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Narrowing Down to An EOS Lip Balm Flavor

There are so many different types of lip balms for sale today that it is hard to settle on one and many buyers will often regret their purchase. I find that it is best to start by choosing a manufacturer and then to worry about choosing a flavor. For me, choosing a brand of lip balm is easy- I just look for the product offerings of EOS. Head over this helpful site,

EOS is a relative newcomer to the lip balm industry, having only been established several years ago with a life significantly shorter in duration than that of Chapstick and Carmax, two of the largest lip balm makers out there. EOS was developed to capture a growing segment of the market that paid close attention to the ingredients in the products that they use and were willing to pay a premium for a better quality product. In the lip balm world, EOS equated this to using organic and all-natural oils that worked better than the industry standard petroleum jelly. EOS built out a superior product and used unique flavors and applicators as a way of enticing customers, click here.

Which brings us to the hard part of choosing a lip balm. I wouldn’t deviate from EOS, but even within the brand it is a real challenge to find the right flavor due to the sheer volume of their flavors. EOS has a flavor for everyone and some that are truly different from the others in the market. Check more flavors here on

For me the flavor I settled on was vanilla mint. I enjoy mint flavored products and their sweet mint is also a great choice, but the inventiveness of EOS really shines through with vanilla mint. It is refreshing, complex, and interesting as a flavor, and is all the better for not having artificial ingredients or additives included in it.

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