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Michael Zomber on Popular Antique Villages

Michael Zomber is an expert on of collecting European, Japanese, Islamic, and American arms and armor. His interest spans a wide time frame from the 16th through the 19th century. He believes that those individuals who own these arms and armor must preserve them in pristine collection so that future generations can enjoy and learn from them.

He also is an active supporter of those who have valiantly fought with these arms including the Disable Veterans of America and Doctors without Borders. He recognizes that through the use of arms, Americans and citizens in a variety of countries, have been able to preserve many rights including the right to free speech and the right to bear arms.

While Michael says that many interesting arms are found in family collections across the United States, there are some communities where they are more likely to be found. A recent article in Forbes outlines some of these communities. Michael hopes to visit many of them soon.

One of those communities is Millerton, New York, where shoppers can look around the many merchants in Millerton Antique Square seven days a week. This community, located on the Connecticut border, features over 37 different antique merchants including Joe Brennan and Richard Campbell who specialize in early American collectibles. When in Millerton, make sure to leave time to stop for a cup of coffee at The Irving Farm Coffee House.

Another community that Michael would love to visit is Adamstown, Pennsylvania, carrying the nickname of “Antique Capital USA.” A great time to visit Adamstown is during one of the extravaganzas sponsored by the Mad Hatter Antique Mall.

If you live in the central United States, then consider heading to Galena, Illinois, for an antique shopping experience you will not soon forget. Located just a short distance from Chicago, this community boasts many antique shops with a wide array of merchandise for sale.

Whichever antique village you choose to go to, you can expect to be met with friendly vendors who are anxious to share your love of antiques. When possible, do your research before you go. Most experts suggest that you start by collecting things that you enjoy the most. Of course, Michael hopes that you will enjoy preserving arms from around the world.