Michael Lacey And Jim Larkin Put In Efforts To Get Arpaio Sentenced For Crimes

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have played a large role in the sentence that was ultimately given to Joe Arpaio for the numerous crimes that he had committed. The two newsmen were one of the bigger reasons why the matter got national attention in the first place and were also some of the reasons why Arpaio was ultimately sentenced for the crimes that he had committed.

The reason Lacey and Larkin were against Arpaio in the first place was that of the discrimination that they had to face at his hands. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Quora and Jeremy Goldstein – Twitter

The duo were the owners of a newsletter that wrote about different aspects of the happenings within the city of Arizona. At that time, they had got knowledge of the various ill happenings within the city at the hands of Joe Arpaio and therefore decided that they would teach him a lesson and better the situation for the people of Arizona.

Within a short time of the article being released through the newspaper that Lacey and Larkin were working for, Arpaio decided that he would catch Lacey and Larkin and teach them a lesson. He knew that to do so, he would be crossing a few boundaries, but that wasn’t something that Arpaio wasn’t accustomed to doing.

He falsely arrested Lacey and Larkin without having a warrant and decided that he would teach them a lesson about who the person in charge was. This however backfired when Lacey and Larkin decided to stand up for themselves and file a suit against him, which was something people had not tried in the past because of their inherent fear of him.

Lacey and Larkin knew that they were up against someone who had a huge sway over the overall judicial system in Arizona and decided that it was still worth it, even if they could contribute in a small way towards bringing justice to all those who were affected.

After five long years and countless court appearances, Lacey and Larkin were offered a settlement by Maricopa County for the injustices that had been done to them.

But the fight against Arpaio wasn’t only for Lacey and Larkin, it was for the countless people who have had to face turmoil and who have had to lose loved ones at the hands of an unjust tyrant who had a sway over the political system within the country.

After the settlement, Lacey and Larkin decided that they would use the money to start an organization that worked to once and for all bring justice to Arpaio for the crimes that he had committed. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/10019-ny-jeremy-goldstein-978103.html#client_reviews

The organization thought that it had been successful in bringing Arpaio to justice when he was finally convicted in October 2017. However, the President of the country had a different plan and decided to overturn the ruling, thereby rendering Arpaio a free man once again.

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