February, 2018

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Investment Guru Paul Mampilly says Apple lack “innovative edge”

The stock markets in the United States is likely to experience a unique thing this year. After so many years, the stock value of Apple Company is likely to fall. This is a prediction that has been made by one of the best analysts in the country Paul Mampilly. He has given his opinion in a recent article citing reasons why 2018 will be a bad year for this company. According to Paul, this company has reached its maximum potential and can only go down at the moment. There is no hope that it will move up anymore. Unless it makes unprecedented changes, it is destined to go down. Why is this so?

Apple will decline because it is no longer innovative as it used to be and it no longer releases products that are unique and ones who will bring a revolution as it used to. In the last decade, Apple made innovations that were world’s first. The introduction of the iPod, iPhone and the iPad had not be experienced before. They were unique innovations which drove the company sales up. This would translate to the huge growth of the company. This is no longer the case; the company no longer releases these products. Since the death of its founder Steve Jobs, the company has been struggling to bring in new products. This means that over time, customers of the company’s products will likely get tired of the same products and will look for alternatives.

Apple has been losing touch in almost all areas. Although many people might be optimistic about the company after Warren Buffet pumped $20 billion into the company for marketing purposes, there is no hope that it will save the company from eminent fall it is facing. Paul Mampilly also quotes the company as one that is losing touch with its customers. Take for instance the allegations about the update that is slowing the company’s devices. Such news at this time will only add salt to the wound.

The company is already suffering, and any bad news about it will only make the situation worse. Apple is already being accused of forcing clients to purchase the new devices after the older devices become slow. Such a move will force customers to stay away from the company’s products, a factor that will likely affect its sales and the market value will fall.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has worked with big financial institutions. He has been a hedge fund manager. His reputation in the Wall Street is huge. He won the 2009 Templeton Foundation awards after trading $50 million to $88 million during the global economic depression.

About Paul Mampilly: www.talkmarkets.com/contributor/Paul-Mampilly/

Alex Pall: Transitioning and Transforming

The Chainsmokers is a duo of DJs who have come a long way from the status quo of what DJs are usually defined as, and they are fine with it; in fact, that’s what they aspire to do and be. At least that’s what they are trying to achieve, as they sit describing the details surrounding them coming together as a group. It seems destined the two known as Pall and Taggart would come to work together, as the whereabouts regarding the formation of the Chain-smoker’s are spilled from their memory. Pall describes how he was enamored with DJing always and how it was “consuming” his life and how he wanted to give it a “proper shot.”


It seems he was already becoming active in the music community and only one component was missing, enter Andrew who he describes meeting casually with the words put simply “I was working with our same manager now at that time, and then he introduced me to Drew. So we met and just immediately started working.” That’s how it all started they wrap-up as the interviewer ask for more information about “how” did they know it would work them as a group. Too which Pall responds basically with the conversations the two held, “it became a chat about how driven and ambitious we were and how badly we really wanted this.” This seemingly instant and meant to be chemistry is more built upon as they reveal how they went from working week to week to sun up to sun down, ” 9 AM to 7 PM” to be exact. (See: The Chainsmokers New Song Video)


Next, the conversation shifts to details regarding where they are and where they are headed as artists. Pall talks about how they notice the cookie cutter formulas other artist in their genre seem to bask in and how uninspired the music is becoming. They in no way shape or form want to do the same. For example, he mentions how they made songs about their personal lives one in particular about an ex-girlfriend of his. These types of songs relate to their audience on a personal level and that’s what they do that others don’t that puts them a cut above. They talk about how older works have reached certain demographics and how they want to expand that with their upcoming work.


It seems The Chainsmokers is transitioning from just pop artist to something more and that’s how they like it transitioning and transforming. This article gives us hope for the future of music as they end the interview of details of how they are improving their live shows to more than just music and their personal goals to become more than just dance music creators. The Smokers end their interview with the statement ” for us it’s all about being on the forefront of pushing new boundaries and giving people new experiences.” I guess it’s safe to say the new music they create will show just what they have for fans to experience. Click Here for related information.


See: https://twitter.com/alexpallny?lang=en

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America And WebMD Strides In Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® , known to many as CTCA is an institution that is committed to bring changes in the lives of cancer patients in the world. The institution was founded several years ago after medical professionals realized that many people were losing their lives to the dangerous disease. The medical condition does not spare its victims. Both young and old have battled cancer in the modern times. A lot of money has been invested in cancer research so that no more people have to lose their lives to the deadly disease. The modern technology has not made things easier for cancer patients. This is because very little progress has been registered in this department.

When Cancer Treatment Centers of America came into the international platform several years ago, people from all walks of life were desperate for cancer treatment. The institution has, however, made a great impact in this department. The organization recently announced its new plans of partnering with a company known as WebMD so that they can share information that will help the people living with cancer and their loved ones. The institution wants to ensure that the cancer experience is made better for the affected families and their loved ones. When an individual has been diagnosed with cancer, the family has to go through so many challenges. The treatment phase comes with its share of troubles too. The survivorship phase must be handled with care too so that the patient does not feel alone and scared. The cancer patients need lot of support from the moment they discover they have cancer to the minute they are cured. Without the right caregiver support, many people will lose the battle to the dangerous medical condition.

Cancer Treatment Centers have been instrumental in the battle against cancer because of two main reasons. The company has some of the best state of the art technologies that cannot be found elsewhere, and all of these play a leading role in cancer treatment. The organization has an advanced way of dealing with the condition too. Some of the advanced methods in the company include immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. A patient who has gone through all of these cancer treatment phases will be declared healed at the end of the treatment. The institution has some of the best clinicians who have been dealing with cancer for a long time, and they play a leading role in giving patients some of the best tested and tried methodologies that can make them be declared cancer free at the end of the treatment.

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The Impact of Sahm Adrangi’s Research

Kerrisdale Capital Management was set up in 2009 by its Chief Investment Officer, Sahm Adrangi. At the same time as building the firm, Adrangi took an involved responsibility during every part of its growth. Despite the fact that more than $150 million dollars is currently under Kerrisdale’s management, the firm supervised under $1 million after Adrangi first started it.

Even when Sahm Adrangi’s short selling profits have proven to be extremely excellent, he is probably well-known as a result of publishing research on companies that he thinks the market still has misconceptions about. Two types of stocks that he most often releases Kerrisdale’s assessments on are under-followed longs combined with shorts he believes to be over-hyped.

The Securities and Exchange Commission also have taken enforcement measures against a few of the businesses which Sahm Adrangi uncovered for being deceitful, including ChinaCast Education Corp as well as China Education Aliiance. He received tons of popularity ever since shorting and widely unveiling some of these particular fraudulent Chinese businesses in 2010 and 2011.

A lot of different companies and business sectors have already been the focus of the investigation, but Sahm Adrangi’s attention has, lately, remained towards a number of industries which he has developed knowledge about. The biotechnology field is undoubtedly amongst those, and Kerrisdale has published knowledge regarding Bavarian Nordic, Zafgen, Pulse Biosciences, Unilife and also numerous others. The firm’s analysis is in many instances centered on the progress times of these kinds of businesses coupled with the longer term prospects.

Deutsche Bank happened to be the place wherein Sahm Adrangi begun a profession in the realm of investment. Here, he managed loan debt financing, both high-yield coupled with leveraged. He eventually worked for quite a few years at Longacre Management, a hedge fund.

Adrangi completed his Bachelor of Arts in Economics upon his graduation out of Yale University. On account of all the notoriety he has obtained, both through his stock trading profits and via his studies, some trading gatherings have provided him the ability to discuss his wisdom through presenting to new traders.

Buying Bitcoin May Not Be Your Best Move According To Paul Mampilly.

Cryptocurrency has a good chance of taking over the banking industry and its stock has been bought by many enthusiastic investors. Paul Mampilly, a stock market expert has an interest in digital currency and says that he believes in Bitcoin, but in his investment newsletters he’s telling people they should refrain from buying Bitcoin right now. Why is that? When an asset like Bitcoin becomes too popular, that demand drives prices artificially high and a bubble forms just as it did back in 2000 with the dot-com crash and the 2008 mortgage crisis. Mampilly says there’s already signs that Bitcoin has reached its high and that it’s going to have a steady downward track that’s going to make it too risky to invest in.

Paul Mampilly shares his investment information through an independent information news organization known as Banyan Hill Publishing, and he writes both articles and email newsletters through their platform. He previously made millions as an advisor to high net worth clients in investment banking and as a portfolio director at one of Wall Street’s top hedge funds. He had immigrated to the US over 20 years ago to study accounting and finance at Montclair State University, and he later completed his master’s at Fordham University. Mampilly started out researching credit and alternative investments at Deutsche Bank, and then moved up to more prominent positions at ING and Banker’s Trust. The hedge fund Mampilly joined in 2006 was Kinetics International Fund, and it was praised by Barron’s for Mampilly’s work in raising $25 billion in client assets, and making investments that yielded over 20% in returns.

Outside of the offices of the banks and investment firms, Paul Mampilly has also spoken to several media outlets like CNBC and Fox Business, and he was quoted as predicting the recession about a year prior to it happening. He also was one of the first investors to predict the success of Facebook and the takeoff of Sarepta Therapeutics. Even during the recession, Mampilly made an investment that turned $50 million into $88 million and helped him win an investment competition that the Templeton Foundation hosted. By 2016, Paul Mampilly had grown tired of always working away from home and retired at the early age of 42. He didn’t quit investing though, and he’s used his newsletters starting with “Profits Unlimited” to help people in more ways than he ever did on Wall Street. So far, Mampilly’s newsletters have gained over 60,000 followers.

Visit Paul Mampilly’s Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/PaulMampillyGuru/

The RealReal And The Reasons For Dressing In Luxury

Many people do not think about why they dress up until they take an interest in being fashionable. This is when they start to think about what they want to show to the world when it comes to images. Among the things they think about is how they want to feel about themselves. They also think about the type of items they want to buy. For people who are serious about fashion, they have a desire for products that are going to last them for a long time. Therefore, they are going to want to pay for durable clothing.

Fortunately, there are luxury companies like The RealReal. They sell luxury items like fashion, furniture, jewelry, and other items. One thing they do is check out every item in order to make sure that they are authentic. After all, they are selling items at premium prices. Therefore, they have to make sure that it is worth every penny that they pay. One thing that they have dedicated themselves to is selling not products but experiences. When people shop at their stores, they are paying for something that is going to change their lives for the better.

The RealReal knows that the great experience that customers get when buying the products do not need to be limited to the internet. There is plenty of reason to take the online shop and bring it to the brick and mortar world. Therefore, they have opened up a few brick and mortar locations in some of the markets throughout the country including NYC and San Francisco. This gives people a chance to visit a local store and enjoy some of the luxury fashions they could not find anywhere else. The best part is that they do not have to worry about buying any more products because The RealReal sells products that are made to last.

Tony Petrello Really Shows How He Cares About The Community

What makes a major company stand out among the rest? It’s what they do for the community, how they give back. Well there’s one company in particular that really stands out and it’s Nabors Industries. Tony Portello Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries is very passionate about this and is continually showing it day after day. When hurricane Harvey hit the Houston and surrounding areas, it was devastating. Homes were destroyed, people had to leave their homes, streets were flooded, and it was hard to get supplies to places and people that needed them. Right after it hit, there were a few companies that reacted immediately, the Houston Food Bank, H-E-B, and Nabors Industries.

Nabors Industries corporate office is located in Houston and has its own in-house fitness center, barbeque pit, and even its own Naborhood Café where the employees could be found on a regular day. But they also can regularly be found at fundraisers, community projects, and special events.

When Hurricane Harvey hit the employees took time off work to help. And to show their appreciation, Nabors Industries offered them paid time off. The employees also offered relief contributions which totaled $173.622. And on top of that, Tony Petrello gave a donation matching that number. This donation was called the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund and was used for all hands-on activities. They also offered the use of their on-site kitchen. They prepared 3 hot meals a day to make sure that local families would have nice hot meals during all the devastation.

Nabors Industries has approximately 1200 employees and about 10% of them were affected by the Hurricane. They have also been involved in other local crisis, donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Bike MS. They have their own Nabors Charitable Foundation which has donated over $3 million dollars to scholarships for their employees and their children.

Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia both are very serious and passionate about philanthropy. They had found that there was a lack of information and treatment options on childhood neurological disorders. So they donated $7 million to Texas Children Hospital to organizations that can treat these disorders.

Anthony G. Petrello graduated from Harvard and Yale University. He obtained a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School and then another two degrees from Yale in Mathematics. He joined Nabors Industries in 1991 which has become the largest geothermal and natural gas drilling contractor in the world.

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Paul Mampilly Has Identified Two More Megatrends

Some investors look for good businesses. They like to find companies with popular products that are well-run. Other investors are contrarian. They like to find reasons why stocks are priced too high or too lower by the market. Paul Mampilly also likes to find good companies that are priced too low for their value, but he has a strategy for finding them. He looks for such companies that also are positioned to ride a major market trends. He calls them megatrends. A company that has a product that is riding a megatrend in popularity is almost guaranteed to rise in price no matter what is happening to the overall economy or stock market.

In the past, Paul Mampilly has identified three current megatrends: the Internet of Things, precision medicine and the millennial generation. Recently, he discovered two more megatrends that will make fortunes in the next few years: financial technology and new sources of energy.

By now, almost everybody has heard of Bitcoin, but not many people appreciate how ingenious it is. The creator of it, figured out how to use distributed databases to independently verify financial transactions. The original intention was to create a type of electronic exchange that keep these secure between the two parties, but yet private. And it would enable financial transactions without involving government money, central banks, private banks, credit card companies or payment processors such as Pay Pal. Bitcoin is having its market ups and downs, but financial institutions are adopting the blockchain technology it’s based on. In addition, they are increasing their investments in mobile technology, peer-to-peer payment systems and artificial intelligence.

The second new megatrend is the increase in sources of energy. Until recently, the world ran most on carbon-based energy. Some electric generators use nuclear energy, but most run on coal or natural gas. Paul Mampilly sees how fast this is changing. It has to, because carbon-based energy sources pollute the world and drive climate change. Nuclear power generation creates nuclear waste which will remain dangerous for hundreds of thousands of years. Paul Mampilly sees the increasing adoption of natural, sustainable energy sources such as solar and wind power.

Paul Mampilly is a former Wall Street insider who decided to stop managing hedge funds that just made already-wealthy people even wealthier. Instead, he writes a newsletter, Profits Unlimited, that anybody can subscribe to and learn what companies he finds that are using these megatrends to make their shareholders wealthy.

Paul Mampilly @ https://www.facebook.com/PaulMampillyGuru/

Dr. Mark McKenna is a Man on a Mission.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor who is licensed to practice medicine in both Florida and Georgia, although he spends much of his time working in ways other than directly with patients. The physician, a Tulane University Medical School graduate and New Orleans, Louisiana, native, is also CEO and founder of McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate development firm opened with his father. He also owns Uptown Title, LLC, and Universal Mortgage Lending, two additional businesses that he opened and helped form into successful, well-established brands.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ravished through new Orleans, ruining the city and much of what Dr. Mark McKenna had worked hard to establish through his various business ventures. Never one to be down and out, Dr. McKenna immediately began assisting in rescue and clean-up efforts in the city. He relocated two years later. Dr. McKenna began a new role as the CEO and founder of OVME.

Despite the doctor’s many business ventures and advocacy in the community, he still has time to maintain a personal life. Married to Gianine, the couple is the parents of a beautiful daughter named Milana and a Pomeranian named Ryder. OVME is now quite successful and Dr. Mark McKenna still enjoys entrepreneurship as well as actively participating in helping the community. Nonetheless, the doctor still values family above all else and ensures that he shares breakfast with his daughter each morning before a long, hard day of work. Dinner at home with the family is also an important part of daily life for Dr. Mark McKenna, who also says that he attends the gym daily.

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Shervin Pishevar-Entrepreneurship And Global Work

Businessman and company founder Shervin Pishevar created the corporation Sherpa Ventures in collaboration with his business partner. He served as the Managing Director of business. Shervin Pishevar has decades of experience as an entrepreneur, an angel investor, and a venture capitalist. The businessman used to serve at Menlo Ventures as their Managing Directors before co-founding Sherpa Ventures, based in San Francisco. He played a significant role in the launch of MeloTalent Fund amounting to 20 million dollars. The launch was a success, and Pishevar was recognized for his achievements.

Before that, Shervin Pishevarwas working technology at the company of Webs.com which he started up. Other tech-enabled businesses of the sort included Hyper Office and the Social Gaming Network. The serial entrepreneur has created businesses aggregating more than 100 million users and raising over 50 million dollars. The Investment business also plays a significant role in Shervin Pishevar’s life. He is an angel investor ho has directed funds to more than 60 companies working in media, search, and commerce, along with mobile and ad tech.

Over the course f his career, Shervin Pishevar has received a lot of recognition form individuals and institution alike. He was an Outstanding American by Choice, awarded by the U. S. Government. He became one of the 100 naturalized Americans chosen for the award since it was started up decades ago. Up to date, Shervin Pishevaris on the Advisory Board of the Comscore company. He is also an Entrepreneurial Ambassador in a few state departments located in Russian and the Middle East. What is more, Pishevar is among the ten members serving on the Global Entrepreneur Council of the UN Foundation. He is known for being a principal speaker at Summit on Entrepreneurship that took place in Algeria under PresidentÓbama’s leadership.

Pishevar achieved his bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies from the University of California. He is a published researcher of JAMA whose work can be found in the Journal of American Medical Association and Neuroscience Letters. Over the years, Pishevar has patented a number of works and has had several U. S. patents approved.

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