Ryan Seacrest – Success Through Routine

Respected worldwide for his talents, Ryan Seacrest has built an impressive resume. His short list of accomplishments includes hosting his own radio show, producing the popular TV Show “Keeping up With the Kardashians” and of course hosting one of the biggest shows in TV history American Idol. Currently living in New York, Seacrest has a unique ability to manage a very hectic schedule. His attention to detail and focus on a daily routine have allowed him to be successful in many different areas.

Each morning begins in a similar way for Ryan. He gets up early, usually around 6 am and has his morning or tea. From there Ryan heads to get his workout in. Seacrest struggled with his weight as a child but as an adult has conquered the challenge of being fit. His workouts consist of a variety of activities including boxing, using Peloton bikes and even going for a jog in the park. Ryan Seacrest, a clothing line creator, is very committed to an intense workout schedule. It helps him to stay on track with his crazy schedule. He has even gone to the extreme of hiring his own personal trainer and bringing them along with him when he is on the road.

Managing his entire day allows Ryan Seacrest to work several different jobs. After completing his workout, he will use his commute to the office to catch news from overnight and complete some daily reading. The American Idol host is not afraid to start his work day mid-morning. To manage his attention issues, he will often put his phone on lockdown mode during important times of the day. To complement his workouts, Seacrest pays close attention to what he eats. He often chooses mostly vegan meals, but allows himself to have a little fun on the weekend. His commitment to health has helped him to manage and be successful at may jobs. Only 43, there appears to be no sign of him slowing down anytime soon. Know how you can support Seacrest’s Foundation by visiting ryanseacrestfoundation.org.

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