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Magic Mike XXL and Crystal Hunt

Steven Soderbergh’s sequel to the 2012 movie Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL, is the girl’s-night-out dream, and it won’t disappoint. This box office hit was well worth the wait, ladies and gentlemen. In XXL, Mike Lane, played by the ever-so-talented and easy on the eyes Channing Tatum, comes out of his retirement from the stripping industry to experience one last stripping hurrah with his dance partners before giving up all of the lights, excitement, ladies, and dollar bills for good (or so Mike Lane claims).

The cast is full of familiar faces like Tatum, Kevin Nash, Gabriel Iglesias, Matt Bomer, and Joe Manganiello, to name a few. The cast also includes stunningly talented women like Elizabeth Banks in the role of Paris, Jada Pinkett Smith playing Rome, Kimberley Drummind as Caroline, Jane McNeill in the role of Mae, Rhoda Griffins as Julia, and Crystal Hunt as Lauren.

Crystal is a talented actress from Clearwater, Florida. While she started her acting career in commercials, she is better known for her television role on One Life to Live as Stacy Morasco and on Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding. She received a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress nomination in 2005 for the Guiding Light role. She not only appeared in television but, Hunt also had a role in the 2005 film, The Derby Stallion and in Sydney White in 2007. Her work is intricate as she also worked on a document-series, Queens of Drama, which will air in the near future.

When asked about her role as Lauren on Magic Mike XXL, Hunt defines it as “empowering”. She explains that being surrounded by such immense talent and female strength allowed her to feel empowered in her role as Lauren. She also credited her roles on daytime and prime time as enabling her to truly portray her character.

The cast of Magic Mike XXL is talented, experienced, and intent on providing their fans with an amazing movie. Every actor and actress on site enjoyed their work, and it shows in the movie. Enjoy!

Famed Star Trek Actress Nichelle Nichols Suffers Stroke

Nichelle Nichols, who is know for play Lt. Uhura on the globally watched television and movie show Star Trek, has suffered a mild stroke. Her publicist reported the stroke on Ms. Nichols Facebook page. Star Trek Actress Suffers Stroke

The world knows Ms. Nichols in her role as communications officer Lt. Nyota Uhura and she has always been one of the key cast members in the Star Trek franchise. er role was ground breaking as during the airing of the show, there were not many minority actresses on network television. She is also noted for engaging in the first inter-racial kiss on network television when she kissed series co-star William Shatner in a scene that shocked some but as very natrual for the script.

Ms. Michols condition is not deem to be critical but she is under observation. There is no estimate of her recovery time so far and she most likely will need therapy during the course of her recovery. Other remaining members of the Star Trek cast have reached out to Ms. Nichols and have lent their support. The Star Trek cast is still recovering from the loss of Leonard Nimoy who play Ms. Spock in the original series. Many of the cast members are in their late 70s and 80s. The actor who play the ship’s engineer, Scotty, passed away several years ago. All of the character’s roles have been reprised in the new Star Trek movie series. Zoe Salanda.