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White Shark Media, a Leader in Digital Marketing

With advancement in technology, companies are now forced to come with ideas that are good for their development. One of the most important things a group should consider is working with digital marketing. It is essential because digital marketing is needed in the business environment of today. There is a company that has specialized in offering digital marketing services to small organizations. It is known as White Shark Media which has in the recent past helped many companies.

The Chief Executive officer is Gary Garth who is a professional and is also experienced in the field of digital marketing. He had worked in the field before and knew what companies require. The founders of the company had a goal of ensuring that small businesses can establish an online presence. It is essential for them because they will be able to market their product and people can visit their stores. Companies which offer online services can also increase their sales if they take advantage of working with White Shark Media.

The company has mainly been targeting small businesses because they want to revolutionize their market. Many of small companies in North America have already benefited, and they are now happy that White Shark Media has helped them to increase their sales. Since the establishment of the company, it has been able to expand and improve their customer base. Most of their clients are return clients because they know how they have benefitted from working with White Shark Media.

White Shark Media also managed to partner with Google and came up with strategic solutions regarding advertisement. White Shark Media has achieved a lot of success through collaborations with Google, and many customers are now enjoying the excellent services. White Shark Media is a reputable company that continues to help many small organizations to realize their dream. Contact White Shark Media today for a beautiful job!

Envoy`s SCIM Integration with OneLogin

Envoy Integration

Envoy is a software development company, that is based in San Francisco. The organization has created a program that enables iPad sign-in options, by visitors. This has eliminated outdated, uninspiring and insecure logbooks. Envoy has been successful in automating numerous visitor`s registration processes. Such include digital NDA, visitor sign-in, visitor badges, visitor photos and host notifications.

The company adopts technological developments that promote security and productivity. Envoy IT administrators are highly qualified and dedicated to a constant update of individual user accounts. The login-details are used to access numerous applications to ensure a secure system and a smooth end-user experience.

OneLogin recently collaborated with Envoy to develop and apply the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) protocol. The system was used for user provisioning, which is also known as offboarding or automated user-on. The feature can be accessed by Envoy Premium and Enterprise customers. It can also be set-up using a provisioning connector, that is present in OneLogin`s application.

Maximizing Envoy Customer Experience

By using SCIM, Envoy customers can accelerate the adoption and rollout of application through synchronization. SCIM enables clients to automatically set particular fields, that include employee`s emails, office location, first names and last names, from OneLogin`s access into Envoy.

Envoy ensures that employee records are easy to manage, current and accurate. Each staff can create customer invites, and receive notifications that describe the clients` time of arrival. Visitors save time by searching for available employees. OneLogin`s integration facilitates an instant sync of Envoy`s employees, to customers directory.

How OneLogin Facilitates the Process

OneLogin supports open identity access by implementing standards that provide guidance and free developer toolkits. Application vendors do not require to create secure IAM functionalities. These organizations prefer to use SCIM for their software. OneLogin provides straightforward partner support and API documentation.

About OneLogin

OneLogin, a San Francisco-based organization, was started in 2009. It is an firm that offers identity and access management (IAM). Christian and Thomas Pedersen were the founders of the company. Previously, the brothers run Zendesk, an on-demand help desk, before they launched OneLogin. Christian and Thomas decided to solve security and productivity problems, that companies faced as they moved into the cloud.

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TalkSpace; A New Approach To Mental Health Therapies

Erin Bodwin, a writer with renowned news website Business Insider, narrates how she spent a week with a therapist who she only got to know through New York’s favorite app, Talkspace. She explains how she was paired up with a therapist called Holli Fiscus-Connon.

With TalkSpace, individuals get an opportunity of being paired up with a primary therapist who understands their specific needs. Sometimes people are afraid of facing counselors and therapist to explain their problems that the TalkSpace app provides a strategic platform through which individuals can disclose their issues without feeling embarrassed.

Once someone logs into the application, they are taken through a series of questions like one would whenever they visit a traditional therapist’s clinic. The biggest difference between TalkSpace app and conventional ways of getting a therapist is that with TalkSpace, you get to speak to a professional who helps match your needs with a particular therapist.

One of the leading therapists at TalkSpace is Alicia Winkle. For a long time, Alicia has harbored the fascination of helping others overcome mental health challenges. Alicia Winkles enrolled into nursing school so that she could be a caregiver in the medical field. After having severe anxiety issues, she resorted to change her major to psychology so that she could help others overcome similar or bigger challenges concerning mental health. Alicia enjoys working at TalkSpace and helping individuals regain their mental health.

Alicia Winkles among others at TalkSpace are always happy to help create awareness on matters mental health. For her, she draws a lot of satisfaction from the excitement of clients who have recovered thanks to her efforts.

TalkSpace boasts of a large community of professionals in the fields of psychology, counseling and mental health who are always available to help individuals with various mental challenges. So far, the application has over 500,000 users and has helped many regain their health.

Drew Madden Gives All He Is To His Work

Drew Madden is an individual with job experience that helps him to be successful in all that he takes on and seeks to accomplish. He is someone who has been through a lot, and all that he has done in the working world has helped him to get better at what he does. Drew Madden is a healthcare IT entrepreneur, someone who is focused on creating unique companies and client partnerships where everyone trusts one another. This man is someone who knows what he is doing as he completes work as a healthcare IT entrepreneur, and he does well in all that he seeks to do.

In 2010, Drew Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners. This job was a one that he wanted to have, and he did well at it. He served as president of Nordic Consulting Partners from 2011 through 2016. The company that he was working for is one that is prestigious, one that is known for its consulting excellence, and he fit well with that company. Working for a company that was well known was good for him, and it helped him to better himself. The work that he did for the company was good for both it and for him.

Drew Madden has a degree from the University of Iowa College of Engineering. He worked hard to obtain the degree, and he did well with all of the schooling that he completed. He is someone who has always worked hard at whatever task was in front of him. When he had schooling that he needed to finish, he focused on that and worked hard at it. On the job, Drew Madden is someone who will put all that he has to give into the work that he is doing. He is someone who can be admired for his persistence and determination.

David Giertz Gives Insights on the Importance of Saving for Retirement

Planning for retirement is one the most important decisions in a person’s life. According to professional David Giertz, planning is necessary if you want to achieve financial freedom by the time you choose to retire.Tips on how to save for retirement.

Planning for retirement is not dependent on how big a person’s salary is. Given that when you retire, you’ll end up spending more than you earn, it is paramount to save more while you’re still working.

Investing for retirement is a good idea. Having an extra source of income saves one a lot of money. David Giertz encourages individuals planning for retirement to study the market trends to know when to invest.

Before deciding to save for retirement, it is necessary to evaluate whether one has enough money to set aside funds for future use. Additionally, it is important to understand one retirement needs to estimate how much money needs to be saved. The rules that govern saving for retirement dictate that by the time one is 50 years, they need to have saved about six times of their annual income. By the time one is 60 years, they should have saved about ten times of their earnings.

David Giertz emphasizes that people should identify what retirement plan works for them. Consulting a financial expert at this stage is important. Understanding the needs of one’s program can motivate a person to save more.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is an experienced financial expert and the senior vice president of Nationwide Financial Distribution. He also works as the sales executive for the Nationwide Life Insurance Company. David Giertz joined this group company in 2013, and he has since risen above ranks to the top management. This professional’s expertise speaks for itself. He has received recognition from Nationwide Financial Distributors for his contribution and knowledge in finance.

David Giertz also serves as a consultant who works to provide advice to people on how to plan for retirement. His three decades of professional experience is what makes him the top rated executive in the financial industry. David Giertz is a broker, and he has served as the vice president of Bank Channel.

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Powerhouse CEO and Dad with a Cause: Get to Know Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello has led a fascinating life characterized by einvention. In “Mathematics, Law, Business, and Charity: The Unique American Dream of Tony Petrello,” we learn a bit about the history of a man who wears many hats, bearing all responsibility with efficient adaptability. Posted on the law blog, the article introduces us to a public school kid from New Jersey whose academic success and intelligence lifted him out of the suburbs and into Yale on a scholarship.

Petrello earned a BA and MA in Mathematics-related concentrations from Yale, working with esteemed mathematician Dr. Serge Lang. At Yale he also met his wife, Cynthia. After shocking everyone at home with his ascent into Yale, Petrello went in a very different direction from the life of Academia that he was being groomed to live. Rather than entering a PhD program, Anthony Petrello entered Harvard Law.

It paid off. Just as Petrello had shown brilliance with numbers, he performed brilliantly in a prestigious New York law firm, Baker and MacKenzie. One legal client, Nabors Industries, wrestled him away in 1989. Tony Petrello rose swiftly through the company, making smart choices that took advantage of the government’s repeal of anti-trust laws in a bid to boost the economy. Under Petrello’s leadership, Nabors Industries bought out or absorbed multiple drilling operations, making Nabors the largest land-based natural gas drilling corporation in the world.

By 2015, Petrello was the highest paid CEO in the world. Going to Nabors also meant moving to Texas. Anthony and Cynthia Petrello have clearly embraced their home, actively engaging in their community and investing in philanthropic causes. Tony Petrello sits on multiple boards, including one at Texas Children’s Hospital: The Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital (or, NRI).

The NRI opened in December 2010 in part because of a $7 million donation from the Petrello family. Their daughter Carena serves as the inspiration for such a donation. Carena Petrello has severe neurological defects due to her premature birth at 24 weeks. She was born with Cerebral Palsy and PVL (Periventricular Leukomalacia). As a result, she has to fight to hit the developmental milestones that most parents take for granted. For example, she was not able to eat solid food on her own until the age of seven.

Petrello said in an email to an old Yale roommate that between intelligence and luck, he’d take luck every time – a curious lack of arrogance in someone so talented. Yet, chance brings us the things that matter most; our health, opportunities… chance can be a maddening difference between a daughter born full-term and healthy, and a child with a debilitating disease. Anthony Petrello: math wiz, CEO, Philanthropist, Dad, and now, humble sage.

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Sentient AI Impacts on Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most talked technology developments in the recent years and proving to be most futuristic one with the advancements. It has widespread applications from business to the day-to-day life of the individuals. It is also effectively been used in social media campaigning, digital marketing, and more, and it becomes an integral part of modern day marketing. The planning and execution of digital marketing campaigns have significantly leveraged by AI, and it also produces accurate data flow along with efficient campaign throughout the digital marketing process. It is great to discuss how this technology is shaping some of the prominent digital marketing methodologies.

While coming to Search Engine Optimization, the tools that are powered by AI simplifies the search engine ranking process. The latest tools such as WordStream and SEMRush help the businesses to analyze their websites and its structure better. The AI technology-enabled tools also provide solutions that can improve their search engine ranking effectively. It gives precise information on the changes they need to make on the site, new keyword choices, backlink opportunities, options for better search engine rankings, and more. In a Forbes article, it is written that the AI would help the marketers to efficiently use the keywords for ensuring improved performance in search engines – one of the principal impacts on digital marketing by AI.

In the case of paid-per-click campaigns, there are two options for the marketers to ensure effective campaigns. Facebook Ads and Google Ads are providing the most suitable keywords using the AI algorithm when businesses enter their keywords. In many cases, the URL of the website would produce thousands of keywords the businesses can target. Secondly, the AI technology is helping the businesses to efficiently plan their campaign budget as it provides the cost of each click. This would also fluctuate according to the time of the day as there is increased competition during the peak hours. It would also help the businesses to set the campaign during peak hours efficiently to get more clicks.

Split testing is another area where the AI can make impacts on digital marketing. It is a strategy used by many ad networks for helping businesses to use the campaign funds without wasting money efficiently. Using the option, the marketers can link many ad sets together, and the AI would watch the performance of each ad sets. Interestingly, it would also make minor adjustments in the campaigns and produce more effective results with the permission of the marketer. Altogether, AI really transforms the digital marketing process of various businesses and the concept itself.

David McDonald: The Highly Regarded Business Mogul

David McDonald is the president and chairman of OSI group, a distributor of food products around the world. The name McDonald has become a household name owing to his fast food chain of outlets that has over time grown immensely to become a multi-billion-dollar empire.

He worked as a project manager at OSI before he was promoted to Chief operating officer and president. Among other titles, McDonald is also the American Meat Institute president, a processing, packaging and meat processing institution based in Washington D.C.

He has an Animal Science degree from Iowa State University. This has helped him further increase his ability to grow OSI group, from a small outlet in a local town in Beijing, to open more outlets in the larger china, Europe and the United States. Now at 25 years, OSI group is a leader in the food industry operating up to 50 production facilities in a total of 17 countries and looking to expand further to increase its presence in China.

The company is involved in the supply of value added meat products such as beef patties, sausage links and poultry. They also supply pizza and sandwiches to major fast food outlets all over the world.

McDonald’s extensive leadership and management skills has led to success in every institution he is involved in, working in whatever capacity. He has proved his capabilities in management of operations, new business development, product development and business strategy allowing him to grow young companies into world famous institutions.

Consumers all over the world have grown in demand and complexity in the way they eat. Some people prefer organic natural food while others prefer affordable food without them compromising on taste or health. McDonald has proved his understanding of customers needs not only in China but in different parts of the world has helped OSI improve in sustainability continuously improving on food quality and safety.

Aiming to venture into Europe, OSI group acquired privately owned Baho foods. David McDonald has mentioned that his team of workers well versed with the region, its cultures and foods. This way they are able to cater to all their consumption needs. The great zeal of David McDonald has seen to it that his business empire remains competitive in the food products industry. He is an inspiration to many startup companies who can now dream of phenomenal success, provided they remain passionate to their vision.

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James Dondero Builds a Better Dallas through Highland Capital

The co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, is not just one of the more enterprising individuals in Dallas, Texas, but he is also a renowned benefactor of local community projects, resulting in a plethora of partnerships that has seen the betterment of a great number of lives within the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Amongst the beneficiaries of James Dondero’s philanthropic contributions is The Family Place, which received $1 million to round off the organization’s colossal $16.5 million funding campaign. Highland Capital Management also gave $1 million to the Dallas Zoo to establish a large 4,485 square-foot Hippo Hut bedecked with informational displays for hosting private events at the zoo. Dondero also assisted the Southern Methodist University in setting up a scholarship program for its brightest students with a generous $2 million contribution that helps such promising young minds gain exposure to public policymaking through exchange programs, better internship opportunities and chances to interact with prominent global figures. Admissions to this program began in the fall of 2014, and it is open to students of all disciplines. Yet another organization that has been aided by Highland Capital Management is the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute which uses artifacts and historical records to foster an understanding of the Bush administration that lasted until 2009.

James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia in 1984 with a dual degree in Accounting and Finance, securing the highest honors in both. He has also since qualified as a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Management Accountant. He then worked at American Express, first as a corporate bond analyst and later as a portfolio manager for over $1 billion in fixed income funds during his four years there. Dondero then served as the Chief Investment Officer for Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary, growing it to over $2 billion in value before founding Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero is not just an influential leader of a successful company. In fact, he may be more renowned for the efforts he has made for causes that advance the Dallas community in a unique way, such as philanthropical activities and charities. He is an entrepreneur who triumphed in the financial industry, and he is a core piece of Dallas.

Michel Terpins’ Impressive Rally Career

Following his recent success at the Sertoes Rally, Michel Terpins is a man to watch in the rally industry. The Brazilian rally driver is an icon, not just in Brazil but globally too. He started his career early 2002 as a motorcycle rider. His childhood passion for riding pushed him to try it professionally. He managed to compete for two years professionally before joining his brother Rodrigo in the car category in 2004. Since then, Michel has never looked back. He continues to dominate the rally competitions, and for those who know him, he is the best there is.

Field of Specialization

As a rally specialist, Michel Terpins participates in the T1 prototype car competition category. His impressive performances at the Sertoes Rally Championship have enabled him to engrave his name in the Brazilian history books. He has been able to win the Sertoes Rally editions consistently since his debut. His vehicle driving skills and experience are very distinctive and admirable. When he is behind the wheels, the Brazilian rally enthusiasts always look forward to him conquering the rough terrains.

Achievements and Awards

Having participated in the Sertoes Rally for over ten seasons and managed to register consistent victories, Michel Terpins is a decorated Brazilian rally legend. Today, no one is surprised that Michel is making it with the T-Rex. Alongside Maykel Justo, his navigator, the pair forms a formidable driving force. In 2008, the duo established a new record at the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally Championship.

His contributions and achievements go beyond the tracks. His love for nature made him earn an ambassador’s invite entitled the Carbon Free Stamp award. The accolade is to ensure that he participates in the planting of trees in the Atlantic forest. His role as an ambassador is to mobilize and encourage forest conservation among the masses.


Generally, the road to Michel Terpin’s rally success is considered impressive. His ability to move from riding motorcycles to conquering cars is seen as brave and admirable by many. Today, Michel continues to inspire a breed of new rally drivers in Brazil and beyond. They all look up to him for direction and motivation.