Tony Petrello’s Journey To Top Management At Nabors Industries Ltd.

Tony Petrello, the current CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd, was born in Newark, New Jersey in a working-class family. He attended Yale University and graduated with a BS and MS degrees in Mathematics. He then joined Harvard University from where he acquired a degree in Law.

Career History

In 1979, Tony started working in Baker and McKenzie law firm. He was given the position of a Managing Partner in 1986, for the New York office of the law firm. He continued working there until 1991 when he got a job offer in Nabors Industries Ltd.

Having worked there for just a year, Tony was appointed the president of Nabors Industries and in 2003, he was given the position of the Deputy Chairman of the company. Tony Petrello became Nabors Industries’ CEO in 2011. In 2012, he stopped being the Deputy chairman and instead served as the company’s Chair of the Board.

Other than working with Nabor Industries, Tony also serves as Stewart and Stevenson, LLC director as well as the director of Texas Children’s Hospital and Hilcorp Energy Company.  For more visit here.

Currently, Tony is one of the highly paid CEOs in the United States. In 2016, he earned an annual income of $15,372,429. while this may seem like an extremely high pay, it hasn’t come along easily but out of hard work and commitment. Under Tony’s leadership, Nabors industries have made great achievements and today it is one of the most successful companies in the world. It is no doubt a pacemaker.

In 2016, the company recorded annual revenues of above $2.2 billion. This is indeed a great progress for the business, which was started by Clair Nabors in 1952. The oil drilling company has its headquarters in Houston and Bermuda in Texas and has 30,000 employees.

Guided by its mission for growth and innovation, In 2010, Nabors made its largest acquisition, which is Superior Well Services, which has really boosted the company’s growth.

Tony the Philanthropist

Tony, is also a known philanthropist, with a passion for helping others, especially those with cerebral palsy. When his Daughter, Cerena was diagnosed with this condition, Tony and his family sought to understand the condition. It’s in this period they realized that there was little research done in the children neurological diseases. This pushed him to donate $50 million for the opening of Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children Hospital.

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