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“Ant-Man” Will Set the Stage for Wasp to Join MCU

With “Ant-Man” coming out in theaters in just a few short weeks, one of the main questions fans have regarding the film is how it will fit into the rest of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige spoke to the writers of Screen Rant last October about various aspects of the new movie, and one of the things they touched upon is the character of Wasp.

While flashbacks in the film will show Janet Van Dyne suited up as Wasp, the modern-day part of the movie really won’t have the character. But it will strongly hint at Hank and Janet’s daughter, Hope Van Dyne, eventually suiting up as The Wasp herself. According to Marvel Studio’s boss Kevin Feige, “We have plans for her in the future, and we see that not-so-subtly in this film.”

According to Handy, as was revealed in another interview, this one with Evangeline Lilly who plays the role of Hope Van Dyne, one of the things that “Ant-Man” had to explain was why Hank Pym doesn’t give the Ant suit to his daughter, letting her become “Ant-Woman”. In a similar vein, the film also has to explain why Pym choose to hang up his suit years ago.

We haven’t yet heard anything about Hope Van Dyne showing up in Captain America: Civil War”, and with it’s already-huge cast it seems doubtful that they’ll be able to put many more characters into the movie. But since Lilly is signed up with Marvel for multiple films, seeing her eventually become Wasp seems to be a near certainty. When and how that will happen, however, is still a mystery.