Steve Ritchie of Papa Johns Goes on National Tour

In recent weeks, the chief executive officer of Papa Johns Steve Ritchie has gone on a national tour in order to interact with franchise owners. During his tour, Steve has listened to the owners talk about how their business is doing and also what they need in order to provide better service to customers. Over the course of this tour, Ritchie has found out that a number of franchise owners are still looking to reestablish credibility of the brand. Fortunately for these franchise owners, the company is committed to helping them succeed and better serve their communities.

During the most recent tour, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns visited major cities that have franchises such as Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago and Detroit. At all of these locations, the franchise owners have stated that they are doing well but have also had some negative interactions with customers. Since the reputation of any business is essential for success, the franchise owners have requested help from the company. They believe that the recent negativity about the company has deterred customers from buying pizza from the company. However, the franchise owners are committed to proving to customers that the pizza chain is supportive of the community.

In order to restore the chain’s credibility, Papa Johns franchise owners will continue to participate in a number of community activities. This will prove to customers that the company values their business and cares about their welfare. Along with participating in a number of charitable activities in the community, Papa Johns will also make it clear that everyone in the company is a true representative of the community and its values according to Steve Ritchie. As per Wikipedia, all of the workers at each Papa Johns franchise is a member of the community and will relate to customers as a result. It is likely that Papa Johns franchise owners will get increased business in the near future due to being active in the local community.

Steve Ritchie has stated that Papa Johns and its franchisees are committed to providing high quality products and services to all of its customers. It will continue to strive to improve its operations and standing in the local community. With this amount of effort, Papa Johns will remain as one of the top pizza restaurant chains in the nation.

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