September, 2018

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Matthew Fleeger

The son of a renowned oil and gas company owner, Matthew Fleeger was destined to follow on the heels of his father’s success. Inspired by his dad’s entrepreneurial feats, Fleeger vowed to cultivate his business savvy and carry on the family legacy. Intrigued by the riveting worlds of finance and marketing, Fleeger, as a young adult, set out to earn his degree in business. When his college career came to an end, Fleeger felt poised for success. As an attempt to acquire industry experience, Fleeger embarked on various business pursuits, earning leading roles at several Texas-based oil and gas enterprises.

Fleeger even managed to land a position at Gulf Coast Western, the corporation his father founded. Fleeger’s enthusiasm for business was irrefutable, and he eventually amassed enough experience to venture out on his own. In 1993, Fleeger took a page out of his dad’s book and created his own corporation, MedSolutions. Fleeger’s desire to govern waste management served as the catalyst for founding his company. Simply put, MedSolutions streamlined the transportation, disposal, and treatment of medical wastes that healthcare institutions created. Over the next 15 years, Fleeger remained at the helm of operations.

His leadership skills proved so effective that he graduated from chairman to president before selling the company to Stericycle. Given his prowess as a negotiator, Fleeger effortlessly carried out shrewd business tactics, subsequently selling MedSolutions for a jaw-dropping $59 million. Following the acquisition of MedSolutions, Fleeger returned to his roots at Gulf Coast Western. Presently, Fleeger is the CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western, no doubt making his father exceedingly proud. Fleeger also has a vested interest in two tanning companies he co-created, Mystic Tan and Palm Beach Tan. Given his innate entrepreneurial skills, Fleeger will likely remain an illustrious businessman for years to come.

A Look At How Dallas-Based Gulf Coast Western Does Business

Gulf Coast Western, LLC is an oil and gas exploration and development firm located in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 1970 and how operates oil wells located in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, and Mississippi. Gulf Coast Western is also exploring setting up expansion opportunities in other states across America. They are a managing venture which forms joint ventures with other firms in their industry. They have several drilling operations in place and plan to aggressively grow over the next several years.

Beyond partnering with other oil and gas firms, Gulf Coast Western has also partnered with companies in other industries. One of these is the insurance industry. Insurance Executive Mike Szot says that partnering with Gulf Coast Western was his first time in the oil and gas industry. The management team at this company provided him with an extensive look into what the oil drilling process entails. He says that he was very comfortable working with this company and is now one of its investors.

Another testimonial about this firm came from the president and chief executive officer of an equipment rental firm. He has worked with Gulf Coast Western for over a year and says that he has experienced nothing but professionalism and strong leadership. He has developed a number of partnerships with them and recommends them to anyone looking to invest in the oil and gas industry.

As a socially responsible company, they have given back many times over the past 40 years. Among the numerous charities they have provided funding to are The Family Place, Shriners Hospital for Children, the American Cancer Society, Smile Train, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the North Texas Food Bank. They provide funding to local nonprofits as well as national ones.

Payment Innovation Expert Deirdre Baggot Looks at the Benefits of Bundled Payment

Deirdre Baggot is a well-known payment innovation expert and healthcare business strategist who focuses on bundled payments. For that, she has received immense national recognition in the healthcare field, mainly due to her contribution to bundled payments. Aside from that, Baggot is a prolific author who has penned articles on payment transformation, healthcare reform, and bundled payments, particularly on her Slideshare account. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram

In one of her articles, Baggot looks at how small innovations in healthcare delivery can generate substantial financial gains. According to her, new payment techniques like bundled payment allow CMS to shift away from conventional fee-for-service thanks to the passing of the Affordable Care Act. Also, by increasingly following CMS’ lead, commercial payers are displaying a keen interest in bundling payments, primarily to providers. This move is due to the need to cut expenses not only in the areas of avoidable readmissions but also post-acute care.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires new bundles that surpass elective surgical procedures to include avoidable readmissions, post-acute services, and medical conditions. It also expands the duration of care three days before inpatient admission to 30, 60 or 90 days after discharge. Baggot also said that the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) applicants seem to view high-end elective methods as a logical beginning point, as with the bundling tests conducted before.

About Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot prides herself on being the most esteemed voices in healthcare payment reform. Aside from her experience as a hospital executive and clinician, she is known for pioneering bundled payments. Deirdre Baggot led Exempla Healthcare’s CMS Acute Care Episode (ACE) bundled demonstration. In the course of her career, she has created and spearheaded consulting practices that are focused on payment innovation and bundled payments that generated over $5 million in yearly revenue, mainly for two healthcare advisory companies. Furthermore, Baggot has formulated and implemented payment models with Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Payors and employers in more than 200 hospitals.



Charlamagne Tha God Weighs In On Eminem’s Controversial Homophobic Slur

Popular rapper Eminem has been causing a lot of controversy lately. The rapper not only took on President Trump in a freestyle for BET, but he also directly slammed any of his fans who voted for the man. His 2017 album, “Revival” was not very popular with both fans and critics, and now his new album “Kamikaze” is making some waves.


The album, which was a surprise release bashes a lot of artists Shady currently has a beef with. One of those artists is Tyler the Creator, who also happens to be gay. In a lyric aimed at Tyler, Eminem used a homophobic slur, and now everybody is reacting to it. One such reaction come from Charlamagne Tha God, a radio presenter and television personality known for his morning show the Breakfast Club.


Charlamagne the God first appeared on the scene as second mic to Wendy Williams. The intern turned radio host set himself apart for his unorthodox questioning of R&B/Hip-Hop artists. Since then he has gone on to both radio and television fame. He has even written a New York Times bestseller; “Black Privilege” which ranked sixth in the New York Times of bestselling hardback nonfiction.  No stranger to controversy himself, Charlamagne and co-hosts Angela Yee and DJ Envy spent their August 31st airing dissecting Enimem’s “Kamikaze” lyrics.


Charlamagne is actually featured in some of Eminem’s lyrics. The rapper effectively stating that no matter what he puts out Charlamagne will hate anyway. Many listeners see this as a dis, as Charlamagne was one of many critics who panned Shady’s 2017 release “Revival”. Charlamagne Tha God sees it as an admission of guilt. Defending himself, the radio host claimed that the lyric was an admission that “Revival” was not that great. As for the homophobic slur Charlamagne had something different to say. Go To This Page to learn more.


“Freedom of Speech means freedom to say what you want”, Charlamagne began, “It also means freedom to be offended.” The Breakfast Club host went on to state that the rapper must understand a shot to one gay man means a shot to millions of others. He also clarified that Eminem’s lyric was lifted from something Tyler said about himself.




Ryan Seacrest – Success Through Routine

Respected worldwide for his talents, Ryan Seacrest has built an impressive resume. His short list of accomplishments includes hosting his own radio show, producing the popular TV Show “Keeping up With the Kardashians” and of course hosting one of the biggest shows in TV history American Idol. Currently living in New York, Seacrest has a unique ability to manage a very hectic schedule. His attention to detail and focus on a daily routine have allowed him to be successful in many different areas.

Each morning begins in a similar way for Ryan. He gets up early, usually around 6 am and has his morning or tea. From there Ryan heads to get his workout in. Seacrest struggled with his weight as a child but as an adult has conquered the challenge of being fit. His workouts consist of a variety of activities including boxing, using Peloton bikes and even going for a jog in the park. Ryan Seacrest, a clothing line creator, is very committed to an intense workout schedule. It helps him to stay on track with his crazy schedule. He has even gone to the extreme of hiring his own personal trainer and bringing them along with him when he is on the road.

Managing his entire day allows Ryan Seacrest to work several different jobs. After completing his workout, he will use his commute to the office to catch news from overnight and complete some daily reading. The American Idol host is not afraid to start his work day mid-morning. To manage his attention issues, he will often put his phone on lockdown mode during important times of the day. To complement his workouts, Seacrest pays close attention to what he eats. He often chooses mostly vegan meals, but allows himself to have a little fun on the weekend. His commitment to health has helped him to manage and be successful at may jobs. Only 43, there appears to be no sign of him slowing down anytime soon. Know how you can support Seacrest’s Foundation by visiting


Career Achievements of Gareth Henry

A look at the fortune Financial Group recently, has seen a prosperous world leading private-equity firm of high value. The man who should be recognized for his great performance is none other but Gareth Henry. With the great talent and a dedication to succeed, he made the fortune Financial Group a very big firm. It was even recently bought for a record three billion and three hundred million US dollars by the SoftBank. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh which is in Scotland. He studied there and graduated in the year 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Mathematics, one of the dreaded courses in the history of higher education.

His career kicked off when he worked on management research in the Watson and Wyatt before becoming a member of the Schroder a set of wealth managers based in the United Kingdom. This did not end there as he grew over ranks to become the product manager of the multi-asset class division of the Schroder’s. Having gained a lot of experience, Gareth Henry traveled to New York with a burning fire to create wealth over the Atlantic. In the year 2007, he joined the Fortress Investment Group to serve as the marketer in parts of the Middle East, Europe, and Africa to mention just but a few. His impressive work as the Global head of investor relations keenly focusing on line in liquid markets was visible, and his excellence at work was rewarded by becoming a highly ranked executive at the Fortress Investment Group.

Under the management of great icons such as Gareth Henry, Fortress has grown to become what it has become today. It is being estimated to stand at a net worth of about over seventy billion US dollars in assets. This company brags of serving around one thousand seven hundred and fifty clients around the globe. He has also served in other great firs such as the Angelo Gordon and Company as the global head of investors. Thanks to respected and great men at their duty of work like Gareth Henry great companies are being built around the globe.

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The Story behind the Famous Rodrigo Terpins in the Racing Industry

Though you may have come across several car racers, it’s possible that Rodrigo Terpins remains the most impressive of them all. He has been in the racing field for several years now, and the racing expertise he has acquired is vast. Terpins doesn’t just believe in participating in a car race but also in winning. All his car races have been associated with tremendous success. Many people find him a role model when it comes to being devoted to the cause. His brother has helped him a lot to remain focused in his racing career.


The trophies Rodrigo Terpins and his co-driver have won keep them motivated in the racing field. He is a man who knows how skills and commitment attract national recognition and international reputation. Many people consider his racing skills exceptional. He was among the recent participants in the Bull Sertoes rally. Although the race was new to him, Terpins proved his skills. His seasoned co-driver helped him to succeed in this race. Fabricio Manchiana was the professional car racer he enlisted in this race, and he helped him to become number six in the race even though he hadn’t participated in this race category before.


According to Rodrigo Terpins, you can’t succeed in any career if you are not a person of great determination. He has learned throughout his career that practice and consistency determine how successful you become. Many people fail in their respective careers because they don’t uphold these two elements. A great breakthrough doesn’t just come because you do what you like, but because you show consistency in it. Terpins says his competitors have contributed a lot to the famous and skilled car racer he has become. For more details visit



His family has helped him to be the successful racer he is. His father liked sports and Terpins developed a passion for sports through his father. As a basketball player, his father introduced him to sports not knowing he would eventually take a different line in sports. Sports play a significant role in developing discipline, patience, and self-control in whatever you do. His family has several veterans, and he had to keep the record going. His father noted Terpins had a special interest in cars when he started fixing them in his childhood.


Charlamagne Tha God Is Happy Eminem Dissed Him


Charlamagne Tha God found out on Twitter that Eminem had called him out on the album Kamikaze. He loves the idea of being immortalized by rappers on records. He was being dissed by Chingy early on in his career, but now Charlamagne is at a level where Eminem is dissing him. Charlamagne Tha God said life was great.


Eminem thought Charlamagne would trash his new songs. He anticipated it on the tracks “The Ringer” and “Fall.” Charlamagne told that Eminem wasn’t worried about offending the LGBT community when he called Tyler the Creator a homophobic slur. Tyler had talked openly about his bisexuality on the album Flower Boy. Charlamagne believes people have freedom of speech and the right to be offended. He wasn’t personally offended, but he was interested to hear the thoughts of someone who was an LGBT member. He believes Eminem isn’t just insulting Tyler, but instead insulting gay people around the world.


He approved of Eminem using his “white privilege” to bash Trump and injustice. He thinks it’s effective for white people to use their privilege to fight against prejudice. He wouldn’t criticize the message, but he would say if a particular rhyme was just OK or wack. He believed Kamikaze’s political rants were better than Eminem’s BET cypher. He felt Eminem was just riding the woke wave. See This Page for more information.


Charlamagne Tha God thought the new album was good, despite the diss. He felt Revival was bad and he doesn’t understand why people thought his criticism was hate. He believed Eminem quickly put out the new album because he knew Revival was bad. He said Eminem was a living legend and one of the best lyricists. Charlamagne Tha God has never personally been a fan because he doesn’t relate to his experiences and views. He also called him a rap god and an icon whose position has been solidified.


Charlamagne tha God is a co-host of The Breakfast Club, a nationally syndicated radio show. He has starred in Guy Code, Guy Court, and Girl Code. He starting hosting Uncommon Sense on MTV2 in 2015. He was also on The Wendy Williams Experience on VH1.



Hussain Sajwani is a Revered Entrepreneur

As a businessperson, it is always important to always have a positive attitude. Since there are always ups and downs when running a business, it is good to always stay positive instead of giving up at a given point. With that said, entrepreneurs like Hussain Sajwani have achieved a load of success throughout their life since they were able to approach life in a positive perspective. For those who are wondering who Hussain Sajwani is, he is an entrepreneur based in Dubai, and many people know him as the DAMAC Owner. The title DAMAC Owner came about since he is the person behind the establishment of the real estate organization that is widely recognized as DAMAC Properties.

Background Information

According to, the company was established in 2002, and it has been in the safe hands of Hussain Sajwani who has been working in the organization as the chairman. By working as the chairman of DAMAC Properties, the DAMAC Owner can oversee the company’s operations in an up-close and personal manner. Additionally, as the principal shareholder within his company, Sajwani has a significant say on how the company will operate. For instance, under the reign of Sajwani, the company has been producing quality designs as well as well-designed apartments. Furthermore, the company has also gone far and wide in making sure that their services are procured in countries such as the United Kingdom. With that said, the reputation of DAMAC Properties has progressively grown over the years. It is also important to factor in that Hussain Sajwani’s portfolio as a businessperson is quite expansive.

Hussain Sajwani’s business portfolio:

Mina Al Sultan Qaboos

Since Sajwani is an individual who always pounces on any lucrative business opportunity that attracts his attention, he was able to partner with the Oman Government on a particular project. The partnership resulted in the formation of the Mina Al Sultan Qaboos. In this partnership, Hussain Sajwani owns most of the shares. With that said, it is always good to renovate property from time to time, which is why the Mina Al Sultan Qaboos is set to be renovated, and it is set to serve as a tourist destination and also a tourist port that will have amenities such as retail shops and hotels.


As a successful investor, Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) can acknowledge that education is of great importance. With that said, Hussain Sajwani is involved in an initiative that is supposed to help ‘one million Arab coders’ to gain the necessary skills that will come in handy when trying to secure a job in the industry.

Check out his business profile:

In the Loop With Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is not a myth. In fact, Chua is a legend who has raised the bar for health as an industry. It is not uncommon for you to meet people suffering from all kinds of ailments. As a matter of fact, many diseases go untreated due to the lack of medicinal compounds that convert.

However, Bernardo has cracked the nut open with his Organo Gold company, improving people’s living standards through advanced medicinal compounds. Indeed, Bernardo Chua, a Philippines national by origin is worth our praise. Bernardo, hailing from a humbling background, has been able to change his life and that of others for the better through Organo Gold.

Recall, Bernardo Chua, before leaving for Canada, used to work for his family’s garment manufacturing business. It is while working at a travel agency that Chua got forced to relocate to Canada to take care of the affairs of the regional affairs set up there. Learn more about Chua at TheStreet.

By making a bold move, Bernardo was able to come up with Organo Gold years later, a corporation that now enjoys a global presence. Organo Gold, a one of a kind direct sales business currently offers employment opportunities to thousands of people across the globe. For sure, Organo Gold is the product of a vision, a dream that has surely gotten realized.

Are you aware Chua’s Organo Gold is the world-leading producer of instant tea, coffee, and tablets, products that harbor medicinal properties? In truth, the multilevel marketing agency would never have seen better days were it not for Bernardo’s excellent leadership skills. The founder and CEO of the agency has since expanded the services of the enterprise to serve consumers in Turkey, making the country part of the thirty-nine countries Organo serves.

Indeed, it has been a long time coming and Chua is currently reaping from his biggest risk ever. Bernardo Chua, an alumnus of the University of the East Manila, when he is not working loves to play with his grandchildren. It is Chua’s love for humanity that has propelled his career in many ways and he does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.