Ricardo Tosto road to success in Brazilian Law Industry

Brazil is a country that has been envied by many nations for producing most respected footballers. Great investors across the globe have shown interests in this country. Some investors have already set up industries to cater for a high population that has played significant role towards its success.

Brazilian economy has dramatically grown to be the most successful as it is evidenced by the high number of reputable banks that are in the country. This rise of the economy has been influenced by the country’s administration of the three arms of government. The laws are formulated and passed by the legislature while executive approves and implements them. It is the role of the judiciary to interpret the law.

Becoming a lawyer in Brazil is an enormous task. Law students take about five years to study law and sit for a bar examination that is mandatory to pass to practice law in Brazil. Lawyers from Brazil go through intense training to acquire skills that will help them survive in the competitive market. Tens of thousands lawyers graduate from Brazilian Universities. Most of the lawyers operate in Sao Paulo and others in Rio de Janiero.

Brazil is one of the countries that produce a large number of lawyers. The Brazilian government has set up several institutions to offer law courses. One is considered to be a qualified lawyer after graduating from the law school.

Ricardo became a lawyer about 26 years ago after he graduated with a law degree from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He has established himself in the legal system by offering best services to his clients. His career began in a small law firm, where he developed considerable skills before setting up his law firm that has grown to be Brazil’s largest firm. He is the founder of Tosto e Barros Advogados and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp law company together with his associates.

Ricardo Tosto has professionally defended many corporate companies and clients who seek his services. He has played a significant role in the Brazilian Law Society to formulate high profile legal mechanisms. He is a role model and a mentor to interns who works at his law firm. Mr. Ricardo provides leadership and offers innovative strategies in his law firm to keep it consistent in the market.

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