with this fact heavily is Brian Torchin, so he makes it his mission to match skills with prospective patients. Essentially, by getting to know the wishes of his clients, he adjusts his focus accordingly to deliver profound results that have proven effective in improving the industry altogether. Though he understands the importance of efficiency when staffing everything from private practices to major city hospitals, he refuses to sacrifice correctness in the name of saving time.

In summary, there is a compassionate soul resting in Brian Torchin, which is a refreshing reality in an otherwise stale and dwindling industry. Without people such as him and his investment in a team effort, the medical industry would have weakened beyond recognition and repair. Notwithstanding being busy with his company and personal affairs, Torchin believes in educating the public, so he regularly updates a blog discussing the discrepancies of the industry, how they have improved, and what his team has been doing to better them even further. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the world is a better, healthier place thanks to Torchin and his team.

InnovaCare Health Offers Medicare Advantage Plans

InnovaCare Health is a leading healthcare company that specializes in providing patient care through Medicare Advantage Plans and physician practice services. This company prioritizes patients by making sure they get the best care at all times. Part of what InnovaCare does to ensure that patients get the best care is by making it very affordable. Since some seniors are unable to get medical care out of pocket or through private insurance companies alone, they get the coverage they need through Medicare Advantage plans. These plans help cover the cost of healthcare expenses. Along with providing care through Medicare Advantage plans, InnovaCare Health provides physician practice services which help healthcare organizations better manage themselves. The current leadership of InnovaCare Health are chief executive officer Rick Shinto and chief administrative officer Penelope Kokkinides.

When it comes to providing the best care for its patients, InnovaCare Health offers Medicare Advantage Plans. These are health insurance plans where an individual will get care through a private company that is subsidized by Medicare. As a result individuals are able to get the care they need at a more affordable rate. Patients using Medicare Advantage plans according to Penelope Kokkinides will be able to take advantage of plans such Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, Private Fee service plans and also Medical savings account plans. Therefore patients can get comprehensive coverage with the help of InnovaCare Health.

Medicare Advantage plans provide comprehensive healthcare coverage. They can be used to cover expenses pertaining to hospital visits, physician office visits, surgery, cancer treatments and also prescription drug coverage. As a result patients will have a plan to easily cover any healthcare related costs that they may incur. Since hospital visits, surgery and cancer treatments can be quite expensive it will be very beneficial to take advantage of Medicare Advantage plans. This will help ensure that patients get the care that they need and have the ability to comfortably afford it as well.

Along with offering care through Medicare Advantage plans, InnovaCare Health offers physician practice services. These services help ensure that a healthcare organization is able to operate at its best. With physician practice services, healthcare organizations can find ways to get the most updated technology, use more detailed computerized medical records, purchase the most affordable medical supplies and also help healthcare organizations provide the best possible care for their patients. Therefore InnovaCare Health is available to help ensure that medical practices and hospitals are able to get what they need in order to provide the best healthcare services to patients.

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Brad Reifler Has the Solution to Turning Money into More Money

Anyone can become wealthy if they know the secret. It isn’t a secret that’s only available for the top 1 percent wealthy people in the United States. Brad Reifler believes that he has the answer. Forefront Income Trust has a new savings plan for people who make less than $200,000 per year. Reifler, CEO and founder,until recently, only worked on growing money for the wealthy who made $200,000 or more a year. The CEO discovered that 43 percent of the population had less than $6,000 in their savings account. These people are more in need of money than wealthy people when you consider increase of the cost of living.

Brad Reifler’s plan for growing the wealth of the non-accredited investor was released in December 2014. He believes if people can invest with little risk in the special finance plan, they would take advantage of it and increase their wealth. Wikipedia tells us Brad Reifler was inspired by his 80-year-old father-in-law who put Reifler in charge of investing his life savings. Reifler was shocked to learn that because his father-in-law wasn’t an accredited depositor, he wasn’t qualified to sign up for some of the options. The rules for the accredited investor were created to shelter investors from people who would get the rich involved in a scam to steal their money or investments that could be risky. Reifler decided that he wanted to help other middle class people with their life savings. Instead of needing to earn at least $200,000, under the new plan for the middle class, a person needs to invest at least $2,500. Forefront Income Trust doesn’t intend to make any money, unless their investors get a return of 8 percent on their investments. He advises that there’s no such thing as a totally risk free investment. The Forefront Group was founded in June 2009.

Brad Reifler has had a lot of experience with investments. In 1982, he founded the Reifler Trading Corporation, a global enterprise that was sold to Refco, Inc in 2000. In 1995, just before he founded Forefront Income Trust, Reifler was the CEO of Pali Capital until 2008.  Read more about Brad on his official website.