Charlemagne Tha God Is Happy To Be Immortalized In Eminem’s New Album


On the morning I Heart Radio show, The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God talked about Eminem’s new album Kamikaze. Charlamagne is referenced twice in the new album, because of his criticism of Eminem’s last album Revival. Charlemagne has no bad feelings toward Eminem for dissing him in this record. Instead, he stated his happiness on being immortalized in one of Eminem’s records. Eminem, Charlemagne stated, is one of the greatest lyricists that there is. He also clarified that he did not hate, but told the truth in his reviews. Eminem must have known that Revival was not that good, and that is why he released Kamikaze.


On his radio show, Charlemagne Tha God talked about other aspects of the album as well, including homophobic remarks made toward Tyler the creator.


The remarks were something that Tyler had said about himself. Still, Charlemagne was unsure how the LBGTQ community would react to it. Throwing a shot at Tyler is throwing a shot at the whole LBGTQ community, but Charlemagne doesn’t think Eminem cares. He stated that everyone has the freedom of speech, and the freedom to be offended. Go Here for more information.


Charlemagne also discussed Eminem’s political rants towards Trump, and others are more organic on this album. He stated that it sounded forced on his last two albums like he was just trying to ride the popularity of talking about those issues.


In addition to being a personality on I Heart Radios The Breakfast Club, Charlemagne the God is also a co-host on the podcast Brilliant Idiots. He has also appeared on TV shows such as The Guy Code. Charlemagne is a new york times best-selling author with his book, Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes To Those Who Create It. Charlemagne is a social media influencer.


Charlamagne Tha God helps drive the conversation on topics such as hip-hop, race, society, and politics.




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