OSI Group Buys Baho Foods

One of the most dynamic and important industries in the world today is the food industry. While food is a very important item that all people need, it does require efficient companies to make sure it is readily available. One organization that has been one of the leading food providers and producers in the world for around 100 years is the OSI Group.

The OSI Group is an organization that was formed in the early 1900s and has been based out of Aurora, IL ever since. While the OSI Group used to be a small regional company that operated in the Midwest of the United States, it has continued to grow a lot over the past decade. One of the main ways that the OSI Group has been able to grow is through the purchase of other companies in the industry. While they have focused on buying direct competitors, the company has also been able to acquire companies in the food industry that provide specialty products.

Over the past few years, one of the top purchases that the OSI Group has made has been their purchase of Baho Food. This company is based out of the Netherlands and produces a variety of meats, snacks, and other foods. Baho Food has a very good footprint in Europe and already has a lot of great customers including some of the top grocers and specialty food providers in the country.

While OSI Group will be the parent company of Baho going forward, the new acquisition already had a major structure in place that has allowed it to continue to thrive. The company current has five different subsidiaries, each of which have their own processing plants in Germany and other locations across Europe.

The purchase of the new company was a very strategic move for the OSI Group. Over the past few years, the OSI Group has looked for ways to expand its presence in Europe and this move will help it to grow a much bigger portfolio. Some of the other moves in Europe have included buying some other small companies and expanding additional plants in Spain.

Overall, the OSI Group continues to be a top food provider due to the strong corporate reputation. The company has a great reputation with customers and other companies in the industry and has received a number of major awards and accolades to their its ethics and product quality.

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