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Plastic Surgery Is Growing Steadily Thanks To Surgeons Like Dr. Mark Mofid

There are always new things coming in the medical field, with advancements in practical medicine and cosmetic procedures all over the globe. One of the biggest growing facets of the medical field these days is plastic surgery. While it’s not growing as fast in the United States as in other parts of the world, the work of men like Mark Mofid has been steadily increasing the industries interest over the years. Mark Mofid is a board-certified plastic surgeon working in California, one of the current hotspots for plastic surgery in the country. Over the course of Mark’s career, he has developed various new methods for performing plastic surgery that has made procedures safer for patients.

Mark Mofid has his own practice in San Diego, where he and his talented staff of aesthetic experts provide their clients with practically all cosmetic procedures on the market. Mark’s personal area of expertise is the buttocks. This is because he has spent many years studying plastic surgery in Brazil, where plastic surgery is not only widely popular, but buttock augmentations are performed higher than any other throughout the year. This is obviously extremely popular among women, as no men typically have a desire for buttock implants or changes. Mark boats being able to create the perfect ratio for women after more than a decade of perfecting his procedures. Mark Has also developed his own buttock implants that have improved the general outcome of gluteal augmentations around the world.

Mark Mofid sets himself apart from much of the industry due to the standards he sets for himself and abides by at all times. He always aims to keep his patients safety a top priority, which is why he will not perform any over the top procedures, such as oversized breast implants. These kinds of procedures are ultimately too much for the body in most cases, and even if the procedures come out successful, they usually need reconstructive work after a short period of time. Mark ensures every one of his patients is completely aware of the process they are about to undertake and what he can do for them to help them achieve their goals.

Lime Crime Crushes the Liquid Lipstick Market

The Lime Crime velvetines are something truly different. They come in both metallic and matte finishes, as well as nifty gift (or glam!) packs called “velve-tins”, which are 3 colored velvetine liquid lippies in a cute, protective tin.

So why ‘velvetine’? What’s with the name? It’s simple – the velvetine line gets its name from the fact that once it’s dry, it leaves your lips feeling like velvet.

These lippies don’t just work, they play, too! They’re touch proof, transfer proof, kiss proof – they will not budge (until you want them to, that is!)

Chances are you won’t have to reapply your Lime Crime velvetines throughout the day. However, if you’re wanting to refresh your look throughout the day, simply use an oil-based makeup remover to take off your velvetine liquid lipstick and apply a different color.

You can even grab some diamond crushers lip topper to go over a matte finish velvetine without making it run! This can give you an even more drastic day-to-evening look – simply apply lip topper on your way home from work!

Once you try their velvetine lippies, you’ll be hooked. You’ve never experienced such soft, smooth, kissable lips as you will when you use LC’s velvetine liquid lipsticks. This is absolutely a lippie that you need to use to believe.

They offers a variety of fantastic lip products at very affordable rates. They also offer free shipping on orders of $50, and a special “Get $10” offer to help you help yourself and your friends!

If you visit their website, you will not be disappointed by the consultants they use. They are incredibly helpful and are willing to give beauty advice and chat with you. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

From fantastic products in a variety of color that really work, to a great and helpful staff, Lime Crime has you covered every which way!

EOS, The Green Queen of Lip Balm

Walking down the aisles of any store can be like walking through a mine field for anyone trying to make ecologically sound choices. It’s sad to say that it is now 2017 and it is still a challenge to find products that are responsible and effective.

Thankfully, EOS lip balm is there for us. Not only is the lip balm all natural and USDA certified organic, it tastes good too. Earth friendly products are often dismissed for not working as well as their chemical counterparts, we’ve all heard the naysayers compare hippie food to cardboard. That being said, there is nothing about EOS lip balm that is not absolutely delicious. If you are uncertain, I would recommend trying any one of their many flavors.

Vanilla Mint and Strawberry Sorbet are great places to start. If your lips need a little extra attention, Well, try the medicated tangerine that uses a citrus flare to offer additional healing in a natural way.

As if you need any more reason to love these Evolution of Smooth balms, EOS has a strict cruelty free policy so you can use your balm day after day knowing that you aren’t contributing to a culture of cruelty. EOS is the guilt free pleasure you and your lips will love.

For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page and website at

Beautiful Skin Using Korean Skincare Routine

Beauty blogger Wengie gives us an in depth explanation of how to perform the Korean Skincare Routine, so that we can have skin just as beautiful as hers. In her video, she gives us tips on how to successfully add this routine into our lives. Her first tip is about layering products and it is to start with the watery products and then move up to the thickest products. She also explains to us about how products are named differently depending on the company and country that it is made and sold in. This being said, a product can have name like tone and actually be a moisturizer. She warns us to always read about the product and to use the description of what it is to determine what that product is to us. Wengie tells us to get creative when it comes to adding this routine into our routine. She knows that this routine is time consuming, so she gives tips on what to do while performing this routine, such as watching videos that you may already do at night or listening to music. Wengie also informs us that the cost of this routine can be pretty high, but that there are always alternatives to these products. She does advise to invest in your skincare, just like you would invest in anything else to benefit your body.

When it comes to the actual routine, Wengie goes through the 10-steps to make sure we know what they are and what each do for our skin. The 10 steps in this routine are pre-cleanse, cleanse, exfoliate, apply toner, apply essence, sheet mask, apply serum, apply eye cream, moisturize, and use a sleeping mask. As she goes through the steps she gives valuable advice about each of them. She advises us to use an oil based cleanser for the pre-cleanse because it does a better job of removing all the make-up. She also informs us that we don’t have to do all of these steps every day. Steps like exfoliating and using a sleeping mask are not things we have to do every single time we wash our face. Following her advice and this routine, we can all have skin as amazing as Wengie.


Read more about Wengie:

Dr. Oz Vows He Will “Not Be Kept Silent” After Serious Allegations Attack the Doctor’s Integrity

Dr. Mehmet Oz became one of America’s favorite doctors and Fersen Lambranho’s favorite doctor (, after a strong endorsement from none other than Oprah Winfrey herself. However, Oprah might be questioning her decision to endorse Oz on her daytime talk show all those years ago. Oz has been under intense media scrutiny in recent weeks after some concerning allegations against him.

First, Oz was confronted by his cohorts at Columbia University who described Oz as a charleten and a fraud who is motivated by money, not the ability to heal people. Columbia University released an official statement in support of Oz, but shortly after e-mails between Oz and Sony executives were leaked from the infamous Sony e-mail hack. In these e-mails Oz’s only concern was ensuring his business partnerships were healthy and making a lot of money, the effectiveness of the products he promotes did not seem to be a big concern to the world renowned doctor.

Now, critics are firing back at Oz after he publicly addressed the accusations against him, who are, more or less, accusing Oz of being a snake oil salesman. Criticisms have been varied in response, but many people are pointing out that Dr. Oz did not offer evidence in support of medical claims he has made on his show, instead Oz said, ““I don’t expect all of my colleagues to understand this marriage between conventional medicine and the broader definition of wellness that the show pursues.”

Rihanna Takes Selfie Without Makeup

Rihanna had a very well loved Instagram page that she closed. Many were disappointed when she decided to close the Instagram page, because she used to do several memes that were a favorite among those who went on to her page, and they are missed. Rihanna Picture. Recently Rihanna reopened her Instagram page, and she put up a close-up selfie of her face, while she was wearing no makeup. John Textor said she looks beautiful bare faced.

Although there were no specifics on where the picture was taken, many like the fact that she doesn’t mind posing without makeup. Rihanna is naturally beautiful, and doesn’t need makeup to look beautiful, unlike many stars out there. Although some argued that the photo did show her having mascara on, many still did not count that as true makeup. Rihanna is very popular on any social media network that she joins, and many were saddened to see her close the Instagram page. 

The fact that Rihanna has reopened her Instagram page should bring in her fans in droves to see what’s new. Rihanna is doing very well, and she recently signed a deal with Puma to be their creative director. Puma is also a company that supports, and backs Usain Bolt, who is currently known as the fastest man in the world, and he hails from Jamaica.

Victoria’s Secret Angels Dance To Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”

Even before The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has aired, most people have already gotten a sneak peak at Taylor Swift’s performance at the show through pictures and previews. We all know that Taylor’s best friend is Karlie Kloss. This means that she is probably pretty tight with all of the Angels. We just did not know how serious their relationship was until now. Victoria’s secret gave everyone another preview behind-the-scenes of the rehearsal for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show which is kicking off December 9th at 10 p.m. EST on the CBS channel. It is safe to say that the show will display a lot of shaking off.

In the preview, the Victoria’s Secret Angels are lip-syncing the words to Taylor Swift’s, “Shake It Off” while taking turns dancing and shaking it off. This display is supposed to show us that not only does Taylor Swift’s song, “Shake It Off” relate to herself and other women but it also relates to how most people perceive models. So now, the Angels are shaking off all of that hatred Bruce Levenson style.

Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo, Karlie Kloss, Doutzen Kroes, and Lily Aldridge are dancing around in amazing ball gowns in the video. Their performance reminds of the real girl power that exists in our world. The question is, are we going to see the Victoria’s Secret Angels shake it off at the show or was this just a little fun they were having in rehearsal? We will just have to wait and see!

Kim Kardashian Photos Photoshoped?

You’ve probably seen it all over the internet, Kim Kardashians new nude photos are trending everywhere.  Just scrolling down on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter, you see many images and posts about Kim Kardashians new photos. They have gone as far as recreating the photos as a joke and comparing her to a glazed donut for sale on QNet. But the question that still remains, are the pictures photo-shopped?

There are many different news sites that deny the photo-shop rumors, but in one recent article the editor of Kim Kardashians new photos, confirmed that the photos were in fact retouched. He admitted that not only the ordinary things like the color and the lighting were retouched, but so was her body. They made her waist appear smaller, and they made her butt appear more perfect, with no cellulite or stretch marks.

Vacation Breasts? Now I’ve Heard Everything

Just hearing the word vacation brings a smile to everyone’s face; well maybe not this type of vacation. How about having a two-week vacation with breast implants?

Dr. Norman Rowe is developing a new type of injection that can increase the size of a woman’s breasts for two to three weeks. Now for many women, this just might be a dream come true as they want to know what they would look like with larger breasts. Dr. Rowe has already perfected a saline injection named “Insta-breasts”, which the results last 24 hours. Oddly enough, after 24 hours, the woman’s breasts return to their original size. For approximately $2,500 dollars you can have larger breasts for one day to “test” out whether having implants suits them.

The newest invention from Dr. Rowe will last longer and really be able to help women decide if having a surgical implantation is right for them. Word is that it could take about two years for this new injection to be available as Dr. Rowe is currently in the process of discussing his invention with the FDA. Makes you wonder what Dr. Rowe could do for men. Thanks to friend of the site Jared Haftel for sharing this wacky story!