June, 2018

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The Australian Branch Of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings has helped many with alternative lending solutions since it was first founded in 2002. Even though their headquarters can be found in Indiana of the United States, they also can be found in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

In fact, the Australian offices now formerly known as Meridian Equity Partners Pty Limited have been bought by the Equities First Holdings company.

With the acquisition of the location in Australia, Equities First Holdings now boasts six offices operating out of four separate continents across the world. And now serving clients in Australia, Equities First Holdings has expanded their customer base to a large global platform.

Equities First Holdings is a private equity firm that provides alternative lending solutions mainly for corporate and business uses. Al Christy operates as the company’s president and founder. To date, the company has assisted in helping their clients with nearly a thousand transactions worldwide.

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The Great Achievements Of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions has won the hearts of many people, thanks to their ability to provide hygienic customized food products to them. The firm has grown tremendously since its establishment, and it has doubled its production. OSI Food Solutions firm has been in existence since 1909 and is perceived to be worth $6.1 billion. The firm prides itself in its highly experienced executives, with Sheldon Lavin serving as its CEO. Additionally, the firm has gained a great reputation due to the high-quality food it offers to its customers, and as a result, it has been featured in the top 100 list for a couple of years.

OSI Food Solutions has always focused on pure hygiene when it comes to the production of their food products, and it has been backed by the use of the modern means of technology in their production. The German-based subsidiary of the firm flaunts the use of the world`s most advanced hamburger production line, and this enables them to manufacture over 5.5 million patties within a single day. The firm has always searched for innovative solutions to help them maintain good hygiene in their productions, and the firm has also strived to involve highly experienced personnel to ensure that their food products meet the customer expectations. Their continuous use of the compact enclosures and terminal boxes from Rittal’s HD range, to protect technological machinery from water and other fluids acts as one of their major steps towards maintaining good hygiene in their firm.

Additionally, OSI company has majorly focused on ensuring that their customers are satisfied with their food products services. The firm always accepts feedback from their clients with the aim of making corrections in all the problem areas that they state. The recent acquisition of Tyson plant by the firm also marked a breakthrough for the company, which was later transferred to other affiliates of the OSI Food Solutions firm in Germany.

Besides, the firm has also worked in partnership with other firms in the country, with the aim of increasing its production. The recent acquisition of Baho Food by OSI Food Solutions has also played a major role in maximizing its profits. Baho food has been majorly focused on the production of meat, snacks, and other food products for the food industry in European Continent. With this deal, OSI company has gained a stronghold in the country and looks forward to acquiring more firms in future.

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Talos Energy Acquires Controlling Interest In Stone

Stone/Talos Merger become TALO on NYSE

Talos Energy, a Houston oil and gas provider, is officially a public company. May 10, Thursday, it closed the merger with Louisiana Stone Energy. The merger closed at $2B for Talos. Rather than filing for an IPO, Talos purchased a controlling interest in Stone. Talos stock symbol is “TALO” on the NYSE. TALO is interested in pursuing more drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

History of Talos
Talos is the merging of two previous

Companies, also in oil and gas: Phoenix Exploration Co. and Gryphon Exploration Co. Talos have focused on oil and gas exploration production. Talos was begun in 2012. After the Stone acquisition, Talos is well positioned to create other opportunities for development. Talos had originally had plans to prepare for its own IPO, but the oil bust ruined this future hope. Talos was able to acquire Stone as the largest shareholder, thereby acquiring the IPO thru the merger.

Talos makes Zama Discovery

Talos just hit it very big when it struck gold with its Zama oil deposit discovery in 2017. Zama oil reserve has an estimated 1.5 to 2B barrels of oil. AIPN named is “The Discovery of the Year.” Zama discovery was a historic event since it was the first time a private sector was allowed to explore oil off Mexican shores. Zama oil deposit is only 165 meters in depth, which makes it easier to drill.


Tim Dunca, Talos Chief Executive, called the merger between Talos and Stone a “transformantional combination.” Talos retains 63 percent of the merger while Stone retains 37 percent. Furthermore, pproduction from the recent Zama reserves will begin production as early as 2019.

Talos made the discovery of Zama 37 miles offshore of Puerto Dos Bocas, which is an highly valued oil port in Mexico.

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Clayton Hutson – article recap

Being from Nashville, TN, music is naturally a part of Clayton Hutson’s life, and this has been the case since his time as a youth growing up in the area. Today, he has transformed his passion for music, which is heavily tied to rock and roll, into a thriving business in which he works as a sound engineer. Clayton Hutson attended Central Michigan University where he garnered a Master’s degree from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, where his major concentration was in business administration. Over the course of his career, Mr. Hutson has worked for a number of live entertainment companies, but it was during the recession, that he decided to strike out on his own, amidst virtually universally uncertain economic times. As a sound engineer, Clayton Hutson has worked with a myriad of reputable figures in, and outside of the music industry, including Pink, Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson, and Billy Graham. In taking his initial “leap of faith,” Clayton Hutson brought with him a level of expertise that allowed him to quickly flourish in his new endeavor. Recently, Clayton Hutson sat down for a brief Q&A session in which he discussed his business processes, as well as a few things that have him excited about what the future holds. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/clayton-hutson/

Live production, rigging services, and sound engineering are the major methods in which Mr. Hutson generates his income – mostly attaining new clientele through word of mouth, as well as through his website. Because he decided to embark on his career as a business owner during one of the most frustrating economic times of recent American history, his decision was, indeed, tough, but his ability to consistently deliver a top quality service, allowed him to gain new clients at a fast pace. When discussing the most prominent factors in his continued success, Mr. Hutson conveyed that he believes it is his determination and dedication to delivering a quality service that has kept him working and evolving. He also consistently works irregular hours when necessary, and because of the importance of the service that he’s rendering, being that a simple mistake could lead to a major catastrophe during a show, he checks his work repeatedly for errors. In the future, Clayton Hutson hopes to continue providing high-quality sound engineering services, while growing his business, and the innovations being made in modern tech, have allowed him to take his process to a new level.

Eric Lefkofsky And Tempus, Striving To Improve Patient Outcomes

In March, Chicago-based genomics startup, Tempus, announced that it has received $80 million in funding from new backers Kinship Trust Co. and funds advised by T. Rowe Price Associates. Additional capital from previous contributors, New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth, also contributed to this fundraising round.

The technology company, founded in 2015, fashioned an operating system that uses patient data to enhance cancer care, including the personalization of individual treatment plans. The goal is to take advantage of technology to streamline patient care, with an emphasis on efficiency. Tempus strives to redefine how genomic data is utilized in clinical settings and discover trends in cancer treatment.

Tempus co-founder, Eric Lefkofsky, serves as the company’s CEO and says that the organization has developed relationships with organizations and individuals in all facets of the health care system, in an effort to enlist big data to treat patients more effectively and improve outcome. Working alongside doctors and drug companies assists Tempus in generating more molecular data from those currently being treated for cancer, and integrating said data with patients’ electronic medical records.

Lefkofsky, who has an extensive background in the technology sector, has stated, “I think the traction we have had with everybody in the industry has been kind of amazing. We’re in the midst of one of the most significant paradigm shifts of our time.”

Since the beginning of operations in 2015, Tempus has received $210 million in funding. Recent new funding places Tempus’ worth at roughly $1.1 billion, according to a source who was close to the deal. Companies valued at over $1 billion achieve “unicorn” status, which is a distinction not held by many other Chicago-based startups.

Currently, Tempus has approximately 400 employees, including software engineers, and computational biologists, among other staff. This number is growing at a rate of about 30 new hires per month.

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