Jacob Gottlieb: Walking Down The Memory Lane In The Life History Of The Hedge Fund Magnate

Jacob Gottlieb was born and raised in Brooklyn New York by Polish immigrant parents. His father was a professor in economics and his mother a pediatrician. His parent’s careers played a critical role in influencing his career choices as he took deep interests in both medicine and economics from an early age. He would, therefore, go on to enroll for medicine at the University graduating with an MD from the New York University Medical School.

He would proceed with his medical internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York. His career in medicine was however short-lived as he soon left medicine to pursue a career in finance on Wall Street. Gottlieb took his first steps in a career as a trader when he joined Sanford C. Bernstein as a buy-side analyst in 1998.

Determined to excel in this trade, Gottlieb enrolled for Bachelor of Arts in Economics in Brown University. He would then top it up with a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification in 2001 from the Association of Investment Management and Research (AIMR). Notably, while he had long left the medical profession and dipped his feet deep into the finance and alternative banking world, he still had a flair for healthcare and hoped to come up with a revolution that would enjoin them both.

Balancing medicine and financial trade

Soon after his CFA certification, Jacob Gottlieb joined Merlin Biomed Group where he served as the trader’s healthcare portfolio manager. However, his big break in the alternative investment industry and hedge funds at large came with his appointment as a partner and portfolio manager for Balyasny Asset Managers. Here, Gottlieb made his name as the hedge fund’s top earner.

The successes achieved throughout his career as a trader inspired him to start Visium Asset Management LLC. In less than a decade, he had steered the company into one of the most prominent hedge funds in the country with over $8 billion in assets under management and 170employees. Here, Gottlieb served as a managing partner and Chief Investment Officer (CIO).

Apart from his prowess in investment and healthcare, Jacob Gottlieb also advocates and supports several philanthropic courses that he holds close to heart. He is particularly interested in the Math for America (MFA) organization that equips New York teachers with the right skills, equipment, and motivation needed to produces graduates excellent in science, technology, and math. He also supports the New York-based Robin Hood foundation that is committed to the alleviation of poverty and promotion of education for all.

Find out more about Jacob Gottlieb Visium: https://ideamensch.com/jacob-gottlieb/


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