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DIY Holiday Tips and Hacks from Wengie

Wengie, an upcoming Youtube star, provides some amazing holiday hacks and DIY projects that will help make your holiday sparkle and shine without breaking the budget. The high energy starlet, with cute hair and perfect make-up, shares 20-holiday tips in this quick and fun to watch Youtube video. From make-up tips to table decorations, this girl covers it all!


She has some super-cute decorating ideas like snow jars, small-artsy trees made with string and hot glue, Christmas tree ornaments, and wreaths made of wire hangers and “bobbles” to hang on the door. The best part about these tips, most of the items you need are probably in your home already. One of the best tips Wengie has is how to make fake snow! All you need is the filling of a clean diaper (or, as she calls them, nappies) and a few drops of water and Poof!!! Instant snow!!!


How about tips to add a little Christmas spirit to your next party? Try making Santa cups! Take your basic red party cup and add a strip of brown cloth (as a belt) and a gold button and TADAA, Santa Cups. So cute!!! Hate how plain and boring your napkins look? Impress your guests and let Wengie show you how to fold them up into Christmas trees. Your guest will be most impressed, indeed!


There are some practical tips for staying tidy as well. Use leftover Christmas paper to create Christmas themed trash bins. Another practical tip, use empty toilet paper tubes to keep wrapping paper in place on the roll. Want one more use for empty toilet paper rolls? Use them as gift boxes! So smart! Wengie will show you how to fold and decorate toilet paper rolls so they can be used to wrap small gifts or gift cards.


Let’s not forget about something Christmas-y to eat and drink! Wengie shows you how to make cute marshmallow snowmen for your hot chocolate and strawberry Santas with homemade whipped cream. Yum!


Be sure to watch the video for all of Wengie’s holiday tips and subscribe to her channel!!!


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