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Why Michel Terpins can be the best under normal circumstances

The union between Michel Terpins who is the leader of the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship and Maykel Justo was of significant advantage. The two, are members of Bull Sertões Rally Team and joined the 25th edition of the Sertões Rally and completed one crucial stage in this completion. The two people won the in the Prototypes T1 which has three steps which are the leading in this general category. Michel Terpins is among the top 5 fast driving drives that compete.

The race was divided into several stages. One stage had a total 306 km. In this scene which went from Terezinha de Goiás to Aruanã, the pair faced some problems thus forcing them to slow down for some time. This was due to car issues. This happened due to the Marathon stage last Monday. They stayed for the whole day, and they did not receive mechanical support lastly. Their car faced a more significant problem. T-Rex # 322 gearbox was broken and the back side suspension spring had a problem too. The damage was significant, and it forced this big team stop. The good this is, they finished in the fourth position despite all the shortcomings. In the Prototypes T1 category they were ranked number four which translated to position ten in the overall classification and ranking.

Before the starting the race, Michel Terpins was very optimistic. He was aware that they were leading. When they noted that their car was in trouble, they decide to struggle and finish the stage. This was on the fourth day. The team was enjoying much because Terpins was in his 10th participation while Justo’s navigation was counting two consecutive years in the competition in Brazil.

Michel Terpins started as motorcycle categories where he had debuted with the motorcycle Rally dos Sertões grid. This was in 2002. The Cross Rally Championship in Brazil has seen a revolution from these two brothers who have stood out in most of the crucial and vital stages. These drivers have been participating for four seasons while driving T-Rex.