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Do it yourself holiday tips courtesy of Wengie

Wengie outlines a number of do it yourself holiday ideas in her recent video including creating a snow globe, Santa cup, hot cocoa topping, wrapping small gifts, and creating a Christmas tree. Wengie starts out by providing a group holiday hug to all of her listeners and introduces her version of a snow globe. The globe is created by using a Mason jar, Christmas ornament, glue, and fake snow. The ornament is glued inside of the jar, and snow poured inside of it. The cover is applied and your globe is ready for use. A Santa cup can be constructed with a red Solo cup, glue, a button, and a bit of black ribbon. Simply glue the black button on the ribbon, and then wrap the ribbon around the red cup to create an image of drinking from a Santa cup.


If thirsty for a cup of cocoa why not get into the holiday spirit and add some marshmallows that have the appearance of a snowman floating in it. One will need five marshmallows, a small piece of carrot, chocolate syrup, and a few small pieces of a sipping straw. Take the marshmallows and use the straw to erect a snowman with a head, arms, and legs. Add the small carrot to create a nose and a bit of the chocolate syrup for the snowman eyes and mouth. Then simply float it into your cocoa for a festive drink. If an inexpensive box is needed, Wengie recommended using an empty toilet paper roll. First, squash down the roll and then fold each edge of the roll to create a seal. Complete it by adding a small gift or some candy into the roll and wrap with a bit of Christmas paper, ribbon, and holiday bow.


Christmas trees can be built by using your choice of twine, a page from a magazine, glue, and decorative stars. First, roll the piece of magazine paper into a cone, cut the top of the cone so that it is even, and seal the cone with glue. Use the twine to wrap around the entire cone and use the glue to hold the twine together. Finally, remove the cone, add the stars, and one has created a decorative tree.