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Andrew Rocklage

Andrew Rocklage is a great businessmen unlike any other. He has a high drive to succeed while making others happy. Andrew is currently located in Boston, Massachusetts and takes his educational background in business and law and uses it to own and operate a company called Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Sky Zone is an extremely popular indoor trampoline park that is suitable for all ages.

Andrew went to the University of Massachusetts at Armherst – Isenberg School of Management, a top accredited business school in 2005 and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelors in Sports Management, Economics.

The University recognizes Andrew to have achieved this degree with great honors, cum laude, showing he is an over achiever. He then went to law school, Suffolk University of Law School and received his Juris Doctor, graduating in 2013. Read more: Andrew Rocklage | Angel

While receiving his education, Andrew interned at several places. For four months he interned at MLL (Major League Lacrosse) as a public relations intern, he then interned as a legal department intern for three months for the Boston Red Sox and was also interned as a legal summer intern for three months at Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

Andrew has known what he has always wanted and worked for it. After graduating he went right into work and has worked for several different types of companies that have made him a force to be reckoned with. He has a strong interest in business and has been able to combine his experience in the technology sector with his legal expertise to create his business strategy.

Andrew previously worked as a law clerk for Avery, Dooley and Noone, LLP, a general law practice that was founded in 1921.

He then went on to work for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company, as a legal consultant. EPIRUS focuses on being able to make cost effective medicines accessible to patients in need every where.

Now being his own business owner and operator, Andrew is putting all his knowledge together and making a big change in how business can be done.

Though most of his career he has been located in Boston, MA, he has a love for travel and interest and willingness to meet new people and see new places, which means anything is possible.

Andrew is still only in the beginning of his career and is making a grand name for himself. With those he chooses as employees and colleagues, he finds talent and helps them develop their potential into greatness.

Andrew Rocklage is a man of great success, that has never taken a break and he wants to see others succeed as well.

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