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The Commendable Milestones of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a leading company in the provision of quality and custom food solutions in the food industry. OSI Industries caters for any needs in the development of complex foods. Every OSI customer understands and recognizes their commitment to meeting their expectations and needs. The major services to expect from any branch of OSI Industries includes custom food solutions, efficient & honest supply chain, global culinary skills & knowledge, innovative research & facilities to better the services, food security, quality assurance approaches, and commitment to networking. Their core values in servicing customers and among the employees are teamwork, excellence, integrity, consistency, networking, and innovativeness. OSI Industries collaborates with food service and leading retails food industries to bring on the table the best solutions for food. It is because of their extensive availability of both infrastructure, financial, and human resource that they can pull together for the success of the company.

In the recent years, OSI Industries bought the former Tyson Food plant located in Chicago. It cost $7.4 million. The company, Tyson Foods, had been previously preparing meals through the hospitality industry before its decline in business. On the same notch, OSI Industries has gone ahead to acquire the Dutch company known as Baho Foods which was operating both in Netherlands and Germany. This is expected to give the OSI industries a greater and broader recognition in Europe as the president, David, revealed. Even after the merging, the Baho food staff will be retained in their positions and work with OSI leaders to birth anew plan for the new business. Balvers, the CEO of Baho Foods revealed his pleasure to be part of OSI and promises to offer combined strengths to support and give the community what they need through right strategies. It is viewed that the transaction between the two companies will bring in incredible results and growth in the industries.

Following the success story at OSI Industries, they still stood to win a prestigious award from British Safety Council for Globe of Honour Award 2016. They are a leading role model in quality environmental risks management. This award was announced and presented in London at the Draper’s Hall. They were among other 18 firms that showed strong environmental management strategies and excellence. OSI has won the same awards in the previous years which include 2013 and 2015. This shows that they keep advancing each time which has led to the recognition and appreciation of their products worldwide.

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How Desiree Perez Made Roc Nation What It Is

Roc Nation is one of the world’s most successful companies for a reason. It’s had the talent of Jay Z and his comrades behind every single move. One of the most notable additions to his team has been Desiree Perez. She has been with him since day one and played a key role in making sure just about everything goes the way it needs to. Her talent has helped bring this company into soaring heights and led to Jay Z’s status as a household name. Much of what has made her essential to his growth is the way that she took her natural talent for business and found ways to amplify it. There are so many people out there trying to do just this that her success is noteworthy.

One of the best examples of how she has helped Roc Nation grow is the recent endeavors into sports the company has seen. Perez was responsible for helping the company enter this territory and find the best way to keep everything running smoothly. Thanks to her insight Roc Nation has become more than a music company. It’s become a company with a tentacle in just about every single domain of entertainment. Nothing is too far or too difficult for Roc Nation at this moment. It’s a company with an eye towards billions and will do just about everything to make sure that happens.

The success of Roc Nation is something that people can generally look at this and decide that there is much to this company to understand. Desiree Perez is only the first person in a long line to do this. There are others who have the same ambition and want to copy her success. Given how far she’s gone over the decades that advice might prove to be useful.

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Plastic Surgery Is Growing Steadily Thanks To Surgeons Like Dr. Mark Mofid

There are always new things coming in the medical field, with advancements in practical medicine and cosmetic procedures all over the globe. One of the biggest growing facets of the medical field these days is plastic surgery. While it’s not growing as fast in the United States as in other parts of the world, the work of men like Mark Mofid has been steadily increasing the industries interest over the years. Mark Mofid is a board-certified plastic surgeon working in California, one of the current hotspots for plastic surgery in the country. Over the course of Mark’s career, he has developed various new methods for performing plastic surgery that has made procedures safer for patients.

Mark Mofid has his own practice in San Diego, where he and his talented staff of aesthetic experts provide their clients with practically all cosmetic procedures on the market. Mark’s personal area of expertise is the buttocks. This is because he has spent many years studying plastic surgery in Brazil, where plastic surgery is not only widely popular, but buttock augmentations are performed higher than any other throughout the year. This is obviously extremely popular among women, as no men typically have a desire for buttock implants or changes. Mark boats being able to create the perfect ratio for women after more than a decade of perfecting his procedures. Mark Has also developed his own buttock implants that have improved the general outcome of gluteal augmentations around the world.

Mark Mofid sets himself apart from much of the industry due to the standards he sets for himself and abides by at all times. He always aims to keep his patients safety a top priority, which is why he will not perform any over the top procedures, such as oversized breast implants. These kinds of procedures are ultimately too much for the body in most cases, and even if the procedures come out successful, they usually need reconstructive work after a short period of time. Mark ensures every one of his patients is completely aware of the process they are about to undertake and what he can do for them to help them achieve their goals.

3 Facts About The Fortress Investment Group That New Investors Should Know

When people want to make sure that their families are financially stable for the future, there are some things that they can do to make this happen. Aside from putting money in their savings accounts, there are a host of other things that they can do to help build up and preserve family’s wealth. One of the most notable and beneficial is obtaining the resources needed to make smart investments. Because some people do not have any type of formal training in this field, they may need assistance from someone who has acquired this knowledge. This is one of the primary reasons why financial organizations like the Fortress Investment Group exist today. With this in mind, here are 3 facts about the Fortress group that you should know, and it can be found online for those who may be thinking about signing up.

1.Fortress Investment Group Start-up and History

According to the Fortress Group’s official site for this financial group, this investment organization was founded in the year 1998 by Randy Nardone and Wes Edens. Both of which were focused on supplying investment services to those who were within Western Europe, the Caribbean, and North America. The principles in which this financial firm is currently based upon is providing investors an opportunistic investment approach with a valued oriented approach that concentrates on including hands on management for the services provided. Also, since this financial organization’s inception, there has been a wide range of sectors that this umbrella is covering today. From offering superior investment strategies and opportunities to providing a wide range of essential financial services, this is a one-stop financial shop for many.

Fact #2 – Fortress Investment Group Investing for Growth — One of Five Primary Investment Approaches

It is also important to note that this financial has 5 official investment approaches that they are offering to their members. One of which involves investing for growth. Investing for growth has several components in it that they provide to companies who want to take advantage of this offer. For instance, whenever a company is looking to grow their portfolios, they may want to start by using the following:

– Executing follow on investments
– Sourcing

With the expertise that the financial group has available, they can provide services that concentrate on raising growth capital. This part of the growth can be accomplished by taking advantage of investment opportunities on the behalf of the company’s management team.

Fact #3 – Fortress Investment Group Make-up of Investors

To make sure this group can follow up on its principles of superior returns, the group is made up of the best in this industry. With a business model that if focused on aligning this financial groups with its members, it is made up of a wide variety of critical professional roles including the following:

• Risk Management
• Information technology
• Procurement services
• Internal and external financial reporting
• Accounting
• Control and compliance support
• financial planning and analysis

All of which makes up an end to end financial investment system that supports the organization’s mission.

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O2Pur: The New Fast, Smooth, and Tasty E-Cigarette

Due to the growing concerns with cancer caused by smoking; the E-cigarette industry has been growing increasingly popular in many different cultures across the globe. Now with the e-cigs on the rise there are many more products that are easily accessible to any individual. The newer smoking alternative; E-cigarettes, are an alternative to the traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes work by heating a nicotine-infused liquid to the point where it turns into a vapor that then passes to the user. This vapor resembles a taste of nicotine to the O2Pur user. A huge benefit to the O2Pur is that it does not release the extremely toxic chemicals that cigarettes do when they are burned, therefore making them a much more appealing option.

“Vaping” Is The New Way

Because the E-cigarettes have erupted in popularity; there are many new products available. One of the newest and hottest products for E-cigarettes is the O2PUR.

There are bottles e-liquid, of smooth nicotine salts E-Liquid, premium e-liquids, mox mods, accessories, vape pens and bottles of O2pur e-liquid. There offer the e-liquid in a grape flavor. There are also product selections available to consumers that range anywhere from $4 to $109. This really allows the product to be purchased by a diverse group of people- no matter their social class. The company also offers great Buy one get one offers.

What Is All The Fuss About?

Along with all of the cost benefits, the new alternative to smoking the conventional cigarettes, there are endless other advantages. The largest benefit to using this newer product is that they offer it in the liquid form in order to utilize vapor pens. This can help users have to ability to enjoy the product no matter their location. It really is accessible anywhere-anytime.

Nick Vertucci: From Low to High

Nick Vertucci is a man who knows what it is like to go from a low point in life to a high point. He was a man who had a difficult childhood and thought things couldn’t be much worse. His father had died and his mother worked very long days in order for them to survive. When Nick turned eighteen he was living by himself in his van. Luck was about to intervene for Nick Vertucci.

He had begun to works as his own boss for a computer company. He didn’t make much money at it and kept going deeper into debt. This is when the pivotal moment in Nick’s life occurred. He went to a weekend workshop and listened to a speaker. He didn’t understand all of what was said but knew how to get out of the mess he created. This was the beginning of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

Now he is busy living the dream. He teaches people the three key steps when it comes to real estate. The first thing that he teaches people is to look for properties and buy it at a low price. The second step is that once the person had the property he or she can fix it up in the most simple way possible. The third and final step is to sell the property at a high price and watch the money roll in.

He is a man who loves telling people his story of how success changed his life and he has workshops coming up across the United States in order to spread the word. He has stops in Raleigh, North Carolina and Indianapolis, Indiana. He has had workshops in Houston, Texas and Denver, Colorado. People are the backbone of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy and that is why it has become a success.

Nick Vertucci is a man who knows how sweet the smell of success is. It may not have been the easiest of roads to travel but it has paid off enormously. Patience and perseverance are at the heart of his simple message

PSI Pay — Make the Best Financial Decision

The rings created by PSI Pay are the new accessory for the financially savvy. The rings are created by Kerv Wearables and they are the most effective material possible. They come available in 2 colors, and they are really strong! The rings are made up of a ceramic that has been proven to be stronger than steel. The rings are ready to survive harsh weather and nerve-wracking wear and tear. They’ll be fine with the daily abuse that hand jewelery receives. The rings don’t need batteries. Thus, they never need to be charged. They operate from an internal power supply, and they get their power from the electricity that flows within the air. Magnetic waves are emitted from the point of sale stations at the place you choose to do your shopping. The ring detects those waves and uses them for power.

PSI Pay has always supplied contactless payment systems. They have been recognized for their simple use. The contactless systems they provide have created several easy lives. They’re particularly simple for purchasers that travel. For anyone worrying whether or not they are in danger by using the rings, the rings are certified to be safe from MasterCard. There’s a strict set of protocols that money suppliers should adhere to if they are giving services for cash handling and payment. PSI Pay has passed all of the mandatory protocols. The rings are encrypted, therefore nobody will steal the information. PSI Pay conjointly permits customers to cancel or suspend their accounts at any time for safety. The transactions are logged and viewed at any time for the customer’s protection. British government has given PSI Pay the authorization to supply their services to customers across Europe. Customers will be able to fill up their accounts simply in many ways. They’ll be able to use PayPal, their checking account, a credit card, or a checking account.

The technique utilized by PSI Pay is the European wallet technique. The European wallet is the technique that a client uses as a store of value for their funds. The funds are transferred into the native currency of forty four countries around the world. This lets customers have the liberty to maneuver while they travel. Once a client makes a deal with the PSI Pay rings, they’re transferring the value to the merchant’s financial organization. The dealing happens instantly, and it makes the shopping simple and safe.

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Famous Actor-Turned-Author Sean Penn Releases Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Few are the number of people who have never heard the name, Sean Penn. It was in an episode of “Little House on the Prairie in 1974 that Sean Penn made his acting debut, and from that time leading up until recent years, film critics have seen him in numerous movie, garnering many different awards, including two best actor awards and various other Academy Awards nominations. Though best known for his many roles in movies, Sean Penn is also a celebrated director of both movies and music videos. Penn is also considered to be an influential political activist and war correspondent. Bob Honey who Just do stuff is an interesting story about an average man with an unusual job to kill off old people to help the environment- a very controversial plot.

The list of projects Penn is and has been involved in is extremely extensive, and recently he has added yet another title to that already long list: author. Although Sean Penn has already released many news pieces, opinion articles and interviews, the book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is his first release as a published book author.

Having been questioned about the drastic change in his line of work, Penn claims it is nice to have something that is all his, something that he alone made and be beholden to no one else. In an interview with Vogue magazine, Penn states that for his foreseeable future, aside from the possibility of directing one particular film, he see’s writing as what will take the forefront as matters of importance go for him, and he does already have plans for his next book. He states that acting is not part of that vision, for the time being.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do stuff” has received its own acclaim and criticism, but is being compared to the likes of Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Bukowski’s writing styles. Coming from someone whose niche appeared to be in first the acting, then directing fields it begs the question “is there anything this man can’t do?”



For a gifted doctor and accomplished pediatric surgeon like Dr. Saad Saad, dedication, improvement, and invention is part of his story of success.

As a pediatric and general surgeon, who has done a lot of his medical work in New Jersey, Dr. Saad Saad understands that dedication, improvement, and invention can be part of people’s success stories, especially in his case.


Dr. Saad Saad has performed thousands of pediatric surgical operations over his impressive medical career and concentrated on making improvements along the way. In addition to his illustrious career as a surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad is also an innovator.


Part of Dr. Saad Saad’s philosophy is to work on improving existing operations and taking new courses of action. Dr. Saad Saad has been responsible for two patents and improving on many of the current surgical methods. Here are Dr. Saad’s two patents: The Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Devices (Patent Number 5,727,553), and the Methods and Apparatus for Providing Suction And/or Irrigation in a Rigid Endoscope While Maintaining Visual Contact with a Target Area Through the Endoscope (Patent Number 5, 725, 478). Both of these patents were brought forth by Dr. Saad Saad to improve certain areas of medicine involving the use of catheters and endoscopes. However, In the world of medicine, things are always changing from a technological milieu.


When asked why Dr. Saad Saad decided to design and develop both of his inventions, he noticed that both of these devices help doctors perform their medical tasks in a safer and a more feasible manner. These inventions help to avoid the usage of body scans and having to take the scope out during an endoscopy. Saad also noted that his inventions permit doctors to cut out all the complications that come with performing their tasks and allow them to work in a safer and efficient manner.


In regards to Saad’s educational background, Dr. Saad Saad earned his medical degree from Cairo University’s School of Medicine in Egypt. Dr. Saad has been in the medical practice for 21 years. Dr. Saad is also associated with many hospitals in New Jersey like Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus, and University Medical Center.


When asked why he chose to be a surgeon as a career choice, Dr. Saad Saad quipped that he had originally thought about being an engineer like his brother. However, he chose to work in an air-conditioned environment instead of dealing with summers in Kuwait.


In terms of how Dr. Saad Saad stays productive and turns his ideas into reality, he notes that organization is the key to productivity and that productivity keeps him from procrastinating on his assignments.


After being asked what emerging trends he is excited about, Dr. Saad Saad stated that the utilization of genetics to treat and prevent chronic illness is a big one. Learn more:


Vijay Eswaran On Effective Leadership

When thinking about leadership, one thing that Vijay Eswaran would say is that the effective traits of leaders are not what one would expect. One thing that people would expect out of a leader is power and some kind of huge ego. The truth can be a lot further from this expectation. However, this is the common image of a leader. Fortunately, Vijay has written about some of the traits of an effective leader. This is one thing that can get people on board with what to do in order to move forward as a leader in business and other aspects of life.

Among the traits of an effective leader are care, commitment to growth, clarity of vision, core values and creating a will to sacrifice. These 5 are among the most important aspects of leadership. As a matter of fact, the leader who is one of the more powerful and domineering fear-mongers is going to eventually cause people to fight for his position. This is one of the most ironic things about people who try to use their power and keep it from others. Fortunately, Vijay Eswaran has ways that people can gain respect as a leader.

One of the interesting things about leadership when people follow the more enlightened traits of leaders is that they are going to attract tons of people who respect them. They are also going to want to make sure that the leader keeps his power. For one thing, some of the best leaders see it more as a responsibility than a privilege. Therefore, they treat it with the respect that it deserves and make sure that they provide their workers with the comfort that they need in order to move forward. This can make things go a little more smoothly in the workplace.