March, 2018

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A Review of the Benefits of Product Promotion with NewsWatch TV

With over twenty-five years and 1,200 episodes focused primarily on consumer products, and with an emphasis on cutting edge technology, it is clear that NewsWatchTV has established itself as the go to information source for the kind of savvy consumers every company actively seeks to attract.

Its award winning presentations on the most trending of topics such as app reviews and social media have enabled NewsWatchTV to feature celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson, Julianne Moore just to name a few.

Testimonials from entrepreneurs around the world, who have teamed up with NewsWatchTV to promote their products, universally express the positive experience derived from working with an organization that is both professional and knowledgeable beyond expectations. Beyond that, there is a unique personal touch that is evident in the intimate relationships they consistently develop with their clients.

There are many media outlets available for product promotion but, as the numerous reviews from business after business clearly indicate, there are very few that go the extra mile to work one on one with clients to insure the promotional message is delivered in the way that best reflects the benefits in the way NewsWatchTV consistently manages to do.

In an age where high tech techies and computer nerds abound, it is exceedingly rare to find an organization that combines essential tech savvy with the ever increasingly lost art of interpersonal skills. It is this ability to put the latest technical advances into terms that the average public consumer can not only understand, but can actually relate to that seems to be the formula for the unprecedented success that NewsWatchTV and their clients have experienced.

With such unparalleled synergy between the latest technological innovations and the consumer, it seems the future is very bright indeed for NewsWatchTV and their many clients.


OP Skins Enters Bitcoin Trading Industry With WAX

OP Skins might have previously been known for being a marketplace for assets for online games, but the company is now taking on a new realm, which is the work of cryptocurrency. One of the reasons why the company has entered the market is because they are currently one of the most prominent bitcoin-accepting merchants in the world. People all over the world are regularly making transactions on the site and more so in the form of bitcoins because of the goods that are offered. Since the site does not only target one specific group of people living in a particular area, and preferably a large market spread throughout the world, the people buying from this site to work with different currencies. Because not everyone pays in dollars and euros, Bitcoins have become one of the more preferred currency options.


According to Malcolm Casselle, One of the reasons why people are choosing bitcoins over other currency methods is because of the absence of regulatory authorities imposing taxes on the transactions. When a person makes payments which convert their currency to something like dollars, they are paying a certain amount in conversion fees. However, Bitcoins have given people a way to spend, without the conversion, and without the charges.


There is no doubt that OPSkins is already proficient with bitcoin trading, which is why it came as no surprise when it announced that it would be releasing a new virtual trading platform called Worldwide Asset eXchange. Based on trades between people, the platform serves as an excellent way for those who want to start investing into bitcoins, and want to find a safe and secure way to do so.


One of the most significant hurdles that people face when trying to invest into bitcoins is finding a site that isn’t fraudulent and conducting trades that are free from potential risks. OPSkins wanted to be able to create an environment where people can make these trades without having to think twice about the repercussions, and where they would be able to conduct their transactions with ease and without any worries that they would have to face.

Obsidian Energy Thinks Safety First

All we have to do these days is turn on the news or do a quick search and see that work place accidents and accidents in every community happen. Many of these accidents could have been avoided if only people took several steps to make things safer. Obsidian Energy is doing just that. They want to make sure that their operations are safe for the people who work for them and the communities in which they are working in. This is why the all new company is drilling for oil in Canada with several safety standards in place. They understand that being safe should always come before getting oil and gas out of the ground. To be honest, Obsidian Energy understand that safety has to come after the drilling too and for that reason Obsidian Energy is making sure that the cleanup happens on all of their sites when they are finished.


Safety in both the community and at their drilling site is Obsidian’s first priority. Sure, Obsidian Energy wants to make money for their shareholders and investors but, they do so after the safety precautions are being taken. It really is that simple, safety first and profits second. Each person who is helping to get oil and gas out of the ground goes through a specific training and Obsidian is happy to do their part to help keep everyone safe.


Obsidian Energy has a commitment to make positive impacts on all of the communities where they have operations. Obsidian sponsor a Community Matters Program where all employees and contractors are to communicate openly with all people in the communities.


If you don’t know much about Obsidian Energy, that’s ok. They are an experienced Canadian oil and gas producer that went through a restructure that was not just a name change but a whole reworking of the company’s skills and values. They transformed their company from the bottom up and it’s lead to a much brighter future for everyone. As an intermediately sized company they hold their own with oil and natural gas production. They know the industry inside an out because they emerged from Penn West Petroleum Ltd. They took what they learned and continued to make it better by paying closer attention to what could go wrong and right and making adjustments as they are needed. This has turned Obsidian into a fine company who cares about what they do and the people involved.



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Lawrence Bender: The Producer Who Created the Hit Film Pulp Fiction

Lawrence Bender was born in the Bronx, New York City, New York. Throughout his career, Bender has amassed three Oscar nominations including those for his work on Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, and Inglourious Basterds. That being said, my favorite film by Lawrence Bender is Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction was released in 1994 and was a film that wasn’t like anything else in cinemas during that time. This film tells the tale of multiple people living in a world of crime including two hitmen, a boxer, the wife of a mob boss, and many more colorful characters. What makes this film personally enjoyable is how well the story is told that weaves these seemingly unrelated characters together so seamlessly.

One reason that this film has been so well-received is that it is hard to pinpoint this movie to a specific genre. Pulp Fiction contains elements of comedy, drama, and even throws in a few love stories. While this film is over two hours, it’s a movie that I can watch and be continually engrossed in no matter how many times I’ve seen it. While this film does feature a decent amount of graphic language and violence, it helps this movie to achieve a sense of realism.

To summarize, my favorite film produced by Lawrence Bender is Pulp Fiction. This film tells multiple tales surrounding a group of people with seemingly unrelated stories. That being said, the viewer quickly finds out that these characters have more in common than they might think. Pulp Fiction combines multiple genres into a fast-paced ride with plenty of characters and unforgettable moments for the viewer to enjoy. This film combines elements of comedy, action, drama, and noir, and suspense genres in order to create a unique masterpiece. In addition, Pulp Fiction continues to remain ranked quite highly within many top movies of all time lists.

Ryan Emmons’ Success with Waiakea Water

With the bottled water business now a 100 billion dollar industry, there are hundreds of different bottled water options to chose from. Chances are, even your local grocery store has its own brand of water on its store shelves. There is pure water, flavored water, vitamin water, mineral water and even a few more obscure choices.

If a company doesn’t have an innovative product to sell, the chances are against them when it comes to becoming a success. The innovation can be in packaging, production, flavors, health benefits or other creative ways. The bottom line is, if you want to sell bottled water you need something to make you stand out from the crowd.

Introducing Waiakea Water

Ryan Emmons was able to turn a simple idea he had while visiting family in Hawaii into a multi-million dollar company. During his time spent in Hawaii, he witnessed several natural volcano rock structures around the idea. He discovered that many of these formations served as natural filtration processes for spring water.

Simply by creating a bottled water that is packaged in Hawaii is almost enough to guarantee a successful product. When people see a food product based of Hawaii they are instantly reminded of the healthy and laid back life style of Hawaii’s civilization. Just by putting a Hawaiian word on the packaging, people believe that the water is healthy.

Of course, they wouldn’t be wrong. Waiakea Water is one of the healthiest bottled waters on the market today. The water is filtered through 14,00 feet of porous volcanic rock and this causes the water to be supplemented with a wide variety of minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium. This makes up the majority of volcano water benefits.

A side-effect of the presence of healthy minerals is a slight increase in PH value. Normal water has a complete neutral PH value of 7, Waiakea’s water has a value sometimes as high as 8. The increased PH value is nothing more than a result of the natural benefits that come along with the volcanic rock filtration process.

Tempus Labs – Innovative Medical Solutions Over The Years

Tempus Labs, the enterprise started by Eric Lefkofsky three years ago, has worked extremely hard on a varied list of innovative treatments on cancer predilections related to the skin, eyes and blood pressure.

About Tempus Labs

Specializes in molecular and clinical data collection and analyzing. Specifically speaking, physicians are able to utilize the conveniences of Tempus – a machine learning platform – and provide patients with personalized cancer care. Currently, the company is evaluated at $700 million. Its primary goal is for patients to benefit from treatments of those who were treated before them, that way Tempus can provide the best of the best medical outcomes.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Besides co-founding Tempus, Lefkofsky, is also co-founder of Lightbank, Uptake, Mediaocean, InnerWorkings and Echo Global Logistics. In addition to co-founding businesses, he is also a trustee of a list of businesses as well, such as: the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago and World Business Chicago. With his wife, he started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which was built to advance education projects, human rights, culture of communities, art and medicine.

Lefkofsky obtained his Juris Doctor through programs offered at the University of Michigan School of Business. He also has an adjunct professorship at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

If you’d like to learn more on Eric Lefkofsky or Tempus Labs, please visit the Tempus website for further details.

Below are a few innovative solutions through Tempus Labs which has earned the business much recognition in the industry.

* Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-Cell Therapy – technology for cancer which is in the process of transforming treatment of hematologic malignancies.

* Voretigene neparvovec-rzyl – engineered to treat a rare vision loss disease that targets mutations in a particular gene.

* Blood pressure watch by Omron – the first smartwatch to read blood pressure through Radial Artery Occlusion (RAO).

* Glucose Sensor by Abbott – Is applied to the arm and doesn’t require the user to calibrate with a fingerstick.

And the list does continue. Tempus Labs is constantly a huge influence on medical industry and plans to continue to have a huge impact in the years to come.

Please visit the Tempus Labs website for further details. Tempus is in collaboration with multiple academic institutions and with most of the nation’s top cancer centers.

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Alex Pall Explains why he was Confident of Success

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the production duo that makes up a group called The Chainsmokers. The duo has been active in the music industry since 2012 and has released hit songs such as “Roses”, “#Selfie”, and “Closer.” The duo has been awarded for their efforts in music with two American Music Awards and five iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart started working together after Pall’s manager introduced them to each other. At the time Pall was DJing around the New York area and had recently begun to think of it as a career.

“It was more just side word that I was really passionate about,” Pall confessed. It wasn’t until one single moment, while in an art gallery, that Pall realized that his music was consuming his life and that he could really make a career out of it.

Finally, when Pall’s manager introduced him to Drew Taggart, he started really working on his music seriously. Taggart moved from Maine and Pall quit his job and they both began making music full-time. Pall knew right away that the duo would be a success. “We were both very observant about what was going on around us and who was killing it.” Pall explained. “[Drew and I] were trying to shape an identity around this.”

The Chainsmokers are a unique pair in the music industry. Up until the release of “Closer“, neither Taggart nor Pall had loaned their own voices to one of their songs. The Chainsmokers are more accustomed to allowing other artists to sing the songs they write and produce. For example, singer Halsey was a featured artist on “Closer.”

Thanks to Instagram, The Chainsmokers know exactly who their audience is. “From what I see on social media, it’s becoming more international,” Pall began. “We’re seeing places like the Philippines and South Africa.” Surprisingly the gender demographic seems to be split between girls and guys, Pall gathered from his Instagram feed. “It seems like we’re reaching the 16 to 25 demographic,” he said.

With Taggart now performing as a vocalist, The Chainsmokers live show will be changing significantly. In the future, if Taggart chooses to continue singing, the choreography and performance elements will only keep getting bigger and better.

Adam Milstein — A Native Son

Adam Milstein provides resources, guidance, and funding for a variety of non-profits serving to help Jews strengthen their distinctive identity and those serving to preserve the nation of Israel as the Jewish homeland. How he got to this point is a truly fascinating story.

Born in the northern port city of Haifa, Israel, Adam Milstein served in the Israeli Defense Forces in the early 70s. In October 1973, when Israel was invaded by the combined Arab armies of Egypt, Iraq, and Syria, he served in the army division assigned to General Ariel. After his mandatory military service, Adam Milstein married Gila Elgrably in his hometown of Haifa and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Israeli Institute of Technology, more commonly known as the Technion. Later, Milstein moved his young family to California to take advantage of the educational and economic climate in the United States.

Adam Milstein received an MBA in Business from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He became a commercial real estate sales agent and worked his way up to managing partner in Hager Pacific Properties of California. After retiring from the commercial real estate market, Adam Milstein became an outspoken advocate for the nation of Israel, seeking to reinforce the ties between Israel and the United States. Milstein and his wife Gila founded the Milstein Family Foundation, an umbrella group providing support to other pro-Jewish and pro-Israel groups.

Radical Islam has long been associated with the extreme political right but has recently been forming relationships with politically radical ultra-left. The ultra-left willingly overlooks radical Islam’s hatred of gays and oppression of women.

This coalition of radical Islam with the extreme left and extreme right is finding ever more creative ways to strike out at Israel. They range from the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement to anti-Israeli protests on college campuses. Students at Tufts University in Massachusetts and New York University both printed guides attacking the university Jewish organization, Hillel, and deriding Israelis as white supremacists and colonial conquerors.

DJ’s For A New Generation: The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers, consisting of members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are an Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Pop, Electropop, combo who hit the music scene in 2012 ( Pall and Taggart hailing from New York, The Chainsmokers are a DJ Duo that have hit the music scene with a vengeance and their first release “#Selfie” climbed into the top 20 charts in multiple countries.

. This duo is happy to break music stereotypes and Taggart has been quoted as saying their music is “blurring the lines between indie, pop music, dance music, and hip-hop.

With their breakthrough music Pall and Taggart have been extremely successful and were on Forbes 2017 list of the world’s highest paid DJ’s with record-breaking earnings of $38 million


In a recent article in Forbes, The Chainsmokers discussed their new single “Sick Boy” with Hugh McIntyre. Drew Taggart relayed that “Sick Boy” is the first single they have released in nine months and represents the growth the two have achieved in the past four years both artistically and personally


The goal of The Chainsmokers music is to be a reflection of their generation and how they interpret the world around them and how events and circumstances affect them personally. According to Taggart their new single and current music has taken a darker tone as they have become a bit frustrated that they are judged by things that are said about them instead of who they actually are and what they actually stand for.

Social media is a great venue to get their music and name out to the public, but can also project artists and people in general in a way that is open to interpretation and can be filled with stories that are not true so instead of getting angry they decided to relay their frustration in a positive way through their music.

Pall noted that although the two have always held themselves to a high standard, their success has at times been a bit overwhelming and surreal as their music seems to reach a new chart stats with recurring frequency


Even though The Chainsmokers have been extremely successful they are still excited to produce music that not only makes their fans happy, but also is fun to create


Richard Dwayne Blair financial recap for better planning

Financial planning can be a life saver. Knowing where you finance is heading can be a great advantage for you and your family. Financial planning can help you with the roadmap to your destination. Planning is always good. When you are properly prepared, you have very little to worry about. Richard Dwayne Blair from Wealth Solutions is a absolute strategist and he’s very successful at what he does. Richard Dwayne Blair has a 3 step financial system that is absolutely robust. Planning is always good When you’re not too sure about your destination. His 3 steps system help clients to avoid some of the common pitfalls we all have on our financial journey. Everyone needs a plan and Richard and his team is all about creating the best possible financial plans for there clients.

After determining the client strength, goals and worries in step one, he then put together a long term plan that will help support the client spending and investing needs. After all that he then get the client ready for step three, which is all about insurance. By planning for the client insurance Richard Dwayne Blair and his team can predict and fix problems as they come along.

Richard runs Wealth Solution inAustin,Texas. Richard is currently helping clients plan for a very smooth retirement. Financial planning is very important, and not only do Wealth Solutions help you plan for your retirement. They also help you live a great life while you’re retired as well. If you in need of some financial advice or some financial planning, you should give the guys at Wealth Solution a call. Richard and his team are always ready to deliver on stellar plans for those Who needs the assistance. Don’t leave your retirement planning up to just anybody, take control of your finances today.