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New Brunswick Lives Again

In the political correct craze that has swept across America, it seems it is popular to give the 1% of this country a bad reputation. It is well accepted to blame them for the cause and worries of this world as if they had control over everything. We blame them for robbing the poor, and we blame them for not getting ahead in life. But the honest truth it not all of them are like that. Omar Boraie has used his wealth in order to help the city of New Brunswick become a great place to live.

Omar Boraie has worked through his real estate company, Boraie Development, to resurrect the city of New Brunswick from the grave.

He began by bringing families back to the city. The New Jersey Stage wrote an article describing one of the many nonprofits that he began in order to make this happen. Omar Boraie reached out to the State Theater and offered to provide a summer of free movies for families in New Brunswick. The agreement was that he would cover the cost of admission as well as popcorn and drink. In return, the state theater would provide the housing and the movies. Over 7500 families came to this wonderful event.

Omar Boraie then began trying to secure the economy of the area. He began doing this by trying to keep jobs in New Brunswick. At this time, many businesses were getting up and trying their luck elsewhere. This included local large corporations that employed thousands of people. Omar Boraie made a deal with Johnson & Johnson to get a tax deal for them if they agreed to stay and employ 10,000 workers.

Once Johnson and Johnson decided to stay, Boraie Development knew the next step was to create a team that would make it their goal to help New Brunswick thrive. This dream team was composed of the local city Mayor, members of the City Council, and heads of the main corporations. You can visit their website to see more.

Once this think tank was well-established, he began working hard to bring the middle class back to the area. He did this by building real estate that would normally be out of their price range but bringing it down to something they could afford. Class A office space was offered for the price it would normally take just to rent an apartment. Housing was given at an extremely affordable rate.

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Doe Deere Leads Lime Crime & Feminism Into the Future

The internet has made it possible for people to come out of the woodwork and launch highly successful businesses. With the digital age upon us and communication easier than ever it makes sense that entrepreneurs are grabbing headlines. Doe Deere, the vocal feminist leader of the makeup company Lime Crime, is doing everything she can to make sure that her impression is a lasting one. Deere sat down for a fascinating interview with Galore Magazine to talk about her history and how she’s gotten to where she is today.

First off what you need to understand about Doe Deere and her company is that “loud is proud” is more than just a catch phrase, it is a way of life. Deere lives by creating hybrids of colors that fascinate the eye while uplifting the person wearing them. In Deere’s opinion there is nothing quite as exciting as showing off your true colors, no matter how bold they may be. However, despite all of Deere’s success with Lime Crime it wasn’t always a given that she would be working in the makeup field.

Deere admits that she wasn’t really comfortable or creative enough with her makeup skills until she hit her 20’s. It was around that time that she started puzzling about with bold colors and theatrical lines of make up, like Ben Nye. Deciding to really experiment gave her all of the incentive she needed to jump to the next level. In 2004 Deere opened up her first store, a shop on eBay. She called the store “limecrime” because it combined her favorite color with a word that rhymed. Though she hadn’t put much thought into the company name then, it sure means something different now: the evolution of color, a lack of control that is so stylish, and a true disregard for the ‘rules’ of makeup.

Lime Crime is experiencing tremendous growth thanks to the fascinating, quality product and the amazing woman behind the scenes. Deere has been named one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs in the world and we fully expect Lime Crime to continue its growth going forward with her at the helm.