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The idea of AI has changed over the years

Artificial Intelligence has been advancing over the years. It has been used in brain research, neuromorphic engineering, and robotics and machine Learning. These subjects you suspect AI to be in. But AI has been slowly integrating into search engines and the e-Commerce market. Artificial Intelligence has been used in search engines with voice recognition, autocomplete and predictive search, and automatic friend tagging.

In the e-Commerce market, AI has changed the way we shop online and helping retailers with sales. It has helped retailers with sales by them having big data analytics, product discovery, and personalization. With product discovery, customers can view all kinds of products at once instead of choosing one store and one brand. Image recognition is another AI that has changed the way we shop online. One company that has been advancing visual search is Slyce. Artificial Intelligence will continue to evolve in the future with more exciting things for the e-Commerce market.

Slyce is a visual search company. Their image recognition technology helps customers find a brand or a similar brand online by taking a picture of the object. For example a plumber needs a certain part to fix a sink. Instead of looking for a model number, he can take a picture of the object and see which stores has that same part that he needs.

Slyce was established in 2012. They are located in Alberta, Canada. Slyce has branched out into different other technologies. Like the universal scanner which scans any barcode,coupon, or QR code in 2d or 3D. They also have Snip Snap which is a coupon saver. Which means you can leave your coupons at home. You can take a picture of the coupon and bring it to the store. Pouce is where you can take pictures of items and get lists of which carry the same or similar brand. Craves is where you can take pictures of clothes that you love, and they will show you which stores has a similar brand. Slyce has really changed the way we shop online and in stores.