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Honey Birdette Set For Expansion In The UK And USA

Honey Birdette is an Australian lingerie brand that has been taking the market by storm. The brand initially started out as just one store and today sells to not just people coming from within the country of Australia, but from around the world. The company has a growing audience in most major online marketplaces and has their products traveling to different parts of the globe. A good quantity of the audiences that come to the site to purchase their products come from parts of America and the United Kingdom, which is why when the company decided to embark on a mission for international expansion, these were the two locations that they focused on.

By analyzing the trends that their customers seem to exhibit, Honey Birdette saw it fit to release a website solely for their American audiences. By shifting their inventories to bases in the United States, they are now providing these customers with the lingerie that they want, without having to wait weeks for it to reach them from Australia. This is naturally a lot faster, thus giving their customers an incentive to buy their products more. Since the launch of their United States site, the brand has seen a lot of success, with their clients from the United States increasing immensely.

When it comes to the UK, the brand had a different idea in mind. Since their clients in the UK prefer a more personalized shopping experience, they saw it fit to open up stores in prime locations in the UK. Last year, the brand opened up their first store in Covent Garden, and two more stores within two months. The stores were a huge success since the locations of the stores were in the midst of prime shopping destinations in the country. Honey Birdette aims to open up at least forty more stores by the end of 2018 in different parts of the UK.

The Osteo Relief Institute Strongly Recommend Preventative Arthritis Treatment

Nearly 50 million adults are diagnosed with osteoarthritis, according to an article published on the Mooresvilletribune website. Experts at the Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey say that the risk of developing osteoarthritis increases with age, and about two thirds of seniors, over the age of 65 are already affected by the degenerative disease.


Osteoarthritis denotes both a degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) and inflammatory processes (arthritis) in the joints. And one hundred different types have been noted. Osteoarthritis leads to pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints . The disease can only be treated symptomatically or preventively.


The Causes of Osteoarthritis


Doctors at Osteo Relief Institute say that while the exact cause of arthritis is still unclear, the classic cause of osteoarthritis is the dysplasia of joints (Manta). Over time, there is a destruction of cartilage in the joints, due to wear and tear beyond the normal level, and this is followed by a chronic inflammation.


Cartilage covers the connection between the bones, to prevent them from friction. Osteoarthritis usually affects the hands, legs, back, hips and knees. People with osteoarthritis experience pain and loss of motion in the affected joints.


Factors that Increase Risk




Genetic factors;

Damage to the joint surface;

Sports which can cause pressure on the joints;

Neuromuscular diseases;


The Osteo Relief Institute diagnoses arthritis by imaging methods, and with the help of magnetic resonance, imaging osteoarthritis can be diagnosed at an early stage. The causes of osteoarthritis or arthritis itself generally cannot be treated. Therefore, experts say the focus is really on minimizing pain and preserving joint function.


Founded in 2012, The Osteo Relief Institute has since been at the forefront of Osteoarthritis care. The doctors and staff work to provide outstanding treatment and is committed to the highest quality for each patient. With over 30 locations, nationwide, the institute offers medical expertise, using state-of-the art modalities.


The Osteo Relief Institute strives to provide cutting edge therapies to their patients. Osteo Relief Institute diagnoses and treats arthritis, and a number of musculoskeletal conditions to help maintain mobility and diminish pain. All the doctors and staff remain committed to the research of the most recent treatments for arthritis.

Eli Gershkovitch Success Story in Craft Beer Production

In Canada, while the regular beers have recorded a drop in their consumption rate, craft beer has not been affected. As a matter of fact, the overall sale and consumption of beer across Canada have been flat since the year 1995. On the contrary, craft beer sales have skyrocketed to double digits since 2012; and this is according to a report released by the BMO Nesbitt Burns.

A high number of craft breweries have sprouted up in the country, and the demand for craft beer has been at an all-time high situation. The following is a list of some of the most successful craft breweries in Canada as well as the craft beers that they produce.

Eli Gershkovitch pic

Ontario Craft Brewers

Ontario Craft Brewers produces more than 60 types of craft beers and brags as being one of the largest craft beers producers in the province (Manta). Its wide range of craft beers can be found in grocery stores, The Beer Store, and the LCBO.

Central City Brewing

This craft brewery is located in Surrey British Columbia. The brewery is known to produce the Red Racer Pale Ale beer. The quality of craft beer produced by this brewery has earned it the 2012 Canadian Brewing Awards.

Brasseurs Sans Gluten

Located in Montreal, Quebec, Brasseurs Sans Gluten is known to produce the wheat Weissbier craft beer. All of the craft beers produced by the company are gluten-free and purely made of grains such as millet.

Brasserie McAuslan Brewery

This brewery located in Quebec is known for producing its craft beer from roasted barley, oatmeal, and dark malts. The roasted barley is left in an unmalted state to give the beer a coffee-like taste and smell.

Eli Gershkovitch

Eli Gershkovitch is the current CEO of Steamworks Group of Companies. Eli started the Steamworks Brewery in 1995 as a simple pub located in Gastown. For more than 20 years, beer lovers have depended on Steamworks for the best unconventional beers in Canada.

Eli Gershkovitch expanded the pub into a more complex and diverse brewery in the year 2013. With the new opening, the brewery had a capacity of holding more than 40,000 hectolitres of craft beer. Under the leadership of Eli Gershkovitch, Steamworks now sells craft beer to more than 14 states in the US, several provinces in Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong and Italy.

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Glen Wakeman: An Entrepreneur, Professional Coach, and Business Growth Expert

Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur that has discovered success within the financial industry. He’s a professional Advisor, Private Business Owner, Investor, and Chief executive officer. He’s did wonders at GE operating a business in their advancement for 21 years. and His interest is due to creating organizations by enhancing them by working with the employees and the companies.


Glen Wakeman a business owner, entrepreneur, and professional coach with the comprehensive administration track record in business growth and P&L functions. He’s enthusiastic about creating companies by enhancing company and individual functionality, and also by using an established strategy that analyzes and boosts the business with a 5 key performance strategy that works: Management, Individual Capital, Delivery, Governance and Risk Management


Glen Wakeman presently functions as the Chief executive officer of Launchpad and He’s a productive small business professional throughout the world, a proficient author, investor and lastly an advisor to a lot of individuals around the world. Possessing a BS from the University of Scranton in the year of 1981 with an economics and finance degree is only a glimpse of how talented he really is ( Glen Wakeman also has a Master of business administration in Finance with the College of Chicago in 1993 and steadily began his profession operating at GE investment capital prior to continuing to Dora Financial Corporation, which is the company in which he grew to become the Chief executive officer later and also the board chairman ( Glen Wakeman skills and experience has totally changed the company with 17,000 employees and resources worth $15 billion dollars rising to important company achievement and advancements.


Glen Wakeman is a guy that has witnessed numerous seasons. He’s seen the pros and cons of many businesses and what people have to go through to succeed. The financial sector and the small business world, generally speaking, has had him working in six different countries. This has pointed him in the direction of becoming a writer in which he focuses on problems around his range. A few of the problems that he is enthusiastic to blog about consist of management, rising marketplaces, and international matters.


Talos Energy – Leading Crude Oil Company

Talos Energy LLC and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas companies began drilling on an oil well in the Mexican waters on May 21st. For the first time in almost 80 years, the private company sunk a new offshore oil well, which is the first offshore exploration well that has launched by anyone other than Mexico’s natives since the country’s oil industry in 1938. One of the wells that they’ve been drilling is called the Zama-1 well. It’s located in the Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco. It is estimated to hold around 100 million to 500 million barrels of oil. The drilling process is expected to take around 90 days to complete and will cost approximately $16 million.

Talos Energy is an independent oil and gas company that was founded in 2012. The company is led by a talented management team that exhibits many years of experience in offshore drilling and production. Talos Energy and its executives are experts at obtaining operated shelf and deepwater production in the Gulf of Mexico. They are responsible for exploring, exploiting and fulfilling assets using their innovative techniques. They use the most advanced cutting-edge technology to obtain specific and accurate results.

Talos Energy and their group of engineers have worked together for over a decade. They are well-known as having a positive record of results with their line of work. Before Talos Energy was formed, they successfully constructed and sold two of their Gulf of Mexico oil and gas companies. The two companies they sold were Phoenix Exploration Company and Gryphon Exploration Company which has delivered excellent returns for the companies that have invested in them. The company has been outperforming for years and will continue to provide excellent crude oil jobs in the future. They have a solid foundation for rapidly growing and have continued to build a strong company with a commitment to safety. They focus much of their efforts to ensure that each procedure is environmentally compliant with all operations. Their competitive edge and nature to constantly strive enables their work efforts to solidify and investigate better ways to operate.

How to Light the Bedroom Flame Using Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is an Australian brand of lingerie. The brand has a representation in getting the sexiest bras, hot panties, panties as well as sex toys. The brand has over 50 retail stores in its original country of Australia. The management prefers to penetrate other markets in the world through e-commerce stores.


Eloise Monaghan is the founder of the company. Eloise was having a drink  with one of her friends in 2006. As they were talking, they realized that they did not have much to talk about on their bedroom affairs; that is how the idea to make lingerie came to their mind. They had high hopes that the product would help transform the bed life, and it did.


The primary mode of marketing is through the product’s website and the online stores. With the use of online stores, the sales have gone up by 374 percent in the last one year. With this, the firm has decided to increase the range of products it offers. The increased variety of products will give the clients options to choose. The online stores have also invested so much in getting the products delivered as fast as possible.


The online stores have the advantage of reaching a wider range of clients as compared to regular retail stores. To reduce the delivery time, the firm plans to increase the number of stores in both United States and the United Kingdom. It hopes to add ten more units in the UK.


Honey Birdette offers you a wide range of products that you can only fantasize. All these products are designed with only one sole purpose, to rekindle your bedroom flame. Ensure that the product that you take takes you close your pleasure parlor. The type of fun that you think happens on movies.

Learn About Crown Moulding & Contemporary Design Ideas

IMG 6 - Featured Image

Riding on the notes of simplicity and less is more, this winning concept is suitable for any kind of home in any part of the world. Through a careful choice of furnishings and accurate use of light and space, you can instantly see and feel the appeal of this modern design. To achieve this minimalistic look in your own home, there are a few basic ideas you should keep in mind.


Less Doesn’t Mean Bare

 IMG 1


The use of crown molding styles on your walls will always provides an added depth. Since there should only be one to two items in a certain amount of space, your room can end up feeling empty. To avoid this scenario, the addition of a crown moulding on the upper section of a room creates a 3D geometric effect that provides a subtle finish.


More Space, Less Clutter


There’s really no excuse for not having enough square feet to play around with. Since the concept revolves around “less is more”, logic follows that the amount of furnishings and decorations should decrease accordingly. It’s time to prioritize what you need and what you probably won’t miss.


Sticking to the Basics

 IMG 2


The idea of a contemporary room usually revolves around the bare minimum of colours (especially bright ones). Neutral palettes and black and white are obvious favourites for highlighting and brightening a space. With careful manipulation of textures and patterns, you’ll never end up with a boring room.


If you want to add some colour to your home, just remember to dial back the patterns and prints. A little really goes a long, long way.


Highlighting Clean Lines and Shapes

 IMG 3


Clunky furniture should be avoided at all costs. For seating pieces, legs are usually exposed in a slim profile. Any other furniture in your home should also satisfy a practical use with minimal to absolutely no additional decorative elements whatsoever. The highlight of any piece is its natural geometric shape and clear cut appeal. Just remember that clean lines are good, but multiple criss-crossing lines will give a messy impression and should be limited to a key decoration in a space of its own.


Use As Much Natural Light as Possible


Have the advantage of a double-volume space? Before you start to despair of your high ceilings, you can always switch things up a notch with large bare windows that let in the maximum amount of light. The more natural light your home has, the more airy and spacious it will feel. There’s really nothing better than the warm tones of sunlight highlighting your space.


Focusing on Materials

 IMG 4


In case you’re wondering if your space might look a bit dull with less colour, you’ll be wrong. The trick is to use different kinds of material to bring about a texture adventure. Even if a room is made out of only two colours, the various materials and subtle patterns lend a distinct difference to the entire design. When you mix reflective surfaces with matte or soft materials, you’ll be surprised how comfortable and elegant your home will become.


Use More Natural Elements

 IMG 5


Although the emphasis of contemporary design is minimal colour and patterns, you can absolutely go ahead when it comes to the patterns and colours of natural elements. The many shades of wood brings about a warmth into your home whereas stone and metal elements provide a cooler retreat. If you’re not a fan of using real wood in your home, there’s also the option of using tiles which mimic the grain of wood instead. It won’t feel the same, but you’ll achieve your desired look.


If you’re dreaming of a modern and elegant home design, you really can’t go wrong with a contemporary feel. It’s current and up-to-date, ensuring that years down the road, your home will still be in style. Just follow these simple guidelines to achieve your goal.




Views Of Jim Tananbaum On Healthcare

Jim Tananbaum is the founder of Foresite Capital. He is constantly looking at latest innovations in this segment. He likes to get the maximum productivity from any given day.

He spends his work day is spent with his team. He either meets them or calls them. Here he is discussing the updates on the existing portfolio companies besides looking at presentations of new companies. He also likes to network with various healthcare thought leaders in order to understand what is happening in this segment and what is required. Visit Medium for more details.

Jim Tananbaum gives the highest priority to family. He has dinner with them on a daily basis. Or else he would be having it with friends or will be networking.

He is well aware of the importance of remaining fit. Hence he spends an hour for doing a workout each day. This may be in between meetings too.

Jim Tananbaum wants to bring ideas to life. This requires much more than just capital. It would require thought leaders who are involved in healthcare. They have to be smart and persistent. Jim Tananbaum wants to provide all means to these individuals that would allow them to make critical scientific discoveries which can have an impact on healthcare.

Jim Tananbaum is excited about the way in which healthcare innovation is being used by entrepreneurs. They are using it for solving the unmet needs of healthcare.

He further talks about body tissue, or blood or saliva being sequenced in order to aid in disease prevention as well as treatment. He is talking about the role being played by data science along with deep learning over here. Earlier these concepts were being used in the technology sector. Today they have led to endless applications in terms of genomic sequencing along with drug development. It is going to lead to great biological insights now. Jim Tananbaum is expecting several new developments evolving over the next few years.

As an entrepreneur, Jim Tananbaum is focused on the business side of healthcare. But he still likes to learn. He has a passion for finding the best academic solutions. He has unwavering persistence along with commitment towards his firm.

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The Reward of Resilience from the life of George Soros

George is a Hungarian American born in August 1930 in Budapest. He is a survivor of the Nazi Germany after which he left for England in 1947. His family was used to conflict and controversy during Nazi, and it was imperative to get means of survival otherwise death would be imminent.

Soros learned his business and financial skills from his Russian mother who was from a family that was business oriented owning a silk shop. Soros was also a witness of social injustices given that his father was imprisoned before and after the World War 1. George’s desire and support for democracy emanates from the experiences he would have had and seen throughout his life.

George pursued his undergraduate degree from London School of Economics and later on attained a master’s degree in Philosophy. George is a successful businessman and is among the thirty richest people in the world having a net worth of 25.4 billion as of May 2017. He is an investor, philanthropist, and author. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

George Soros Career Journey

Following his graduation in business and economics, it became challenging for him to secure employment since racism was still rampant then. He sent many application letters with no positive response. However, the game changer for him was when he received positive feedback from Singer and Friedlander Company. The primary reason for getting a position was because the managing director was a Hungarian. He started working at the entry level as a clerk. Nonetheless, he did not remain at the basic but grew to work in the arbitrage department before moving to the New York when his fortunes would unfold, and in time Soros would realize a total transformation of his life.

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Soros Fund Management

On moving to New York, Soros started by working in Wall Street before the establishment of his own hedge fund with $12 in 1969. The primary reason that he managed to make such progress was his resilience, focus, hard work, and determination.

Later, he re-branded it to Quantum fund. Notably, it was in 1992 that he was able to make another great milestone with combined efforts with Stan Druckenmiller that they shorted the British pound making abnormal profits. It was after that George started being referred to as the man who broke the bank of England because of the financial breakthrough he realized.

Soros Fund management is his family office which has $30 billion value of assets. This year, George hired Dawn Fitzpatrick, a prominent woman from Wall Street so that she can run the investment portfolio of the Soros Fund management. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros, the philanthropist

In 2009, he gave $35 million to parents in New York possessing benefit cards and needy children as well. The lives of these beneficiaries were transformed significantly. George Soros constantly gives money to humanitarian activities and needy people in New York.


Narrowing Down to An EOS Lip Balm Flavor

There are so many different types of lip balms for sale today that it is hard to settle on one and many buyers will often regret their purchase. I find that it is best to start by choosing a manufacturer and then to worry about choosing a flavor. For me, choosing a brand of lip balm is easy- I just look for the product offerings of EOS. Head over this helpful site,

EOS is a relative newcomer to the lip balm industry, having only been established several years ago with a life significantly shorter in duration than that of Chapstick and Carmax, two of the largest lip balm makers out there. EOS was developed to capture a growing segment of the market that paid close attention to the ingredients in the products that they use and were willing to pay a premium for a better quality product. In the lip balm world, EOS equated this to using organic and all-natural oils that worked better than the industry standard petroleum jelly. EOS built out a superior product and used unique flavors and applicators as a way of enticing customers, click here.

Which brings us to the hard part of choosing a lip balm. I wouldn’t deviate from EOS, but even within the brand it is a real challenge to find the right flavor due to the sheer volume of their flavors. EOS has a flavor for everyone and some that are truly different from the others in the market. Check more flavors here on

For me the flavor I settled on was vanilla mint. I enjoy mint flavored products and their sweet mint is also a great choice, but the inventiveness of EOS really shines through with vanilla mint. It is refreshing, complex, and interesting as a flavor, and is all the better for not having artificial ingredients or additives included in it.

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