Charlamagne Tha God


Television and radio Charlamagne The God has a new book out called, Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me, and he’s doing press to let people know what it’s about. Charlamagne come a long way from his teenage years of selling drugs and generally living on the edge. Today, he’s 40-years-old and has gained valuable perspective from his years as a popular television and radio host best known for Charlamagne’s syndicated show The Breakfast Club.


Now that he’s older, he’s aware of the effects that his eventful youth have had on him, and he’s looking to recover, grow and move on. In his book, he discusses his decision to go to therapy, where Charlamagne gained valuable insights about himself such as coming to understand that many of his actions in the past were motivated by fear, whereas at the time he actually believed they were coming from a place of fearlessness. He now feels that the root causes of these anxieties were racism and being attacked. Knowing all this allows him to now make better choices.


Furthermore, Charlamagne tha God shares his observations of the #MeToo movement and says that he’s learned a lot of value from it. As the father of two daughters with a third on the way, he’s all about helping create a better society for women. He also says that the movement is something that he anticipated because he has long known that men need to improve the way that they interact with and see women. On another subject, Charlamagne has closely followed the disputes between NFL players refusing to stand for the National Anthem and President Trump. He says that he sympathizes with the players and doesn’t want any part of any sport that endorses racism. Visit This Page for more information.


In conclusion, Charlamagne Tha God is on top of his game and doing well personally. While he has a more mellow perspective gained from age and experience, he retains the razor-sharp wit that made him a media star to begin with, and his future looks bright.






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