The Genius of Jorge Moll As A Physician, Scientist And Entrepreneur

Jorge Moll (a/k/a Jorge Neval Moll Filho), a resident of Rio de Janeiro, is a Brazilian cardiologist, Ph.D. research scientist, and the entrepreneur who turned a diagnostic imaging (MRI) laboratory into Brazil’s most successful hospitals.

Dr. Moll, as the director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching (Idor), carried on unique and fascinating research as a moral neuroscientist. His research on the neurobiological basis of morality studied the areas of the brain which are linked to morality, altruism, reasoning. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.

Moll’s research principally involves the study of the neural architecture of values. One of his primary research and a clinical tool is the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Jorge Moll is associated with Rede D’Or, Brazil’s largest private hospital company, owning more than thirty hospitals. Moll is Red D’or’s founder, and its controlling shareholder, and Chairman of the board of directors of Rede D’Or.

Dr. Moll trumpets how technology has made advancements in medicine and the hospitals, under Moll’s guidance, have radically improved the treatment and care of its patients.

Rede D’Or model hospital is the Copa Star Hospital. It is said that the Copa Star has brought together the ultimate patient service and luxury to the hospital experience, complete with the most modern sophisticated hospital care technology.


The hospital also has a modern architectural design which houses a five-star restaurant. Patient rooms are also equipped with high technology services complete with room service.

Moll’s goal is to improve Brazilian healthcare and provides financial incentives to its doctors. Moll’s Rede D’Or competes with the Sutter Health network which is the United States’ second largest healthcare network. Sutter, like Red D’Or, has also has taken advantage of the new technologies.

Dr. Albert Chan is the vice president of innovation of Sutter Health whose goal is to improve healthcare for patients and is highly competitive with Dr. Moll’s vision of a state-of-the-art Brazilian hospital network. Watch this video on

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