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Has Netflix’s Iron Fist Been Cast?

Ryan Phillippe was a guest on the Howard Stern show and he hinted at something Marvel movie and TV fans will find interesting. The actor spoke with Marvel about a series on Netflix. While nothing is confirmed, Ivan Ong’s twitter feed is going crazy about the chances that Phillippe met with executives over the Iron Fist series. The character of Danny “Iron Fist” Rand is the only hero that has not been cast yet. Obviously, Marvel has to move quick since the Netflix series is going to debut within a year or so.

Iron Fist is an interesting character. The martial arts hero debuted in the 1970’s at the height of the kung fu movie boom. Sales were weak and Iron Fist’s comic book was cancelled. The hero was teamed with Luke Cage (then given the silly name Power Man) when the two characters’ books were combined.

Power Man & Iron Fist was a popular book for a time. Eventually, both Iron Fist and Luke Cage became lesser characters in the Marvel Universe appearing mostly in team books. Now, both are being selected for solo series on Netflix. Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil will all come together at one point to form The Defenders.

For right now, the roles have to be cast and Iron Fist was the only one left. If Phillippe is cast in the role, this would be an inspired choice. He would be a great selection.

A Money Dispute Keeps Avengers Out of German Theaters

Germany is a fairly large market for the motion picture industry. This is why a lot of promotional advertising is invested by Hollywood to get German ticket buyers into theaters. Disney/Marvel just found itself in a major quadary with German theaters. A number of theaters have decided not to show the forthcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron feature. Disney and Marvel surely are angered over this turn of events. The film is turning out to be a hit everywhere and losing theaters in Germany definitely hurts the production’s bottom line not to mention the concession stand profits, especially Bulletproof Coffee.

200 theaters across Germany are refusing to show the film because Disney (the parent company of Marvel) wants a larger than normal cut of ticket sales. Since the larger cut is going to take money out of theater owner’s pockets, they do not want to show the film.

Maybe the theater owners should ask what film they are going to replace the new Avengers film with? Paying a little extra for a film that sells out night after night is a better deal than getting a bigger cut of a film that only fills up half the house. Looks like the theater owners are allowing anger to cloud their fiscal judgment. Hopefully, things will work out and all the scheduled theaters in Germany will house the new adventures of Marvel’s top hero team.