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David McDonald Has Spent His Entire Career With OSI Industries

OSI Group is a well-established brand in food manufacturing. David McDonald has established himself as a leader within the organization that has influenced the industry on an international level. The company has grown by leaps and bounds since its early days. Recent acquisitions of Baho Foods shows that OSI Group is dedicated to growth and leading the way within the market.

OSI Group seized the opportunity to work with Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods is a local manufacturer in the Chicago area where OSI is based. David McDonald made sure that the company was safely acquired in order to save hundreds of jobs at the Tyson Foods plants. Many of the workers at Tyson Foods were offered lateral positions by McDonald and his team at OSI Group.

Flagship Food Group was also acquired by OSI Group under David McDonald’s watch. McDonald was interested in spreading the company’s influence throughout the European region. Flagship food group is a well-established organization that has carved out a market of its own. It specializes in mayonnaise as well as serving sauces and will play a key role in the growth of the OSI brand.

David McDonald has consistently made moves that help OSI Group stay at forefront of a very competitive industry. He is dedicated to quality assurance and is keenly aware of how the company operates on an international level. McDonald was hands on with the restructuring of the management system in China. David inserted a traveling team of inspectors that were charged with making sure that every department of OSI Group was operating up to standards throughout the world. The evaluation process is designed to ensure that the organization maintains readiness internationally.

David McDonald is originally from the state of Iowa and attended Iowa State University. He studied animal science and eventually went on to receive his degree from the institution. David began his career with OSI immediately after college and remained with company as the years went by. He has moved up to the highest position within the organization and is dedicated to the OSI Group vision.

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Tony Petrello: Working Class To Millionaire

Tony Petrello grew up in what would be considered a working-class family. He attended public school and was considered an outgoing student. Starting at a young age, Petrello was willing to speak out about topics he cared about, and thought were important. It wasn’t until high school that Tony Petrello greatly excelled as a student. He became well known, famous in a sense, for his abilities in math. In fact, he considered it to be enjoyable to write down equations and proofs and then solve them.

Yale University learned about Petrello and offered him a scholarship and the opportunity to be mentored by Serge Lang. Lang was considered the most inexhaustible mathematicians of his time. However, Tony Petrello wasn’t interested in pursuing his education in math, instead he wanted to study law. After graduating from Yale with a bachelor’s and master’s degree, he attended Harvard Law School.

Upon finishing law school, Tony Pertrello took a job at a law firm, Baker & McKenzie, where he became a specialist in business law. In the 1980’s he became a partner of the firm and ran its New York office. One of Pertrello’s clients while he worked at Baker & McKenzie was Nabors Industries, an oil drilling company that has locations around the world. Nabors leadership team was impressed with Petrello and started offering him a position within their company. It took time and serious convincing to get Petrello to join the Nebors team, but he finally did leave Baker & McKenzie and joined the Nebors team as an executive.

Tony Petrello became the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors in 1991. While he served in this position, his primary responsibility was daily operations. It is not surprising that Petrello made a huge impact while he served as the COO; therefore, when the time came he was the first person considered to take over the company. One year later, Petrello became the president. It was at this point that he started to leave his mark with massive and continued success.

Outside of the oil drilling business. Petrello participates in philanthropic ventures. Primarily, he is interested in pediatric neurological health care. Petrello donated $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital to help support their efforts in neurological health care; this donation allowed the hospital to build a state of the art care center dedicated to pediatric neurological patients.

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Ryan Seacrest Making A Difference Through The Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Ryan John Seacrest life started when he was born on 24 December 1974. In his career life, he has been able to achieve a lot from the time he started has been a radio presenter, television host and the producer too. The thing that set him off and he became so known in the world was when he hosted the American Idol competition. Other two shows helped him in his career path to gain the recognition that he has and is the morning radio show KIIS FM and hosting the American top 40 countdowns. After he hosted the American Idol in 2002 things changed for him. Because it was soon after that that he was offered the job of a news anchor in the E television network that was a step in taking over the international events. Different shows wanted Ryan to appear on the show, and that is why he signed a deal with Today show in 2012. The agreement did not last long as in 2013, he as requested if he could become the host of Million Second Quiz which he accepted. In 2017, he joined the live show Kelly and Ryan where he was the co-host.

Ryan Seacrest came up with a foundation that is a nonprofit organization. With that goal that through the foundation they will be able to inspire the youth using entertainment and education initiatives. The initiative that they have in mind is that around the pediatric hospitals they will build the media center. The center will be used mainly by the patients so that have an opportunity of enjoying what radio, media and television have to offer.

The center will be able to help the patients in the healing process in the stay at the hospital. With the program, Ryan Seacrest believes that the media experience will positively stimulate the healing process. The foundation is coming up with ways that they can teach the community how they can take advantage of the journalism schools to their advantage and gain the needed experience. Over the ten years, the foundation has been in services it has led to the opening ten more media centers. More of these can be seen on and

Hope And Philanthropy For Tony Petrello’s Through Research Funding

The premature birth of Tony Petrello’s daughter Carena, at 24 weeks brought about extensive personal research between him and his wife, Cynthia. Diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) at birth due to lack of sufficient oxygen flow into the brain, Carena encountered development problems including cerebral palsy. Her parents were distressed by lack of enough medical interventions research which led to another commitment to standing with parents having similar cases.

The couple has been philanthropic, but this case led to specific charitable efforts such as the $7 million donations to Texas Children’s Hospital in 2010. Tony Petrello donations were used in funding research at the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, to ensure children around the world get the best treatment for neurological disorders. He says it’s humbling raising his daughter with a severe developmental disability but has not given up, hoping to work out a cure through research.

He has a passionate heart about giving back to the community which was instrumental in his capacity and as the leader of Nabors when Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in Houston, Texas. He quickly mobilized a team of disaster relief workers from Nabors, who were paid for the time off. Moreover, Tony matched every dollar the employees donated towards the disaster relief funds, equaling their $173,622 donations. He encourages his employees to live a healthy and fit lifestyle and avails equipment for workouts at work.

Tony Petrello attained his bachelor of science in mathematics from Yale University on a public school scholarship. His family was not stable enough, something that motivated him to work hard at high school earning the scholarship. He received his master’s in mathematics at the same institution before heading to Harvard Law School. He was later employed at Baker & McKenzie law firm in New York rising to become a managing partner. His successful law career attracted one of the firm clients, Nabor Industries Ltd, who inquired of his services, leaving to become the current president and Chief Executive Officer.

Forward thinking and teamwork have been his propelling theme at the oil drilling company. He is a strong leader who emphasizes on talent and experience in a collaborative leadership style which has enabled Nabors Industries to stay on top of the industry. He aims at the improvement of each project they perform making their operations more efficient than the last time they did it. Tony Petrello has led the company by extending its services to off-shore drilling and production of some of the safest and largest rigs across the market.

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Milan Kordestani: A Man Who Can Do It All

Milan Kordestani is one of the few teens in the world who have achieved personal and professional success at such a young age.

At the tender age of 19, Milan already has multiple blue ribbons under his belt as an equestrian, is currently a college student, and operates a business.

I know what you’re thinking: how does he find time to manage all of this?

When you’re passionate about what you do and are driven, you make time for what matters and find ways to excel in each of your interests.

His Life as an Equestrian

Milan basically began riding horses at the age of 10. His first experience atop a horse was while trail riding.

Unfortunately, the horse went wild, running away, and throwing young Milan off in the process.

Did Milan cry, though? No, he didn’t; he simply pulled himself up by his boot straps and got back on the very same horse that threw him off.

Milan was determined to continue riding.

Earning a Living

As admirable as it is to witness a young lad getting thrown from a horse but climbing right back atop it, it is even more admirable to know what Milan has been doing since then: working a business.

Who says that you have to be an adult to own a business?

Milan started his business, Milan Farms, in 2015 when he was about 16 years old.

He is a farmer.

The three items that are grown on his farm include organic eggs, mint, and saffron.

In fact, Milan is known for the special method in which he grows his saffron. He uses drip irrigation but is also experimenting with aquaponic and hydroponic systems in order to produce the best crop possible.

Aside from running a farm, Milan also spends time writing for the Huffington Post.

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End Citizens United Takes On The Big Money 20

End Citizens United has eyed 20 Congressional incumbents they believe need to be replaced. The Big Money 20, this set of politicians stands out for their willingness to put the interests of corporations over the common people. This has been happening for far too long and it needs to stop. By doing everything they can to help fight these incumbents, End Citizens United is playing a key role in getting power back into the hands of everyday citizens. There are few out there who would disagree with their assertions and even fewer who would fight in favor of the Big Money 20.

You can easily see how these politicians represent the current issues we’re seeing in politics. All of them have taken donations from special interests lobbyists and all of them have taken actions that put their voters’ interest on the sidelines. The only way to properly deal with the concerns is to start looking at politicians that can better fight for our rights and what we want. End Citizens United is a PAC specifically designed for that purpose and they are focused on making sure the upcoming elections go according to plan and give us what we need in our politics.

You don’t need to look very far to see that this PAC has the perfect moment to make a difference. November is going to be a test for big money and it’s Trump’s presidency that will be the decisive factor. So many people are upset with the current direction of politics and how politicians have focused on the wrong things. They want their voices heard and they are certain that it isn’t going to be the current GOP incumbents. Winning these upcoming elections is going to prove difficult for the Big Money 20 as they are situated in strongly blue states.

End Citizens United was created because of the Citizens United Supreme Court case. That case gave corporations the right to declare campaign donations were in fact free speech. It made corporations people and put the American public in dangerous hands. This is one step towards making sure we undo Citizens United and bring a bright future for upcoming generations. If the results of this election can be repeated, it won’t be too hard to have a new way of thinking take over. Big money doesn’t have to be the final voice in the American political system.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich Continues In New Innovations For Plastic Surgery

Dr. Rod Rohrich is internationally known for his significant contributions in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Rod Rohrich attended medical school at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas and began his medical career with residencies in general surgery and plastic surgery at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Once he completed residencies he accepted a prestigious fellowship in Pediatric Plastic Surgery at Radcliff Infirmary/Oxford University in Oxford, England.

He would later complete a hand and microvascular fellowship with Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. His medical career would take root at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. There he became the Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the Department of Plastic Surgery.Thanks to his efforts UT Southern has been at the forefront of innovative research in cosmetic and reconssurgery for the last two decades. His work has specifically improved facial rejuvenation, breast surgery, and rhinoplasty procedures.

Working with his team at UT Southwestern Dr. Rod Rohrich has published over 1,500 scientific papers on plastic and reconstructive surgery. One of his research projects led Dr. Rod Rohrich to patent a new breast implant. The new breast implant consists of a patented blend of polyethylene glycol (PEG) and saline. The benefits of this new implant are the look and feel of silicone without the toxicity and associated health risks that come with silicone breast implants. From his research Dr. Rod Rohrich has concluded that PEG appears to be non-toxic, non-immunogenic, and non-carcinogenic.

A California based company Patent Discovery Corp has since procured the rights to the patent and is working with UT Southwestern and Dr. Rod. Rohrich to further develop and commercialise the technology. Dr. Rod Rohrich will continue to be a leader in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery as he continues to hold UT Southwestern as a top institution for plastic surgery training.

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David Giertz Career and Life

David Giertz is the type of person who is continuously striving to get better. Although he is one of the most prominent financial planners in the world today, he still reads books about investing and money management. Anyone who wants to build wealth should work with David on a variety of different topics. He is the type of person who can help anyone improve their financial position. He offers simple advice that is easy to follow. Now is a perfect time for people to start investing. Over the past few years, the economy has improved in many areas of the country.

Early Career

David started working in the financial planning industry while he was in college. He was an intern at an investment firm, and he learned valuable lessons about the industry during this time. He eventually decided to start a financial planning firm. It was hard for him to attract clients in the first few years. He is the type of person who is continuously looking for ways to improve his financial position.


David Giertz advises people of all ages. He firmly believes that financial success is attainable for anyone who is willing to work hard and make sacrifices. The vast majority of people today spend too much money and do not spend enough time planning for the future.

To build wealth, it is critical for people to develop an investing plan that aligns with their goals. Many people struggle with financial planning because they do not understand basic concepts about money management.

David Giertz is also excited about new projects he is working on. He wants to significantly expand his online presence by writing more online content related to investing. David also plans to write a book about early retirement in the coming years.

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What’s The Future For OSI Industries

OSI Industries is one of the biggest names in the food service industry, but it isn’t too common in most households. To be honest, most people don’t know exactly where their food products come from. There are numerous high profile food providers in the world, but there is one that stands-out from the rest. Located in Aurora, Illinois, is one of the leading food providers, and it has worked its way straight to the top via hard work and dedication. OSI Industries just so happens to be the company in question, and it actually started from humble beginnings. OSI Industries was birthed in 1909. Yes, this is correct. If you do the math, this means that the company has been around for over a century. It was founded by a German-immigrant named Otto Kolshowski.

Providing the freshest and best-tasting meats is what the small meat market did at its best. During this point in time, OSI was known as Otto & Sons. This small meat market was situated in Oak Park, Illinois. People from all over the Midwest ordered their meats from this phenomenal place, and it would begin to grow at an outrageous rate. In the 1960s, cryogenic-food processing took-over the scene. Unfortunately, many business went of out-of-business because of the cryogenics’ extraordinary ability to freeze meats. Otto & Sons/OSI continued to thrive under this new regime and McDonald’s chose the company as one of its four, main meat suppliers. To this very day, this duo of companies has retained a strong relationship.

Forbes has ranked OSI Industries on multiple occasions. The company was ranked at the 136th position for the nation’s largest private companies. During that time, OSI generated upward of $3 billion in revenue. In 2014, OSI reached the 58th position thanks to generating over $6 billion in revenue. As of today, this multi-billion dollar company has the world in its hands, and it will continue to push the boundaries in food services.

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