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Going Where The Money Is With Jose Borghi

One of the most important principles of profiting from business is to go where the money is with marketing. In other words, it is important for businesses to know their target audience. This is very crucial. For one thing, if one is not typically interested in the types of items a business is promoting, then it is of little use for them to try and market their products to this person. It is better for the marketer to find the audience that is interested in products that are similar to what the business is promoting. Then they can come up with a marketing campaign that reaches the audience.

One of the marketers that is a master at this is Jose Borghi. He knows how to use all media in order to reach the target audience. The first step in marketing is to look at the type of product one is promoting and to see if there are any similar products. Then one must look at finding the target audience. This involves going to where they typically visit so that one can get a look at their habits. Then one can put together an ad that is going to get their attention. The trick is in buying a spot where the target audience goes. Then constructing an ad based on the source and the media.

Jose Borghi is very good about using all media to the best of his ability in order to make sure that his ad is reaching customers. He speaks to the heart of the audience in order to get them to consider the product that is being sold to them. Jose has an understanding of the psychology of customers and how to persuade them to buy the products or services that are being advertised to them. He can maximize the appeal of what he is advertising so that the target audience can’t resist.


Arthur Becker is a successful real estate tycoon

A renowned investment agency, with focus on estate property, as well as, preliminary Biological Technology projects, Madison Partners, LLC, is managed by Mr. Arthur Becker. He is the prior CEO, as well as, the Chairman, of Zinio, LLC. They are distinguished as being the world’s foremost electronic newsstand. Before this venture, Mr. Arthur Becker, was also the CEO of the company, NaviSite. They were quoted by NSADAQ, for providing online hosting and tech services in the UK, as well as, the US, during the 2002 to 2010 period. They have offices located all over the world and deliver a variety of internet-based services, throughout the industry markets. In 2011, NaviSite was bought out by Time Warner.

While Mr. Arthur Becker was still at NaviSite, he became heavily involved with real estate and technology. He later expanded his interests, by investing various real estate development ( ventures throughout Miami and New York. This exposed Mr. Arthur Becker to the idea of preliminary Biological Technology and how it could be combined with a number of economic ventures, with focus on positively impacting the community, at large.

Mr. Arthur Becker admits that he is interested in a variety of current trends in the bio tech industry, specifically in the arena of cancer treatment. He does not possess any medical training of his own but he has a great amount of exposure to keep his interest in the variety of approaches that are made use of, in the industry.

Mr. Arthur Becker enjoys working with those that he respects when it comes to the business of real estate and technology. According to the US Magazine, he enjoys the work because of the many different stages of developing a project are so fundamentally different, from the construction stage, the design stage and even the financing stage. Mr. Becker realizes that the innate chemistry between business partners, is absolutely vital to the success of the business endeavor. He has learned from his various business undertakings over the years, that his ability to quickly evaluate and lend support to, managerial talent, is a vital component to finding success in a business venture.


Mr. Ricardo Tosto and his Contributions to the Brazilian Legal System

Brazil has more than 181.000 laws. It is a Civil Law country since its legal system is based on Civil Law tradition. The Federal Constitution (in force from October 21st, 1988), is the country’s supreme rule. Brazil’s 26 federate states have powers to adopt their own laws and constitutions; however, their independence is restricted by principles established in the Federal Constitution.
Practicing Law in Brazil

The legal profession in the country is regulated by the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. The AOB is headquartered in Brasília, Federal District. As of 2013, the AOB had 847,921 lawyers. Everyone who wishes to practice law in the country must register at the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (AOB). The organization is not regulated by the government, but it has public powers such as applying disciplinary action over its registered members.

The Bar exam

Bar examination takes place nationally every March, August, and December. The Order of Attorneys of Brazil unifies and organizes the Bar examination. A student will need to take five years in a law school before being able to take the examination. The bar examination consists of two phases: the written test and the multiple choice test.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Mr. Ricardo Tosto (11 of March of 1963) is an acclaimed author and lawyer. Ricardo has a solid education background having studied at Mackenzie University and Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP). After finishing his studies, he worked in different law firms before co-founding Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados.

Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados is a top Brazilian law firm that specializes in business law. The firm provides comprehensive legal assistance to companies in different sectors. The firm is headquartered in São Paulo but has branch offices in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

Ricardo has successfully represented high-profile individuals, local and international organizations and even governments. Mr. Tosto actively championed for the adoption of several legal mechanisms that as of today are being used in the Brazilian legal community. Mr. Tosto is also a reputable author and has co-authored and authored several books including O Processo de Tiradentes.

Reputation Management and the Wild West of the Internet

If you have opened a web browser in the past few years, you may be familiar with the phrase “You can’t delete anything from the internet.” While not entirely accurate, it does highlight the fact that the web is an organic construct. Starting an online reputation management company is like trying to set rules in the lawless days of the wild west. It is a difficult job, but not impossible!
Unfortunately, the internet does not appreciate manipulation. Reputation management requires a gentle touch, and can go wrong for a variety of reasons. An example of reputation management backfiring can be seen in this BoingBoing article about the infamous UC Davis pepper spray incident. The chancellor certainly needs a reputation management consultant. However, notice some of the attitudes in the article. They call reputation management companies “sleazy.” The entire article sets a mood of negativity around the idea that a person might want to move forward from their past transgressions.

Going viral is a dangerous game. It can do wonders for publicity, especially when going viral with intent. Chuck Testa has become an extremely recognizable name, though he was just a local taxidermist before his viral video success. Unfortunately, running a Google search for U.S. Representative Hank Johnson shows references to his viral comment about Guam on the first page. Without proper online reputation consultation, Hank Johnson’s comments won’t be forgotten by the internet.

Though the web may seem to be too tricky of a place to make an impact on at first glance, a decent reputation management consultant makes a tremendous impact. Your name is your brand, and you have every right to protect that brand. These days, everyone is looking to go viral. The more help you get with guiding your brand’s online presence, the more likely you’ll go viral in a positive fashion, and the less likely your brand is the face of the next pepper spray incident.


The Midas Legacy: A Brief Overview and Their Purpose

The Midas Legacy is a success shortcuts advisory firm that is located in Winter Garden, Florida. Their main goal is to provide research services to individuals who want to become more successful in their individual lives.

Some of their focal points include helping individual investors who want to get more out of their money. Second, they help entrepreneurs want to improve their life situation. Thirdly, The Midas Legacy help people better themselves, find inner peace, and find more happiness in their individual lives. Fourthly, they help individuals get to retirement faster. All in all, their primary goal is to help individuals seek the type of life that they really desire.

After a person becomes a member, the individual is provided with different information in different disciplines. Some of these include self-help, financial resources, real estate, entrepreneurship resource, natural health, retirement, and a few others. Members are also given the Midas Code book as a free bonus.

This organization has several different experts working for them. Jim Samson is a publisher who has experience in trading, entrepreneurship and real estate. In each of these areas, he has at least 20 years of experience.

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The Midas Legacy Helps People Protect Their Retirement & Live Healthier

Sean Bauer, who is a journalist, is another expert who works for the firm. He has a lot of financial expertise and has been quoted in many different Publications pertaining to finance. A few of these publications can be found on Yahoo! Finance.

Mark Edwards is a health expert. He focuses on the nutritional aspect of improving people’s lives. He gives information about different types of foods that are commonly consumed. He will tell you things about these foods that the corporations will not.

In addition to helping individual people better themselves, they also donate to many different charities. Some of the Charities include the Florida Sheriff’s Association, the Give Hope Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Wounded Warrior Project, the Salvation Army, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Another thing that attracts potential clients is The Midas Legacy’ website. Not only does the website give an overview of the organization, but it also gives many visuals and lots of useful information about the people who are running the organization. They have a blog, a retirement calculator and other various pages aimed at educating potential clients.

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