Matthew Fleeger

The son of a renowned oil and gas company owner, Matthew Fleeger was destined to follow on the heels of his father’s success. Inspired by his dad’s entrepreneurial feats, Fleeger vowed to cultivate his business savvy and carry on the family legacy. Intrigued by the riveting worlds of finance and marketing, Fleeger, as a young adult, set out to earn his degree in business. When his college career came to an end, Fleeger felt poised for success. As an attempt to acquire industry experience, Fleeger embarked on various business pursuits, earning leading roles at several Texas-based oil and gas enterprises.

Fleeger even managed to land a position at Gulf Coast Western, the corporation his father founded. Fleeger’s enthusiasm for business was irrefutable, and he eventually amassed enough experience to venture out on his own. In 1993, Fleeger took a page out of his dad’s book and created his own corporation, MedSolutions. Fleeger’s desire to govern waste management served as the catalyst for founding his company. Simply put, MedSolutions streamlined the transportation, disposal, and treatment of medical wastes that healthcare institutions created. Over the next 15 years, Fleeger remained at the helm of operations.

His leadership skills proved so effective that he graduated from chairman to president before selling the company to Stericycle. Given his prowess as a negotiator, Fleeger effortlessly carried out shrewd business tactics, subsequently selling MedSolutions for a jaw-dropping $59 million. Following the acquisition of MedSolutions, Fleeger returned to his roots at Gulf Coast Western. Presently, Fleeger is the CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western, no doubt making his father exceedingly proud. Fleeger also has a vested interest in two tanning companies he co-created, Mystic Tan and Palm Beach Tan. Given his innate entrepreneurial skills, Fleeger will likely remain an illustrious businessman for years to come.

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