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Beneful Premium Dog Food

Small premium dog food companies have been offering organic dog food for more than 20 years, and some of those companies also blend lamb and salmon into their dry dog food. Purina, a large company, also offers premium dog food. Purina recently acquired a company called Merrick Pet Care that produces organic dog food. Purina also provides specially blended food for dog lovers based on individualized nutrition needs of their furballs. Purina Beneful provides healthy, specialized food. Purina Beneful offers healthy, specialized food for furballs such as dog treats for dental care along with meals for puppies and for overweight dogs. Dog lovers can choose from a wide variety of meals based on a protein sources and vegetables. Based on those preferences or preferences for meals and snacks, shoppers may choose from eight varieties of dry dog food, 20 varieties of wet dog food, and 11 varieties of dog treats. Some shoppers may decide to provide a variety of meals and snacks to their canines. Shoppers may also choose to provide both dry and wet dog food. Dry dog food meal choices include Beneful Original, puppy food, diet food, and Incredibites. Customers who prefer to purchase wet dog food can choose from a wide variety of choices such as themed food blends and stews. For dog food treats, dog lovers may choose from three different sizes of treats for healthy teeth. Some dog treats are made with peanut butter, cheese, and bacon. Regardless of which Purina Beneful products are purchased, customers can be assured of buying healthy dog food. Purina believes in providing healthy, high-quality dog food. Purina uses a stringent quality assurance process to ensure the pet food is safe. For safety purposes, Purina, a large company, has the resources to track the quality of ingredients and the food manufacturing process. Purina is also willing to advise dog lovers about food products. Purina also strives to build and maintain the trust of dog lovers who buy their products. Dog lovers are able to trust Beneful dog food because it is fresh and meets stringent quality control standards.

Seeing Eye Cat for a Dog

Most people know of dogs that help blind people who cannot see. An unusual situation made headlines recently of a very different scenario. A stray cat affectionately called “Pwditat” showed up at the home of a blind dog named “Terfel”. Terfel has cataracts covering his eyes that causes the blindness. The sixth sense of animals has been known for a long time. The owner’s of the dog and cat were still surprised when the cat immediately could tell that the dog needed its help. Pwditat is the dog’s new guide now. Every where that the dog goes, the cat follows along, nudging him in the right direction away from harm and objects that he might accidentally walk in to. Members of the Skout network have witnessed the pair have become inseparable friends who curl up together at night to sleep. The owner’s can’t believe it since usually cats and dogs never get along. The cat’s help has given Terfel new freedom and a new lease on life.