Alex Pall: Transitioning and Transforming

The Chainsmokers is a duo of DJs who have come a long way from the status quo of what DJs are usually defined as, and they are fine with it; in fact, that’s what they aspire to do and be. At least that’s what they are trying to achieve, as they sit describing the details surrounding them coming together as a group. It seems destined the two known as Pall and Taggart would come to work together, as the whereabouts regarding the formation of the Chain-smoker’s are spilled from their memory. Pall describes how he was enamored with DJing always and how it was “consuming” his life and how he wanted to give it a “proper shot.”


It seems he was already becoming active in the music community and only one component was missing, enter Andrew who he describes meeting casually with the words put simply “I was working with our same manager now at that time, and then he introduced me to Drew. So we met and just immediately started working.” That’s how it all started they wrap-up as the interviewer ask for more information about “how” did they know it would work them as a group. Too which Pall responds basically with the conversations the two held, “it became a chat about how driven and ambitious we were and how badly we really wanted this.” This seemingly instant and meant to be chemistry is more built upon as they reveal how they went from working week to week to sun up to sun down, ” 9 AM to 7 PM” to be exact. (See: The Chainsmokers New Song Video)


Next, the conversation shifts to details regarding where they are and where they are headed as artists. Pall talks about how they notice the cookie cutter formulas other artist in their genre seem to bask in and how uninspired the music is becoming. They in no way shape or form want to do the same. For example, he mentions how they made songs about their personal lives one in particular about an ex-girlfriend of his. These types of songs relate to their audience on a personal level and that’s what they do that others don’t that puts them a cut above. They talk about how older works have reached certain demographics and how they want to expand that with their upcoming work.


It seems The Chainsmokers is transitioning from just pop artist to something more and that’s how they like it transitioning and transforming. This article gives us hope for the future of music as they end the interview of details of how they are improving their live shows to more than just music and their personal goals to become more than just dance music creators. The Smokers end their interview with the statement ” for us it’s all about being on the forefront of pushing new boundaries and giving people new experiences.” I guess it’s safe to say the new music they create will show just what they have for fans to experience. Click Here for related information.



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