Charlamagne Tha God Weighs In On Eminem’s Controversial Homophobic Slur

Popular rapper Eminem has been causing a lot of controversy lately. The rapper not only took on President Trump in a freestyle for BET, but he also directly slammed any of his fans who voted for the man. His 2017 album, “Revival” was not very popular with both fans and critics, and now his new album “Kamikaze” is making some waves.


The album, which was a surprise release bashes a lot of artists Shady currently has a beef with. One of those artists is Tyler the Creator, who also happens to be gay. In a lyric aimed at Tyler, Eminem used a homophobic slur, and now everybody is reacting to it. One such reaction come from Charlamagne Tha God, a radio presenter and television personality known for his morning show the Breakfast Club.


Charlamagne the God first appeared on the scene as second mic to Wendy Williams. The intern turned radio host set himself apart for his unorthodox questioning of R&B/Hip-Hop artists. Since then he has gone on to both radio and television fame. He has even written a New York Times bestseller; “Black Privilege” which ranked sixth in the New York Times of bestselling hardback nonfiction.  No stranger to controversy himself, Charlamagne and co-hosts Angela Yee and DJ Envy spent their August 31st airing dissecting Enimem’s “Kamikaze” lyrics.


Charlamagne is actually featured in some of Eminem’s lyrics. The rapper effectively stating that no matter what he puts out Charlamagne will hate anyway. Many listeners see this as a dis, as Charlamagne was one of many critics who panned Shady’s 2017 release “Revival”. Charlamagne Tha God sees it as an admission of guilt. Defending himself, the radio host claimed that the lyric was an admission that “Revival” was not that great. As for the homophobic slur Charlamagne had something different to say. Go To This Page to learn more.


“Freedom of Speech means freedom to say what you want”, Charlamagne began, “It also means freedom to be offended.” The Breakfast Club host went on to state that the rapper must understand a shot to one gay man means a shot to millions of others. He also clarified that Eminem’s lyric was lifted from something Tyler said about himself.




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