December, 2017

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Barbara Stokes: The Fashioning of a Leader

There has always been a debate on whether a leader is born or made, in what is the so-called nature versus nurture debacle. The difference is not quite clear, and this is the case with Barbara J. Stokes. At quite a young age, she was the founder of the Biomedical Engineering Club and would brush shoulders with other leaders in the National IEEE Chapter. This was back in the years 1999 to 2000. However, this is not where her leadership began, because even as far back as 1991, she was already a leader in her own right. She used to own the company known as Pisces Corporation in Montgomery, Alabama.

What she achieved as the owner of this corporation was rather spectacular. While managing inventory, she run on a tight budget of a measly $150,000 but this did not deter her from growing the corporation in leaps and bounds. To her credit, the corporation was able to record a 30% increase in sales within six months. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Just as it is with other leaders of renown, one challenge is often used as a stepping stone or boot camp that prepares them for other challenges or much bigger responsibilities. Two years after leaving Pisces Corporation, Barbara Stokes took up the role of an administrative assistant with the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Indeed, whereas in her previous role she was only in charge of seven individuals, her capacity as a leader gave a larger responsibility with the recruitment of volunteers. Within six months, the number of volunteers she had enrolled had increased by 45%. Barbara has also worked with the Boeing Company as an AOG manager. This is a role she took up immediately after leaving the Muscular Dystrophy Association. While there, she was in charge of airplane maintenance parts.


Her role as manager was marked with achievements such as increased efficiency, and the implementation of new standard operating procedures, which significantly reduced the number of days an aircraft would be on the ground while undergoing maintenance. Currently, she is the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, a position she has held since 2011. Nevertheless, she is also the co-founder of the company which she runs along with her husband, Scott Stokes. The company started in 2008. Recent news indicate that the Stokes intend to create new manufacturing jobs targeting eight states. The move is in support of a recent contract that the company was awarded by FEMA. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

The Life and Music Career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi Bio

Cassio Audi is making a name in the finance world. He is a well-known entrepreneur in Brazil. Cassio studied at the Pontifical Catholic University where he acquired a Bachelor of Business Administration. He also has an MBA in Finance from the Sao Paulo University. He is responsible for many startups in Brazil. However, before his successful career in the business world, Cassio had a solid music career. He was a drummer in a Brazilian music group known as the vipers.

Music Career

The music industry is very competitive yet lucrative. It is an industry that is attractive to young people, and Cassio was one of these young people. In the 1980s, Cassio launched his career in music as a professional drummer. His love for heavy metal led him to this path. As a member of the vipers, Cassio became a household name in Brazil. He toured with the group before he left in 1989.

He featured in two of the group’s albums. Cassio had a love for British heavy metal bands which existed in the 80s. His passion for these bands drove him to play to the best of his abilities. Cassio was not only the drummer but was also involved in writing songs for the group. He wrote songs that were part of the Soldiers of Sunrise album. The viper received recognition among lovers of heavy metal music. Their songs gained popularity among fans and critics.

The release of the song The Killer Sword saw him receive global recognition for his drumming skills. The Viper continued to be a worldwide sensation despite Cassio’s departure from the group. However, as Cassio left his bandmates, he knew that this was only the beginning of his career. He attributes his success in business to his successful music career and has no regrets leaving the rock band.

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The Success Story of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert was born in Quebec. He holds a bachelors degree in production management from the school of business at the University of Montreal. He is the chief executive officer of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He also worked as the president of Pratt and Whitney Canada before joining UTC. Louis has also served as the vice -chairman of the executive committee of Business Council back in 2011 and 2012.

Throughout his career, Louis Chenevert has earned milestone credits. His success can be attributed to his diligence and hard work. In his leadership at United Technologies, Chenevert insists on investing in the best technology and fostering a positive relationship between the company and its customers. Visit to know more.

He worked relentlessly with the hope of improving the company’s performance through his prior knowledge and experience. Louis insists that investing in the right technology will take the company far and with the right people and to the right customers will take the company even father. This has been Chenevert’s guiding principle.

The Company has come up with an Employee Scholar Program which caters for the education costs of the employees interested in undertaking further education in different fields in the company. Since its introduction, a large number of employees have attained degrees thanks to the program. This has greatly improved the Company’s performance. Follow Louis Chenevert on

Louis operates on a forward-thinking ability by picking out the highest potential projects to help in strengthening the company’s vision and motivate the workers to work towards the success of this projects. He assisted in allocating a reasonable budget for the company to help in acquiring equipment that is on the cutting –edge of technological innovations shortly.

The company now supplies F-35 Engine to the US government in addition to winning the Goodrich. It is also the largest manufacturer of helicopters in the US thanks to one Louis Chenevert.

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The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Making Breakthroughs

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is currently working with Allscripts and NantHealth to create a custom solution to integrate cancer care data and health records without disturbing the physician’s workflow. The platform will provide the oncologist with custom treatment regimens that are tailored specifically to the patient and their specific cancer. They have the ability to input data entry by tapping the screen for more efficiency. The platform supports clinical data and real-time functionality.

The integrated program helps improve the patients quality of life and care. Doctors and patients can compare treatment options with great confidence. The library includes an extensive amount of information from peer-reviewed government agencies, literature and oncology associations. Once the physician has selected a proper regimen, they can easily access the Allscripts’ platform for quick data entry.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is based in Boca Raton, FL. There are five hospitals across the nation dedicated to finding cure for all cancers. They are located in Tulsa, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix and Chicago. These hospitals combine the advancements in care with treatment and genomic testing. Their progressive testing has improved ones quality of life while managing side effects. They deliver quality care and provide the families with the latest information about their treatment options.

Everyone’s cancer is different and requires treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. The experts at Cancer Treatment Centers of America work with you and other clinicians to diagnose your unique situation. They use state-of-the-art technology to help you manage pain, fatigue and neuropathy.


Talos Energy Making Moves

Major changes are coming to the Mexican oil industry. A market that was once barren of any foreign investment and competition, is now allowing a private well to be drilled by a joint venture of, London-based Premier Oil, Houston’s Talos Energy, and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas. This marks the first time in over 80 years that a foreign based entity will be drilling in Mexican waters.

One of the three companies in the joint vesture, Talos Energy, is a Houston based oil company, which was formed recently by investor Tim Duncan and his business partners. Talos Energy has over half a billion dollars in equity from previous financial bakers and has grown tremendously over the past couple of years.

Talos Energy recently has purchased Helix Energy Solutions, and is looking to make more moves in the future. The large growth can be attributed to a variety of factors, but many point towards leader Tim Duncan, who has created an open atmosphere in the workplace and offers many employee perks, despite being in the middle ground in terms of compensation.

Along with London-based Premier Oil, and Mexican-based Sierra Oil & Gas, Talos Energy will be drilling well named Zama-1, which is located in the Sureste Basin off the coast of the Mexican state of Tabasco. This well holds an estimated 100 million to 500 million barrels of oil. Talos Energy is the operator of the well, Zama-1, which holds 35% of the stake. Premier Oil holds the lowest stake in Zama-1, with only 25%, while Sierra Oil & Gas holds the majority of the stake, at 40%.

The feasibility of large oil production has garnered excitement in the global oil community, and has potentially opened the door for future drilling in Mexican waters by foreign companies and joint ventures. Simply put, Elaine Reynolds, an analyst for London-based Edison Investment Research ltd. stated, “As the first non-Pemex well to be drilled since the opening up of Mexican waters as a part of the country’s energy reform process, this well will be keenly watched by the industry.”

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Tony Petrello’s acts of philanthropy

Tony Petrello studied at Yale University where he obtained a mathematics degree and also obtained his masters from the same institution. He also went to Harvard law school. He began his career at a law firm called Baker and McKenzie. The firm focused on taxation and corporate law. He established himself as the managing partner at the firm in the year 1986. Later in 1991 he resigned and joined Nabors industries which he is currently situated at.

Tony joined Nabors industries after being elected as a member by the company’s board of directors. In 2003 he moved to the position of the deputy chairman. He became the CEO of the company in the year 2011. He has also severed as the chair of board of directors and the executive committee. Tony runs this company that drills oil on land and it’s the largest in the world. Earlier in his career his used to work six to seven days a week. As of now tony earns over $ 15 million per year.

Tony Petrello is well renowned philanthropist. He recently funded a research initiative with $ 5 million and plans to add an additional of $ 2 million to the research initiative. He also plans to lead a fundraising initiative for the same cause. Due to the condition that Tony daughter’s condition, he was inspired to start a research center at the Texas hospital to carry out research on the brain especially that of children. Tony Petrello’s daughter has a condition called periventricular leukomalacia a disease tony and his wife wants to help other children to fight against.

Apart from the donations at the Texas hospital Tony has ensured the funding of the hospital through Dan Duncan who had a very successful business called enterprise products where he is the director and the chairman. Dan Duncan together with his wife gave $ 50 million towards the establishment of Jan and Dan Duncan neurological research institute. The institute was established at the Texas hospital.

Tony himself donated $ 7 million to the Texas children hospital to enable research to find the cause and cure for this disease that affects children. His main mission to stop neurological diseases that affect children. Tony also donated towards commemoration of serge Lang who was his friend and mentor at the Yale University. He donated $ 150, 000 to the university and promised to match any donations the university got. Many are thankful of Tony’s effort to secure our children future by fighting against periventricular leukomalacia.

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Igor Cornelsen’s 3 Must-Know Tips Before You Put Your Money Down In Brazil

The Brazilian economy is moving a good distance away from the recovering tag. It’s cruising. It’s the reason global investors are racing to catch a seat on the bandwagon. Whether you are new to the scene or looking to expand into the country, Igor Cornelsen offers you a few tips to inspire your due diligence and help you get started quicker. It will save you from the pain of making rookie mistakes local to the region.

It will also arm you with insights on how to optimize your assets to get maximum value from the investment. Find out a little about the country. Research and see what is already in the public domain. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find some government services online. Firstly, get familiar with all aspects of the currency. You came here for the profit.

It is only due diligence to understand elements such as restrictions, exchange rates and the law that relates to the money both locally and on a global level. Secondly, the people are the best resource. Find ways to connect with them. A large part of the population is made up of entrepreneurs. Seize the opportunity to grow your business and social networks. Igor Cornelsen points out that Brazilians are friendly and hospitable. Strive to establish strong long-term relationships to ensure growth.

Thirdly, get ready to work your way around bureaucracy. Research and understand the applicable law as it applies to your planned venture. Establishing a good relationship with regulators is essential. Igor Cornelsen, a prominent investment advisor, reckons the economy is picking up speed quickly. He provides investment strategies that deliver. He is out to inform new investors about what to expect before they put their money down.

The economy is in a good position. It is full of opportunity and developing steadily. You can tremendously boost your chances of success by collaborating with a local business partner. Get ready for high taxes, complex laws, and a modest workforce. Similarly, expect the authorities to be big on regulation and slow on service delivery. You are a better investor when you are empowered to make the right decisions. There is tremendous opportunity that awaits you in Brazil.

Agora Outs Investors in a Better Financial Position

Agora Financial is the company that is keeping people in the loop when it comes to financial literacy. This company has consultants that are ready to provide information that people need if they are serious about getting there portfolio in better shape. No one can build a successful portfolio without actually getting financial literature to make better decisions. This is exactly what Agora Financial has in place. It is the company that provides the financial literature that can turn around any weak portfolio.

If people have access to better information they can make informed decisions about what they are going to buy or sell when it comes to their stocks. There are so many changes that are happening in the market from day-to-day. It is going to be very beneficial to get the help that from this team to build the best possible portfolio as soon as possible.

There are a wide range of people that are appreciative of financial literature that they can get from a company like Agora Financial. It certainly makes it easier than going out and searching the entire internet for information over and over again.

Agora Financial has the consultants that are actually going out and pounding the pavement. They really want to know the companies that are going to have groundbreaking products or services. These consultants search hard and find the type of investment opportunities that people can engage in early. When investors have access to this type of information they are going to be much better equipped to build a better financial plan in the long-term.

Investors are actually getting the opportunity to get access to information from a plethora of different consultants under the Agora Financial umbrella. These investors and consultants have a wide range of experience with researching various investment opportunities.

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