Kamil Idris and The Need for The World To Address Intellectual Property Rights

There’s no reason for businesses to be impassive, discouraged and downtrodden today because of lack of opportunities and access to better tech to start, grow and flourish a business. The globalization system we have right now makes things easier to access and to get contacts to the best talents across the world. This is why we can’t be complacent anymore.

There’s already dynamic equality in the system, where everyone can get a better chance of access to business knowledge if the system is just allowed to do its work. This situation is best described, explained and reported in the Tech News Spy article this week.

Intellectual Property in the Digital Age

One of the recent analysis we can read right now at Tech News Spy about the globalization set-up is the one from Professor Kamil Idris, who claimed that the globalization experience we have right now is not just turpitudes and scandals. They’re also replete with technological breakthroughs that give people the chance to start and grow their own business. He also reported some of the darker sides of running a company, including how the issue of privacy and intellectual property rights are getting more complex to fix. We can also say here that the regulations set in place to fix international property law are too complicated to map out, and only through a decentralized system that these changes in the society can get through.

Professor Idris also argued that because countries lack resources on how to manage intellectual property rights and countries still lack behind in understanding this, it’s still hard for intellectual rights to be considered a mainstream topic. However, we are getting there, and the sooner we do, the better it is for creative people to get their products across in the most equitable way.

About Dr. Kamil Idris

Dr. Idris is a Sudanese statesman and international civil servant who had been a victorious Director General for the World Intellectual Property Organization from 1997-2008, which is still advocacy he is strongly passionate about today. He holds a Bachelor of Law from Khartoum University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Political Science at Cairo University.

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