Victoria Doramus Focuses On Her Career, Health, And Happiness

For Victoria Doramus, overcoming failures means accepting personal responsibility and being willing to accept the hard truths and hard work that comes with it. She knows that it is a struggle that can sometimes take a long time to complete that never happens overnight. The process is worth it and Victoria Doramus knows that it must be completed in order for most people to be able to move forward with their lives and careers.

As a digital and print media professional, Victoria Doramus is always keeping up with the latest technology available. While she used to almost always be using her laptop, she found that over the years most of these tasks can now be completed with one hand on her phone. Technology has been able to help make the life of Victoria Doramus easier and she is always looking for new ways to simplify her life with technology. She has even found that mobile technology has helped her stay sober during her recovery.

Technology may be important in her career, but for Victoria Doramus, writing a list down by hand is one of the best tools she has for success. She finds that she is able to stay on track better and complete her tasks on time. There is also a sense of satisfaction that she gets when she is able to cross another important, or not so important, task off the list.

After being able to bounce back from her failures, Victoria Doramus has made the decision to try to help others through different philanthropy efforts. Her past issues with substance abuse drew her to the Amy Winehouse Foundation where she is able to help others who are also suffering from addiction. Recovery is a long road and Victoria Doramus knows that simply getting sober isn’t enough and a lot has to be done to make permanent changes. Staying healthy is important to her, and not just when it comes to sobriety. Fitness and diet are also essential to Victoria Doramus and she uses technology to makes sure that she is making the right decisions for her body. Follow Victoria on Facebook.

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