George Soros Is The Champion Of The Less Fortunate

Ever since George Soros made $1 billion in one day by betting against the British pound, there have been rumors swirling around him. The conspiracy theories keep coming in the form of allegations that he funded the Black Lives Matter group, as well as Antifa. He has also been accused of paying women to accuse Roy Moore of sexual misconduct. The fact is, however, that George Soros has donated much of his time and money to his philanthropy. Groups all over the world have benefited from his generosity. Although he does donate heavily to democratic party and its endeavors, he contributes much more of his vast fortune to generous causes.

The reason many are creating these conspiracy theories is that he is so outspoken about the causes that he believes in. For example, he gave $27 million to the Democratic party to help prevent George W. Bush from being reelected. The ability to influence and fund causes he believes in scares those who oppose him. They have demonized his philanthropy as a result. He had generously given millions of dollars of his fortune to help those in need. He donates to causes such as helping people in poor countries go to college or even helping new or unstable governments learn how to properly govern themselves so their people can live more satisfying lives.

Most notably, however, was his massive $18 billion donation, as reported by The Atlantic Your text to link…,to his Open Societies Foundations. It is a philanthropy group he created to help a wealth of worthy causes all over the world. This donation was the bulk of his fortune. It will allow him to help more people in need than ever before. This sizable donation has spooked his oppositions and created a firestorm of speculation. In past years, the OSF has contributed over $14 billion in donations. Some who oppose George Soros has even called Open Society Foundations the Death Star. Some believe that he will use the money as a guise to undermine the agenda of the right or to further his political and financial foothold on groups around the globe.

George Soros may be demonized by the opposition, but in fact, he has done a vast amount of good in the world because of his ability and willingness to lend hand to those who need it. Based on his recent actions, he will continue to help where he is needed to benefit the well-being of mankind.

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